Friday, January 30, 2015

Etude house Chocolate collection

 One week ago, I saw this collection on instagram and freaked the F out LOL.  I have been eyeing the Too faced chocolate bar palette for the longest time even though I really don't need it since it is just another neutral palette, but the packaging just gets to me.  So when Etude house came out with this collection, it is the perfect dose for my craving!  Just look at it!

I saw an update on Etude house's page saying these will be coming out on Febuary 2, so in just four days these will be available.  I'm in love with the eye shadows, they're little dipped chocolate bars :D.  They also shared another facebook page that swatched all the eye shadows and nail polishes.  I'll be posting this in this post and add the link to the facebook page if you are interested. :)

Seriously even if I don't need anymore make up, etude house somehow has this magic mixture of enough girly and princess that won't make me puke.  I'm not the girlish girl, and I don't prefer pink over any colors, but everything etude house comes out with is perfect!!!! Makes me scream like a fan girl.

Swatch pictures (not mine) is below!  Click read more~

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Maybelline January 2015 haul, first impression, swatches

 After watching tons of Youtube videos on the newest products hitting the drugstore, I couldn't help myself but to buy a few things for myself. Out of all the drugstore brands, Maybelline has the biggest collection that is new and fresh.  These are the few things I bought.  I didn't get everything since I don't need everything, but I most excited for their lipstick collection!!  They are so pretty~

Click read more to see what I got, swatches and first impression.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Unboxing: Memebox global #18

 I haven't even noticed, but it has been a week since I last posted.  I've been taking care of the house since my parents are gone to vacation.  Doing all different kinds of house work, and since I got nothing to do, cooking has been something really fun for me again.  It's been a while since I got that spark of passion back for cooking as I do that for a living, it gets boring.  Check my instagram, christinahello, if you are curious to see what I am cooking up.  Currently I have made beef Pho from scratch, butter chicken and sushi.  That butter chicken was goooood haha.  Anyways I am continuing with my unboxings as I have a huge stack waiting for me to post, so let's get started with the Global 18 which was December 2014's box.
$23.00 + shipping

 Coupons and a full list of my past unboxing will be included at the end of the post.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Unboxing: Memebox superbox #71 my cute wishlist 4

 My cute wishlist 4, was one of the two restock boxes I bought recently.  There wasn't much choices, as the Vagabond box I wanted for the longest time still has not come back yet or I think it did, but I missed it :(.  So this one and volume up will have to do.  When this box first came out, it didn't really look that great but I think the Memebox drought got to me and suddenly this box didn't look so bad since you do get 8 products.

$23.00 + shipping
 As always, coupons will be included at the end, along with my thoughts on this box :). Enjoy!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Unboxing: Memebox special #37 Wake up make up

This unboxing has definitely been long awaited.  I got this box two weeks ago, but got caught up in the holiday madness.  Two days ago, I finally got to do my surgery to get the lump in my breast removed, and no it isn't cancer (I say that in the most hopeful matter).  Right now I have two pillows under my chest so I can stand up right and type this haha.

When this box first came out, I really wanted to get it but I don't know why, I didn't get up getting. So I'm really grateful Memebox sent me this to review :).  Thank you!!
$23.00 + shipping
Updated coupons will be included at the end of this blog post.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

YSL volutpe tint-in-oil review

 When I was browsing the Sephora website during the Christmas time to see what I want to buy with the $20 off $50, I was slightly stuck since I bought everything I possibility wanted in the VIB 20% off sale.  So when I saw YSL coming out with a new product called the Tint-in-oil, I had to try it out!  That and it was exclusively being sold to VIB/VIB rouge, so I kind of felt a bit special hehe.

The product concept doesn't really excite me since there are such products in the Korean and asian market, but at least this is something I can play with and touch physically in stores rather then playing the guessing game when I buy my Korean cosmetics online.

Let's cut this short and get started!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Unboxing: Memebox special #79 Oh! my lips

 Here we are with another unboxing.  Sorry I have been away for so long but I'm getting back into the swing of things.  But I might be away for a bit longer since I'm going into surgery :(.  Its in six days and I'm definitely not looking forward to it. Anyways, lets get to the unboxing since that's what you came for!
$23.00 + shipping

I was really looking forward to this box since I love me some lip balms and lip treatments, but surprisingly this box came with a mix.  I was expecting all lip balms and such, but we got a few extra other things as well. I'm actually pretty happy with this box even though a lot of others did not like it. Now let's get into it!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Unboxing: Memebox special #70 cleanse and tone

 I am finally back with another unboxing.  I have been lacking in the unboxing department lately since the throbbing in my head got pretty bad making my head hurt all the time.  That and I am working a ton so when I come home, I'm crazy tired and just want to sleep.  So I apologize for the latest, but better late then never right ;D.

I have come to you with the cleanse and tone box.  I remember a lot of people were wishing for a box full of just toners, so when they came out with this box, I was like YES PLEASE and bought it right away.  I had super high hopes for this box since the first skincare box was amazing, the second edition one was great too.  When I saw the spoilers for this one, I was slightly underwhelmed but let's just see what products we got in this box!
 Also when I was taking pictures with my camera, I didn't notice that my white balance was off, so the pictures are leaning towards a blue tone.  I'm not happy about it but I don't have the time to take the pictures again. I promise that it will be fixed in the future ;).

Coupons are included at the end of the post along with my full list of unboxings I have tone in the past which you can use as reference!


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