Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wet n WIld Silk Finish Lipsticks Review

As I was strolling around in Wal Mart, I stop by the Wet n Wild booth to check out the selection. What did my eyes fest on? $1.57 CAD beauties :). Especially the bright fuchsia with blue sheen lipstick 521A. To my surprise, there is 22 shades. Sadly in Canada, we always have a limited selection of USA products. I'm really sad because I'm really loving these lipsticks! Their much better then ELF mineral lipsticks and cheaper with more beautiful colors. The packaging is not the best, but I'd view it as "practical" LOL. The stupid thing is, they don't print the names of each lipstick onto the actual lipstick. Its on the packaging which you rip off. I had to research for the name online. Fail packaging people!! Another thing I don't like about the packaging is that the lipstick tip doesn't go all the way done, so when you put the lid you have to be very careful.
First one up, Breeze 547B. Its a nice browny nude, almost the same shade as this year's Viva Glam Lady gaga lipstick, but with a really fine sliver sheen. It's a frost finish lipstick and its super moisturizing! Silky, smooth with a decent color payoff which is buildable btw. I personally would not use this all over my lips by itself because it looks wayyyy too frosty, but use it as an accent color or a color over another to change the finish.
I've been looking for a beautiful bright fuchsia color for the longest thing, but did i really want to shell out $20 + for something I'd wear for, iunno, less then a few times? Not really. So when something like this comes around, especially for only $1.57, I couldn't pass even if i wanted to.521A Fuchsia with Blue pearl, and yes the name does it justice. Exactly what it is, Fuchsia with a blue sheen. Although you can't really see the blue sheen, its there. Trust me :)Absolutely love love love this color. Its not as opaque as MAC amplified, but the color payoff after a few layers= Love :'). Somewhat sheer, but still gives me enough color to turn people's heads. Not bad if i do say so myself.

-price: A+
-packaging: B-
-product quality: A
-Overall quality: B++
-Buy again? Yes, as a matter of fact I'm going to buy all the ones i can get my hands on :).

Wet n completely Wild :D

Silk Finish Lipstick- 547B and 521A
Eyeshadow Singles- Sugar, Nutty, Brulee, Kitten
Color Icon Palette- 248 Lust
Color Icon Trio- 380B Walking on Eggshells

Sunglasses from Forever 21

I'm always out and about to find the next cheap and stylish item. What did I find this time eh? Antique looking see through green plastic framed sunglasses. I've been looking for something where the legs aren't right in the middle. Wow i can't explain what I'm talking about. XD Just look for yourself.These were about $7. I usually buy brand name sunglasses but I caved into buying this. Although there is a big big difference with quality, I do get a kick out of these as "disposable fashion."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Im back :D

Hey guys, Im finally back. I got caught up with school and everything but now i am on a break. :) So i thought it would be fun to review a crap lot of mascaras, i don't know why but i just got a sudden urge to buy shit load of mascaras at Wal mart. So for the next few blog entries, you will see lots of drugstore mascaras so stay tune.


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