Thursday, April 18, 2013

Holika holika aqua petit jelly BB cream first impression

I have been waiting for this bb cream to come in the mail for the longest time! Since my skin79 hot pink bb cream is on its last leg, I decided to venture out to see what other company's bb cream had to offer.  Now I have seen this on Michelle phan's how to be a Korean pop star video and have seen it in other guru's on youtube talk about it so I thought I would just check it out on eBay to see how much it is.   I don't know why but I was convinced that this bb cream would have been at least $30 but it was only $12-$16! I was crazy surprised.  This is one of the reasons why I love bb creams from asian.  They are utterly awesome, does the job while not being heavy and it is inexpensive!
 I was super excited to open the package when i got it in the mail seven hours ago.  There was so much mail in our little mail slot.  Two magazines, five letters and sitting in the back of the slot was a little box. I was thinking how on earth is it going to come out because the dimension was the same as the slot.  I got so scared because it wouldn't come out! Freaked out for a moment but it finally came out.  I couldn't get home fast enough.  This is one thing I like about online shopping, when it comes and you can open a package.  Christmas all year long :D!
I got my bottle on ebay from a seller under the username "cosmeticmarket2012".  If you are interested, link is here.  I bought mine for $12.33 USD which is an amazing price.  If i buy anything from asia, espically bb creams, I would usually try to find a seller who actually lives in that country to aviod counterfit as much as possible. Consider the country of origin and also find a reputable seller.  This one is a top seller so most likely I didn't buy a fake ^_^.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forgotting haul from zara, winners, forever 21

This is what happens when I take pictures and mean to post them but then I completely forget and then get absorbed into working and studying.  I just found this on my memory stick so i thought it is finally time to post this.  This haul was back around the beginning of February when Zara was having their season end sale where a lot of things were 50% off or if you waited even longer, everything would be reduced to even 70%.
 For the longest time I wanted this really elegant Victoria Beckham-estique dress but it was priced at $120 which I was not willing to pay for.  Yes Zara has some nice designs but the quality isn't the best for sure.  I was thinking about paying that price for it but I kind of forgot about it and I'm actually glad I did because I got it for only $50 :).  I was super happy but I also kind of asked myself if I wanted to wait anymore and see if it would get any cheaper.  I was quite happy with the price and the quality and cut of it was worth $50 for sure.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Imats Vancouver 2013! Here I come~

Okay, I really can not contain my excitement because i decided I'm going to go to the IMATS show this year again.  I went the first year they were here back in 2010.  It was a really big dissapointment back then because I would be watching youtube gurus going to the one in LA and it is amazing! I was expecting they would at least have Mac there but nope.  I didn't read the exhibitor list.  There was only about 28 vendors which really stinked. The convention was super small too, in the Marriot downtown ballroom.  Nonetheless, I bought a lot of crown brushes back then, more then $100 worth for 22 brushes but the guy gave me a discount for $80 for all.  What a nice guy :').

I believe just last year, they changed the event to the Vancouver convention center so there would be a lot more space.  This year there is more interesting vendors such as Ben Nye, crown brushes (for sure, getting me some more super cheap brushes), eve pearl, Hakuhodo brushes (omg I am going to attack that booth, Kryolan make up, Make up forever (40% off everything), NYX make up, saucebox (a newbie to me), and Velour lashes. 

The few vendors that sold me to go would be NYX for sure, Hakuhodo japanese handcrafted luxury brushes, make up forever and velour lashes.  I've already been doing all my research and here is my wishlish so far.  This is very helpful for those of you that are going to an IMATS event since you would have an idea of how much money your going to have to bring/ spend and you wouldn't have to waste your time looking when everyone is going to be shoving you out of the way to get some stuff for themselves.

From make up forever, I'm eyeing only a few things.
MUFE Aqua brow in blonde or ash $20.  I don't know which shade I should get, but i think i would settle for blonde since I'm buying it for my mom and she doesn't have dark brows like me.  Or I might just get the two. 

MUFE Aqua lip waterproof lip liner in 1c- nude beige and 15c- vibrant pink.  Each for $20.  I myself don't have any lip liners so I think these two would be a good ones for my 


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