Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ELF Feather-proof Lip Liner Review

Okay I have to tell you from the get go that I'm not a big lip person. But when I got these when I got the Elf master 180+ piece set, I was quite excited to try these out. I'm pretty sure many of you guys out there are curious if these work or not, so here we go!These lip liner come in a very traditional wooden pencils with a pearl white finishing and says e.l.f feather-proof lip liner and the name of the color. All of them came with a pencil sharpener and obviously a clear lid. Yes I like to state the obvious.
Each pencil end shows which lip liner is which color.
These are very simple and straight forward pencils. They aren't the softest, but the color payoff is quite decent. My favorite is spice, which is the same color of my natural lip color and a great color for the fall.
-price: A ($1 each)
-packaging: C+
-product quality: C
-Overall quality: C
-Buy again? No

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ELF Studio Cream blush swatch and review

Some of the latest and newest elf products includes the ELF studio cream blush. I was thinking that the blushes would be more of a gel texture and would be hard to blend but BOY did these blow me away. They come in the same packaging as all the other studio packaging. Its a think cardboard box with plastic so that you can see the true color of the product. On the top right at the tab, it says the name of the color and what it is. As you can see, it is a cream to powder formula and it comes with 0.53 oz/ 15 g. That's a lot for the price! Wow ELF is outdoing themselves. Some more in depth information on the product and the list of ingredients. The lifetime for this product is 12 months (a year).Compared to the elf cream eyeshadow, its almost 2 times bigger. And the cream eyeshadow itself are pretty big, elf is blowing us away!To show you how big it is, I used a ruler to show you guys the true size. The packaging is about 5 cm X 5 cm. Pretty big for something so affordable right?
Each blush comes with a lid so that it doesn't dry out. So thoughtful for their products elf! They do snap shut so that's a good thing right? =)Here's a picture to show you the true colors in person (well kinda in person...haha in picture? =P)

Temptress- bronze/ brown; good for contouring
Vixen- dark rosey color with a cool undertone
Tease- Dusty coral color with a cool undertone
Seductress- Bright apple red color
Heartbreaker- Warm coral color
Flirt- Highlighter pink; I'm serious when i say HIGHLIGHTER PINK!!These blushes have a texture of jelly/ mousse which reminds me a lot of Maybelline's Dream matte mousse products. They are very easy to blend IF you use a brush like a stippling brush, which works wonders with a product like this. They are kinda crumbly and the finish is cream to powder, which is stated on the box.


-price: B ($6 each...hmm Elf)
-packaging: C+ (kinda too big and chunky)
-product quality: B
-Overall quality: B
-Buy again? Maybe, if I ever FINISH IT! XD Which i don't think i ever will

Collective haul

Ok So I didn't have a lot of time the past 3 months to upload anything, but the buying NEVER STOPS. >=D So here's the collective haul from the past three months, litterally all from elf. Yes that is how much I love elf. So that's what I've been basically up to for the past three months. The Christmas break is coming up, so expect lots of reviews and other stuff =). Cheers~


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