Friday, October 31, 2014

MIA? Where you at gurl?!?

Some of you guys might be like?  Yo... where has this girl gone?  No? LOL  I guess I'm not on your mind :'(.  But if you were, this is why.

My boyfriend was hospitalized for a minor thing and I have been making sure he was okay and such.  Don't worry, nothing life threatening at the moment but if he doesn't change his eating habits and lifestyle, it will be a problem.  He almost had to do surgery but the doctor finalized that he didn't have to.

I did have a video filmed, and the blackhead no more box to unbox and such.  I have plenty to do on this blog, so I'm sorry for the delay.  I do have next week free and such, so I will have plenty of time to upload and play around.

I also will be letting my beauty junkie self let loose because Sephora VIB sale is coming up on November 6, so expect a haul from them too :).  I literally never buy anything from Sephora and wait it out until November hits, and spend the minimum of $350 to get my VIB status.  Yes I'm crazy.

Thank you guys for being patient, and I will be back and get my groove back on.  I love you all for continuing to read my blog, hugs and kisses from Canada.

-Cheers, MMnoob

Thursday, October 30, 2014

New: Samantha Schuerman x Memebox

Collaboration Box #8 Memebox X Samantha Schuerman
This new collaboration box just dropped (well couple of hours ago, but I was still sleeping and being lazy in my bed) and it looks pretty good :D.  I'd buy it actually, but still contemplating because I do have tons of make up as is.  O_O

I have seen couple of Samantha's videos because she was in a couple of itsjudytime videos, and I have watched her Memebox unboxings before she did this collaboration box.  So this collaboration to me makes sense :).  I just went to check the vagabonb collaboration box and it was gone :'(.  I was just about to buy it.  Sigh... guess it wasn't meant to be.

You do get 9 products, yes that is no mistake, in this box and I'd say this is a make up heavy box, so it will be great for the holidays!  And its ready to be ship!

Anyways, back to this box, coupons will be included at the end!

P.S.  Memebox, if you want me to make a box too, I would gladly accept ;).  Wink Wink... just saying LOL.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New: Innisfree brand box!!!!

They finally made it happen!!! Innisfree brand box.  This and skinfood box that came out two days ago are the best boxes they have came out with.  I personally have never gotten anything from innisfree, and I know it is a really big brand in korea.  So this is a great way for me to stare exploring their skincare and make up.  I hope we get more skincare then make up though.  But honestly I won't care since I have nothing fro this brand anyways :).  This is a sure buy for me hehe.

Coupons will be included in the bottom.  There is only 3 days left for the $5 coupons, so make sure to use them :D.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New: hot and cool cosmetics, garden of eden, lucky box value set

#78 Hot & Cool Cosmetics#79 Garden of Eden#12~#14

If you don't know already, memebox new releasing days for boxes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  So always look for those days to see what new boxes come out.  These came out today and they look pretty cool! I like the garden of Eden theme, hot and cool makes me think of pore tightening products, and lucky box... well I think that is one of the best boxes you can get if you are starting out since you get the best past products for $23 which is amazing value.

As always, coupons will be included at the end.

PS. If you have purchased boxes in the past, check your latest email invoice.  You will find a $5 off $40 unique coupon, which is good if you already have used up the two $5 coupons for the month.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

ALL THESE LOTIONS AND POTIONS: Beauty blogger friend, memebox lover, hilarious blogger.....

Since joining into the crazy Memebox craze, I have met some very amazing people that could not have been more of a family to me then them. I met this awesome lady called Kelsey Leigh, whom I found on instagram from just liking each other's memebox pictures.  As time went by, we found out that we actually lived in the same area, only miles away! This world is really small eh? 

 She also recently started her own blog called "all these lotions and potions" and it looks amazing.  Haha I remember when I first created this blog, I had absolutely no idea what i was doing, my internet was slow as fack! and images took literally a whole day to upload.  So ridiculous.  When we finally got a new internet router, images uploaded like the speed of light and I finally regained the strength and motivation to be more active.  My graphic and computer science skills are zero to none, I mean come on! I finally JUST changed my crazy pixelated header to something a bit more decent and I'm surprised I was able to create something not so crappy LOL.  So her blog, to start it off looking so fab, well done girl!

Her writing skills are superb too! Reading her blog post is like reading a novel, although I not really a book worm, I do know what a book looks like.  The formatting, the style, everything screams novel.  Her humor in her blog too... Here are a few quotes from her latest Holy grail beauty must haves...

"The idea that I would apply this and my skin would drop off horror movie style to the floor and I would have no one to blame but myself, stopped me every time I reached for it."

"I told myself You’re married. If your face falls off, guess what? He still has to love you. He took vows and shit. Girl. He has to love you even if you come out looking like Voldemort. Go on. Do it. and so, I did."

Hilarious right?  I know, the quotes are not English quotation approved, but screw it.  This is my blog, I'm going to write and do whatever I want! CUE THE ROCKY ANTHEM~~

Okay I'm all seriousness, really.... You need to check her out!  She only has about 4 blog posts but its been so far, so good.  Show your support and tell her I sent you guys :).

-Cheers, MMnoob 

Unboxing: Memebox special #42 OMG 3

#42 OMG 3
Finally I am finishing off the trio, this is OMG 3 box.  The OMG 2, which I did just recently un-box,  I really liked. This one, I can't say I'm even happy to open it.  Why?  BECAUSE THE MAKEOLLI SOAP SMELLS SO BAD T_T.  I usually have my boxes sitting on the table right next to me, but right now, I have to type and have the box half way across the table, far far far away from me.  I don't know what the smell is, but it smells super strong, super werid, and super garbagey.  Blahh....  I'll get more into detail as I do this unboxing, but damn my nose are struggling.

$29.00 + shipping
 As always, coupons will be included at the end of the post.  Read on to see what I think about this edition's OMG.

Friday, October 24, 2014

New: Memebox x skinfood and thefaceshop? :O

The release of these two boxes yesterday was a lot earier then we all were expecting, about four hours early.  I was super excited that they finally came out with a skinfood box, not super excited about thefaceshop box since we do finally have a physical store where I live. But if you don't, or thefaceshop products are marked up where you live, this is a really great way to get the most out of your bucks for $29 + shipping (both boxes).  I'd say these are both a great buy, but I personally bought Skinfood box since I haven't really expanded into their brand since it is expensive to buy each product one by one.

These boxes have super early shipping date of this upcoming Monday! So if you are sick of waiting so long for boxes, these are really good since they can feed your craving asap :).

Coupons, bundle options will all be included so click read more! :D

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox special #43 K-style 3

#43 K-Style 3
To be very  honest, I wouldn't have gotten this box if it didn't come in a bundle with free express upgrade.  But because I worked up a deal and pretty much got one box for free, I don't feel so bad.  And turns out that OMG 3 was the worst box out of the trio.  Kind of upset about OMG since I had high hopes for it, but this box does make up for it.  I usually stay away from the make up boxes, but this box actually turned out to be pretty good! I'm surprised.

$23.00 + shipping

 Coupons will be at the end of the blog post, so please make sure to use it and get yourself some $5 off! Save that money :D.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Unboxing: Superbox #61 My cute wishlist 3

My Cute Wishlist #3 Reorder
After the absolutely amazing my cute wishlist edition one box, I was hooked onto the cute bandwagon.  I didn't get the second edition though since I thought to myself that I already got the first one, so I don't need the second one.  I managed to dodge that bullet and bought the OMG2 2 which turned out to be the better box.  So when they came out with the cute wishlist 3 box, I'm like okay okay, I'll get it.  I absolutely love the graphic art for this box, it is so adorable and eye catching.  good job whoever created this!

$23.00 + shipping
 Let's see what I have to say about this box, and if you have succeeded or failed on making an amazing box revolving around the theme.

As always, there will be coupons at the end of the blog post so stay tuned!

New: My lovely boutique

Memebox just came out with this new box and it is on a discount until Oct. 24 for $21 instead of $23.  So if you want it, you might want to jump on the chance!  There will also be $5 off coupon code, so make sure to use that too.  The description of this box just sounds like another cute wishlist box to me, so if you want to get a slight idea of what the cute wishlist boxes look like, check out my first cute wishlist box which was amazing! 

As always, coupon codes will be at the end of the post :).  Happy shopping.

Unboxing: Memebox superbox #54 Pinkaholic

#54 Pinkaholic

 Yes I know, this is a super late unboxing too, but in my defence I only got this box three days ago since I ordered this box later then everyone.  I broke down and got this box since it featured a cleansing water, and I love my Bioderma Micellar water to bits but I want to try other brands like L'oreal, Garnier.  So when i saw that a Korean brand had a cleansing water, I was completely sold and had to get it for myself.  The other two spoiler was pretty good too, the Awesome glow glow balm and Shara Shara liquid highlighter made this box a very solid, well-rounded box.  I did not get this box right when it came out since I had the impression it would be a all make up box and I really try to stay away from that.  The box turned out one of my top favorite boxes!

$29.00 + shipping

Friendly reminder, if you are new here, coupons are always at the bottom of the blog post.  Please use them :).  $5 off a box makes it worthwhile~.

*NOTE:  If you notice on any order you order through Memebox and when you see your statement, you get a unique $5 off $40 code every statement, and you have I believe two weeks to use it.  So if you guys have used up your $5 off coupon for the month, you can always use those too ;)*

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Unboxing: Special # OMG 2

#32 OMG 2

 This box is a month late, well if I counted the date it was "suppose to be" shipped.  It did take 20 days to get to me which is the longest time I have ever waited for my box, and it was finally delivered to me on October 1, but i kind of forgot to do the unoxing for this box.  Then I took the pictures with my new camera, but it wouldn't process, so I got annoyed and then forgot about it some more.

So finally I am doing the unboxing.  This box I was super excited for since it was the second edition of the very hyped up OMG 1 box, but I skipped it and bought the Cute wishlist edition one, which turned out to be the best box out of the trio, so I dodged the bullet on that one.  I'd have to say this is a very good box, and contained quite a few products people were predicting that might end up in the first box but didn't.

$29.00 + shipping
 Coupon code will be included at the end!

Memeshop find:Modeling Take-out Cup Pack, Bounce cheese cream, Revencen shine lip gloss on sale WITH FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this cool new set that is on for super duper cheap, but this is the mask that was included in the Yogurt box, which you can check out here, and it sounds super promising.  

I don't want to recommend this product just yet since I did not use it yet, but this is a mask that you mix with water and use it immediately, let it dry and peel it off with no hassle :). 

I did find this set out on makeuptalk forum, so thank you to the ladies that are the fastest memebox information on the internet :).  This set is $14 WITH FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.  WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. AND if you haven't used the $5 off coupon from my blog, you can get this set for only $9 WITH SHIPPING.  WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~

Click!  I can't seem to find it in the memeshop, maybe I'm just blind or something but yea, here is the quick link!

There is also the Dear by Emprani bounce cheese cream ($25 + free shipping) and Revecen shine lip gloss ($8 + shipping) that is also on free shipping and on a discount :).

New: Cleopatra, Wonder women, Empress's secret

#76 The Empress's Secrets#74 Cleopatra#75 Wonder Woman

I know I know, I'm super late on the updates of the newest boxes and there will already be another set coming out tonight.  But in my defense, I was taking loads of pictures for my upcoming FIVE unboxings for you guys to enjoy, so please bare with my slowness. LOL.  Anyways, memebox came up with these three cool new boxes which are very attractive!

The empress's secrets' description reminds me a lot of the oriental medicine box, which you can check out my unboxing for that box here, the cleopatra sounds like it would slightly be like the milk box, which you can also check out here too, and the wonder woman box sounds like a make up heavy box.

So if you are interested, check them out in detail and also make sure to use the coupon codes included at the end of the blog post!

International contest giveaway WINNER

Firstly thank you for those of you that entered into my first giveaway.  I created this giveaway because I wanted to share my love of beauty and my love for Daiso.  LOL Unlike a lot of other more famous blogger/ Youtubers, I am just an normal person and a normal girl that has an interest in skincare and cosmetics, but don't got billions of dollars to burn.  So my guilty pleasure is daiso since they have so many cool gadgets for super cheap.  I hope whoever the winner is (of course I know who it is), I hope you enjoy everything you get in this goodie bag.

I have meet a lot of awesome people on this blog, and you guys have became my family.  I love talking to you guys personally, and you make me feel like the world is a lot smaller and I got a lot of sistas to talk about all things beauty, which is super fun to me :).  

To the winner, I hope you enjoy everything you are getting in the package, and if you can take a picture of you holding it up and tag me on instagram, I would be a happy happy girl!

Without a further adieu... the winner is!!!!!!

Random generator said #3, so the third person who posted on my giveaway blog post is~~~


Congralutation girl! Come and collect your prize :D.  It is almost Christmas time too :D.  Enjoy pampering yourself.

I will do more giveaways in the future when I find more cool things to send to you guys, so again, thank you all for joining in on the fun and enjoy reading my blog!  Love you all~

Friday, October 17, 2014

New: Jewel tones, pastel hues, electric brights

It is that time again, and no I'm not talking about our annoying periods.  Memebox came out with the second edition of the scent boxes, and not they have the second edition of the color boxes that came out.  I'm quite excited for these since they look super promising and it is a very good mix :).  There is again the buy two get one free with express shipping upgrade bundle available again, and this time you don't have to pay for two times shipping like the second edition of the scent boxes.  Yes I'm still bitter about that since it didn't make the boxes like it was that great of a deal, but then again I did buy it with coupon and points so it wasn't too too bad.

As always, I will have $5 coupon codes and other coupons in the bottom of the page, so make sure to use those and save some money :).

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unboxing: Superbox #56 Yogurt cosmetics

 Okay I'm finally back with some more unboxings.  I was unintentionally on a slight break from doing memebox unboxings since, well I have slowed myself down with purchasing and more using so no products go to waste.  I have also sold some products I know I won't be ever using, so if you are ever looking to buy some products, you can always come back here and check if I'm doing a blog sale :).

Anyways, this is the yogurt superbox but it was only priced at $23 + shipping which I think is super reasonable for the products you get.  And as always, I always buy boxes with coupons, at least I try to buy most of the with some sort of discount with points or coupons.  I'm loving the products they have sent us, so check out the rest of the post if you are interested to see what came inside the yogurt box and what I think about it!

Here's the link just in case it restocks!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Memebox giveaway for new customers

It is finally that time again! It is Memebox time :D.  Memebox got me to host another giveaway for you guys and this time it is all memepoints so you get to pick whatever box you want! You can also use my coupon code on top of the points you win, so come join in on the fun!

What are the prizes?  How many people can win?
There will be three prizes.  One lucky winner will win 30 memepoints, and two other runner up winners will win 7 memepoints. For reference, 1 memepoint = $1 USD.

Sadly I just read the fine print and it says only new customers only :(. Duplicate accounts will not count as a new customer.  I'm sorry for those memebox lovers that already has an account and loves them, hopefully next time they don't exclude you.

When does it end?
Contest will run from Oct. 13 to Oct. 20.  Winners will be picked on Oct. 21 and winner information will be sent in on Oct. 22.  So make sure to come back and check to see if you won and then check your email for my email (which will be

Please do not spam and enter only once as that will actually cancel your chance to win anything.  Thank you in advance.

How many people can win?  Who can enter.
Three people will be picked based on your answers.  I will pick the best answers and reward those accordingly.
Anyone can enter.  As long as Memebox ships to your country, you can enter. It would suck if you won but then can not ship to you.  

Currently, they ship to Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, 
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, 
Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA. 

I'm sorry in advance if they do not ship to your country.  I understand it is frustrating and I'd love everyone to get themselves some memebox love too, but since memebox themselves are shipping the boxes out, there is not much I can do :(.

What do I have to do to enter?
1Be subscribed to this blog.  This will help you in the future when I announce the winners and to see new memebox news and my other review and hauls too :D. Please make sure when you comment, you use the same name as your google account so when I check, I can tell it is you.

2Like Memebox Facebook pagehere is the quick link! When you comment on my blog, please make sure you write the facebook name you go by. This will help if you won, I can contact you on facebook and by email to make sure I get your contact information to pass onto memebox for your prize!

3) Follow me on instagram @ christinahello.

4Create an account with memebox.  Don't worry, this will not cost you anything.  In fact, they are providing new accounts with 3 memepoints.  It is free to sign up, with no obligation of a subscription.  They will just send out e-mails for updates, that's all.
Memebox site link is here!
5) Comment on:
A) What are your guy's holy grail memebox products?  If you are new to memebox and don't have a memebox, what is your holy grail that would make you cry if it got discontinued?

B) How did you found out about my blog?  What do you like about it?

Please make sure you do the following if you want to win.
Please also include your facebook name and email in the comment.  If you are not comfortable for the world to see your e-mail, feel free to send me a private message through Mmnoob facebook page.  When you message me privately, please ensure you have included the screen name you have used in the comments so I won't get confused :).

What information do I have to provide you when I get an email saying that I am the winner?
I will need to get your:

Full name, first and last name
Full address (street number and name, postal code, country, etc.)
Phone number

Memebox account: so the email you signed up with

Please make sure:
You are the age of 18 years old.  If not, please have the consent of your parent or guardian.  I wouldn't want your parents be like "Why is there a strange hot pink package showing up in the front of my house? O______o.....".  Yea, let's not do that to your loving parents okay?

Come back onto my blog on July 11 to see if you won.  If you do not respond my email by June 11-12, I will be contacting another winner.  That would be unfortunate.

What information do I have to provide you when I get an email saying that I am the winner?
I will need to get your:

Full name, first and last name
Full address (street number and name, postal code, country, etc.)
Phone number

Memebox account: so the email you signed up with

Please make sure:
You are the age of 18 years old.  If not, please have the consent of your parent or guardian.  I wouldn't want your parents be like "Why is there a strange hot pink package showing up in the front of my house? O______o.....".  Yea, let's not do that to your loving parents okay?

Come back onto my blog on July 11 to see if you won.  If you do not respond my email by June 11-12, I will be contacting another winner.  That would be unfortunate.

The fine print:

1) no purchase necessary to enter

2) By entering this contest, you are aware of all the rules and the criteria to enter for the chance to win.
3) Prizes are only opened to those that have opened an account with memebox.
4) I am only hosting the contest, therefore I am not in control of shipping out the prizes. Please contact memebox if you have problems with shipping.
A newbie to memebox? Don't worry! Here is my breakdown on the company :D. Your welcome.

Good luck guys! And thank you in advance for entering.  I can't wait to see your comments ;).

New: makeup edition 3, wish upon a mask, brighten and correct

#72 Makeup Edtion 3#71 Wish Upon a Mask#73 Brighten & Correct

Three new boxes just hit and they look pretty good! Two skincare boxes and one make up box :).  I love the mask boxes but I have way way too many so no buy for me.  Brighten and correct sounds super tempting to me and I might just buy two, one for myself and one to give away as a present ;).

As always, coupons will be included in the bottom of the post so feel free to check them out!

Friday, October 10, 2014

New: Oh my lip, my pouch essentials, cleanse and tone

#69 My Pouch Essentials#79 Oh! My Lips#70 Cleanse & Tone

Three new boxes came out last night and the discount will be effective until the end of Sunday :D.  And the prices are reasonable too at $20 each with the discount, plus you can use my $5 coupon code.  A steal!  The "my pouch essentials" seems to be a sequal of the memepouch that a lot of you guys like, so if you got the first one and loved it and would like another one, or you missed out on the first one and want one, here is your chance!  There is also a box just for cleanse and tone products and the Oh! my lips are all about lip treatments.  All of them sounds super awesome :D.  I bought oh my lips and cleanse and tone for myself since they sound right up my alley, which box will you get?

Make sure to use one of the coupon codes that will be listed below to save you some money!

If you want a quick link to memebox, here you go!

Friday, October 3, 2014

New: October coupon, petit treasures, apple mojitos, black out

#67 Blackout!
Three new boxes just came out, and the best part? THEY ARE ALL $19!!  And an even better perk? $5 off coupons to bring the boxes down to $12 before shipping :D.  Ohhhhh yea~~  The petit treasures reminds me of the cute wishlist boxes which I know for sure would be the first to sell out.  Whoever creates the graphic designs for the really cute pictures for each box, good job!  I'm a big fan haha.

I also will have the $5 of coupon code (two of them!!) included at the end of the post, so make sure to check out that ;).


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