Friday, May 27, 2011

Curly Sue

So i was trying out a hair style as an experiment for my upcoming retro inspired look for my graduation dinner. I wanted to be a 1920's styled hair, or something like Dita von tesse hair. I've been super fascinated with vintage things. Vintage cars, vintage hats...everything! So when I went to go try the hair came out like this XD.
Did i pass? The first one looks quite vintage in my eyes, the second one is more 1970's. All of these pictures are taken by myself with my iPhone4. Gonna love technology :) Edited with iphone app called Camera+.
I can't use photoshop to edit any pictures even if my life depended on it, so this app is super good because I can adjust the coloring of my picture, flip & rotate, put special effects, cut and put borders. for 99 cents, that is not a bad deal. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Christian Loubutin Shoe spazz attack

Seriously why does Christian Loubutin have to make such nice shoes!! DAMN...i want! I don't want to be the sterotypical girl that wants to marry a rich man, but right now i really want to HAHA. Just joking, i'll be a Beyonce and earn my things. :) Here are some of the latest Christian Loubutin shoes that caught my eyes.

If you don't see a repeating trend with all these shoes and most of the shoes i normally like, I like platforms and high stilletoes. Thats why it is important that I don't buy crappy shoes because I only like heels that are 4 inches or higher. I am only 5'3 so its kind of nice to look super duper tall and it makes my legs look sexy :). Come on girls, don't lie. I know you girls/guys out there love a good heel!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bebe mermaid black and white dress for Prom!

So it is about that time of year that prom will end my graduation year! Finally I can go into a subject that i will love and not have to deal with stupid useless textbooks and stuff. You don't know how relieved i am.

To prevent having an embrassing dress clash with anyone, I bought my dress last year just to make sure. Its from Bebe, $228 black and white dress with a mermaid mid section and a small train on the bottom.

I know black and white is kind of boring and such, but I think i will going with a retro look this time around. Maybe a really simple cat eye, neutral eye shadows, nudeish/light pink lip. Hair I will do a 1940's inspired bod (since i have short hair ya know ;). Shoe i will pair with my new love, Guess hondo in the color natural ($125 CAD).
I have been staring at these heels for a long long time, but i didn't want to shell out $140 bucks. So for half a year I have went on an adventure to look for the perfect nude platform heel. Couldn't find it! Why? Because these were the perfect platform nude heels. True there are a lot of nude heels out there, but why do i like these ones the best? Because the platform in the front is just right, doesn't look like a stripper shoe, the slingback is slightly unique because it has a back support and the stiletto just makes my legs look so sexy. :) Me likeee~~ Shoe details later on...i will post my shoe reviews. No more make up reviews for now guys, I need a break from make up buying. Moving on to shoes, handbags and clothessssss~~ Stay tune


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