Friday, November 30, 2012

Another VIB coupon! $20 off $50

For those that had the privilege to have 20% off at sephora, now its everyone's turn to get an awesome discount too! Just yesterday I received a $20 off $50 which was a miracle for me since I didn't really go crazy with the 20% off sale but I really wanted to get more of the Korres lip butters because my lips are always chapped :(.  I saw this awesome set on sephora's website which was three lip butters and four body butters for $34 USD but I told myself that I could never find that set in Canada since its always the states that always get the awesome stuff.  Long and behold when I went to Metrotown today, TADAAA~
 Since the coupon was $50 off $20 for V.I.B only ($15 off for everyone else), I had to get $50 or above.  Funny thing is this set for Canadians is $49 which is a little bit more expensive then for the Americans across the border but it still is a good deal :). 3 lip butters is already $48 before tax so this is an awesome deal.  I love love love Christmas times since the value sets is always unbeatable.  I was talking to one of the girls that was there and she helped me think of finding something that was only $1 HAHA.  That was hard since everything is $10+.  She's like Oh! You can always get one of these $1 soap pods LOL.  I wasn't going to since I found the Korres Pomegrante cream gel but I didn't want to pay another $50 :/.  I had to let it go but I know I'm going to regret it since that moisturizer sells out fast!
 This set comes with three lip butters: Guava (a clear color), Jasmine (light peachy beige color) and Quince (Rose pink color).  I really can't wait to use these! I absolutely love my mango one but I wanted more variety! Orange on my lips in the winter isn't the best thing, especially when I it always gets to the corner of my mouth and I look like I didn't wipe my mouth after eating a popsicle, not a good look.
 The four body butters that came with this set was Jasmine, Guava, Basil lemon and apple blossom.  I haven't smelt most of them but I did smell a few in the store and I like the clean and crisp nature of these.  They are really moisturizing without being too oily which I love! It reminds me of the Au lait body cream I got from Winners that I have used up already so I've been desperate find some more for ma bodyyyyy! Happy happy happy :)
 I originally was going to get this set since i didn't see the big one I wanted but I knew I wasn't going to be happy with it since this set was $34 and I would have to find something else that i didn't need. I was also crazy enough that I was going to get this, the big kit and the pomegranate cream gel moisturizer.  That would have been $150! Thank god I stopped myself but I remember thinking to myself to just get it so I can get the V.I.B and lock it for next year too :D.  LOL

This was a small haul but it was a big deal to me because I set out just to get these things and the hello kitty collection items  :D. I just got another coupon too for the $15 off $50 so I'm guessing the VIB's get two coupons? Do they want me broke? Holy cows!
What was your most favorite value sets? Did you buy it or are you still waiting for the right moment?

Belated black friday Old Navy haul

Unlike most Canadians that live near the border or you flew to the States just to take part of their annual Black Friday crazy sales, I was sitting at home because I didn't want to get trampled from crazy crowds at Wal mart.  I mean have you seen the videos? Geez humans can be vicious for deals O_O.  I mean come on guys, first world problems.  People die from getting stampede and in third world countries, they die of starvation.  :/ Anyways my nice and quiet just happened at good old Old navy.  They had an awesome deal where the first 40-50 people would get a free copy of the new Wii Super Mario for the Wii U.  I thought I had already missed my chance when I went to go shop their awesome deals Friday afternoon but apparently they were giving them out on Saturday at 7 pm.  Too bad I had to work at 6:30 or else I would have went.  Also everyone that buys anything would get a chance to win one of the 1,000 Wii U consoles they were giving out.

 I didn't go crazy on buying a ton of stuff and i just sticked to buying stuff i actually needed.  Okay I have to admit that I don't really need more t-shirts but they were $5! Can you really blame me? And the the print was really good quality and it was just overall cute!
 The door buster deals on Friday was their fleece PJ pants going for $8 each pair.  They are so soft and fluffy, it makes me warm and happy in the really cold Canadian days.  I only had one pair of fleece pants so these were a must for me.  There were a lot of patterns to choose from but I choose for myself the light purple polar bear print and a light ultramarine color with cute owls on it.  All of the pajama pants had a ribbon to tie it around your waist so even if you do buy a size larger, the pants won't be down to your ankles when you wear them.
 The original price of these were $14.94 which I would have most definitely not pay for just pants.  Old navy always has deals going on and they change their prices almost everyday so always check back on their prices and get your price differences!
  I also picked up these college-estiqe t-shirts. I find these super cute and super easy for me to wear from a day to day basis.  I'm not the type to dress up everyday since I don't have anyone to impress but my boyfriend but he sometimes gets a little insecure when I dress up and go out without him LOL.  Well don't we all? I completely understand :).  But I'm usually too lazy to dress up so I wear t-shirt, jeans, sneakers or boots and for this season lots and lots of toques.

I know my haul isn't the most interesting like others that got new cell phones for $50 and flat screen T.V.s for $400 but I honestly don't really need anything.  I'm just waiting for boxing day to hit and the first few stores I'm going to hit would be Lush for their buy one get one free and Nine west for their 40% everything.  

What are you looking forward to for the boxing day sales? What was one of the best deals you have scored in the past?

Missed out on Hello Kitty forever 21 collection

Two days ago, pursebuzz on YouTube was showcasing her hello kitty haul from Forever 21At first I wasn't really interested to see the haul since it was Hello kitty, but I had nothing else to watch since I watch YouTube like its television so I just clicked it to keep myself occupied while blogging and what not on my computer. Little did I know that the collection wasn't only hello kitty, but there was other Sanrio characters :(.  If I knew this a long time ago, I would have been there once the collection came out!  
 This was a pretty big collection, not only apparel but there was also home goods too! There were a lot of sweaters, leggings, office friendly tops, PJ's, socks, toques, flip flops, luggage tags, scarfs and lots lots more that I didn't have a chance to pick through :/. I'm still sad but the metrotown forever 21 has given me hope since the one in Richmond center had nothing.  It was like wow...are you kidding me.
I was happy they had at least a little corner of stuff to choose from since this collection came out November 16.  I'm kicking myself real hard since I was in the mall that day and I saw the hello kitty stuff in the windows but didn't go inside since it was hello kitty and was never very fond of her.  I find that she's too sickeningly cute and girly, its almost offensive LOL.  So I didn't have much luck with the stuff left over since most of it was hello kitty. The teal top is $19.80 (Around $21.80 CAD, I might be mistaken).
 The only reason I actually went to the mall today was to find this sweater but apparently everyone loves this guy more the hello kitty and was sold out on the first day.  WHY! I want me some badtz maru because I am a rebel like that :(.  There is also another sweater, I'm at the point where I will settle for any one them LOL.

Please god, just let me be lucky and throw me one of these sweaters because I don't want to have to buy it online and I don't even think they have these on the Canadian website.  I will settle for any size, I don't care! :'( Each of these sweaters are $22.80 ($24 ish CAD), reasonable price I think :).
They had these comfy looking pajama pants too :D.  Does anyone know this character? Maybe this character is really new to the Sanrio family but I have never seen this character before.  Its called "Hangydong" The pj pants were $10.80.
The last few tihngs that were still stocked up.  There were the really cute hello kitty with sunglasses, a neon green yellow sweater for $22.80, The funky black and white patterned hello kitty leggings for $17.80, backpack for $19.80, flip flops for 4.80 and sneakers for an unknown price since its not on the website anymore.
 All the tops on the bottom were either $23.80 or $19.80 if they were the t-shirts.  I really liked those high waisted chococat pants but they were out of my size.  Medium just doesn't cut it for my tiny asian body!  There was also another cream and pink hello kitty sweater for $22.80.
Those are cute canvas shoes for those that are die hard hello kitty fans!
This top surprisingly I haven't seen any bloggers or YouTubers show.  It is a T-shirt type top with a hot pink "U" cut out on the top of the neck and a hot pink strap.  In the front is hello kitty with bug eyed sunglasses with her little friend that I don't know the name of.  Didn't check the price, sorry :(.  But I'm guessing its around $17.80 or $19.80.
I tried on this chococat light brown top on and I was already dissapointed with the feel of the material. It was a really akward and stiff material that just doesn't sit well with the body, especially with this design. It has chococat going all different direction and has a thin black chiffon bow tie which I love love love but still don't have a top like that in my closet.  I really wanted to love this top, but it was disappointing. It didn't sit nicely on my body and it was super boxy.  This type of top should be a little more form fitting. 
I mean I could have altered it myself but the arm hole was too big to even change it to a more slim cut so I just didn't buy it. 
The second top on the other hand was awesome.  The material of the fabric was perfect.  Nice and flowy, a satin material and it has the peter pan collar which was a top that was much needed in my sad closet.  It has a pinky coral color and I could see myself wearing this top all year long. The top just screams cuteeee!
 Here's a better picture with my nicer camera LOL.  The other pictures I took with my iPhone so I hope you don't mind.  I just feel a little weird to whip out a camera to take pictures in a actual store, i don't want to get in trouble.
 The peter pan collar is also made of the same satin feeling material which I love :).   
The back has a  U closure with a button to hold it all together. 
Every item in the hello kitty forever collection has this neon yellow tag with the sanrio character tag that says "To and From" if you want to give it away as a gift.  I'm happy with this top since it was $26 after tax but hopefully I can find something else in downtown on December 7 when I have to head there to write my culinary test :). 

Overall, the collection was very well thought out but I wish the material they used was a little bit better, especially for the tops. There was a lot to choose from, well for those that knew about this collection and went on the day of or choose to the day of but the designs was surprisingly grown up and not too kiddy. There was a little bit for everyone and it just reminds everyone that there is still a little bit of youth in all of us whether you are 20 years old or 50 years old, you can still rock your childhood characters and cartoons.

What were your most favorite characters from your childhood? Mine would be most definitely pokemon! I would run my butt to the store if there was a pokemon clothing collection like it was a black friday sale in the states, everyone get out of my way! LOL.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sephora V.I.B 20% off sale haul

I know that a lot of people know that the past weekend was the sephora V.I.B sale that happens only once a year.  Most people take complete advantage of this sale and so did I but i kept in mind that i wanted to go all out for Boxing day sales so i restricted myself.
 I honestly was going to get only the sugar lip treatments but the set of six for $58, but the impulse and hoarder inside of me just keep walking around in the store and kept picking up things I didn't need but only want just to secure my next year 20% off V.I.B status.  I believe that all V.I.B that went in that weekend to buy anything would receive their reusable Sephora bag.  I read only that a lot of people were dissapointed since last year they got umbrellas.  I'm not going to complain because this is the first time I got to be a V.I.B so whatever :), still got a cool bag.
 Ughh i still droll over this set but I knew I couldn't even finish using one of these in a month! Look at all those pretty colors! I know that when summer hits, I'm going to get that coral shade (maybe if i ever finish my Korres lip butter in Mango).
 I thought that the set of six was the only value set so I was quite pleased there was a smaller trio set.  So i just picked this one up just to be more sensible and the fact that i didn't want to spend almost $60 for lip balms LOL.  I can get frugal sometimes I know.
 This set comes with the colors berry, Honey and passion.  I'm most excited to use the Honey color since it looks like a really nice nude browny color, my favorite!  I haven't tried the other two but I think it would be somewhat the same thing as Rose which I got for free from Sephora's free birthday present. Got this set for $25.60 after discount.
I finally picked up the beauty blender! I know I know, this has been out for decades and I never really got into the whole WHOO EGG SHAPED BLENDER! I was a little bit hesitant on getting this since it is $26 for a little sponge but I decided why not since I do have 20% off :D.  I used it the other day and I have to say I really love it! I couldn't believe my eyes but this little egg thing actually makes my skin look flawless! I'm no longer scared of using foundations since foundations usually make me look dry but not anymore! I also picked up the solid soap for this for $8 (original price $10) which smells really herbally and clean,  Works quite well but I will also have to try cleaning the egg with regular soap too. 
 Isn't this boring? Got a duo eyelash glue which I would NEVER use all of.  I had to throw the tube away from about three years ago that which I never even made a dent in the tube.  One thing I really don't like is the smell! It smells like stinky plastic :/.  I thought it was just my old tube but the new tube smells the same too.  Yuck!  Doesn't really matter since I don't use false lashes that much but this is nice to have :).
The sephora girl gave me a small sample size of the NARS eye make up remover which was really sweet of her :D.  I didn't even notice that she gave me a sample since it was hiding under the bag.  I noticed two days later when I went back into my bag to take these pictures. I'm happy since I can leave this in my purse, I always needed some make up remover on the go anyways!

I think I did okay for an impulse and hoarder that i am.  I spent $75 after tax so I think I did okay.  I was walking around the store and picked up the Cinderella mirror that i liked for $26, another Korres lip butter in guava, sephora deluxe face sample for $57, benefit porefessional for $18? and the little benefit sampler for $47.  Yea needless to say, i got myself under control in girl paradise.  

What did you guys buy in the sale? Did other people get their 15% off yet or is that later on?

Small winners haul

Pretty sure you know that I'm obsessed with Winners by now but I'm trying to conserve my money for BOXING DAY SALE! WHOOO I can't wait! Anyways, so lately I've been just avoiding going out the house all together XD.  So for the past four days, I literally didn't step outside the house.  The only time I actually went out was to get the letter at the mail box.  I'm going to turn into a vampire! Well not that I'm not already pale HAHA, but I might start to sparkle :O.
I think I did pretty good, got three small things in the past four weeks.  That is actually a huge improvement! Before I would go almost everyday since they restock their store everyday so it's always a surprise to see what they have.  Well I only go out on the weekends with my boyfriend and all of these trips were with him so he can control me.  Sometimes I can't control my wants so i tell my boyfriend "STOP ME NOW!" He's like my red button! ALERT ALERT!  HAHA okay enough rambling...
 I found this gorrrrgeous lace dress which caught my eyes when it was peeking out of the rack of dresses.  What caught my eye was the lace and the material.  Usually a lot of lace dresses have really crappy materials where if it was hooked onto something, it would rip right away.  This one is so high quality and has a good weight to it, it surprised me that it was only $40.  Not bad not bad.  My camera doesn't do it justice but there is actually a sliver foil finish on the lace! So pretty in person.  The inside has this semi lingerie looking top.
 The one problem I have with the dress is just the tie, it makes the whole dress look super cheap.  I was thinking of doing this kind of necklace backdrop to make the dress a little more glamourous and expensive looking.  Was thinking of using some Swarvoski crystals and everything, SPARKLE :D.  Yes I am like a crow, shiny things!  Hopefully I can find all the materials I need to make it happen :).  The back of the dress is a low "U" with an invisible zipper going down the dress so I can actually get in. I will do a outfit of the day for you once I can find the perfect accessories for this dress so watch out for that!
Has anyone heard of this brand? Its called Lipsy London, I'm assuming this is an European brand, from Britian maybe LOL. I checked up the retail price on this and its $115 CAD which I only paid $40 + tax for this so I think this was a complete steal. I was trying to talk myself out of buying this but I just couldn't let it go since it was the only one!
 Winter is already here for us in Vancouver and it has been sooooooo cold! My car feels like a freezer! Omg.  I just couldn't stand it anymore and went back to Winners to get the Ralph Lauren leather gloves I was lusting for for a while but didn't want to get them since they were $30 (compared to $80).  Thats not a bad price for Ralph Lauren but I couldn't really justify for just gloves :/ but it got way too cold and my hands were freezing! 
These are 100% leather and has a really cute bow detailing on the bottom.  I'm usually not a bow girl but these were small bows which had that hint of femine touch but not too much to the point where I would want to puke! The bow tie came in four colors, dark cofffee brown, light sand brown, cream and red.  There was only the red ones in my size and these fit really nicely, not too tight and I could actually move my whole hand without any struggle :D so i just settled for these.  There is also the Ralph Lauren stamp on the bottom of the stamp.  I have an absoulte soft spot for Ralph Lauren since the brand is really simple, semi high class, and i can see myself wearing it until I get old so i don't mind shelling out a little bit more money for them :).
I was in Metrotown waiting to watch Wrack it Ralph with my boyfriend so we had some time to kill so naturally I strolled into Winners.  Nothing peeked my interest until I went to the little skincare section and saw these little boxes.  The design on them were so cute and retro! I absoultely love it! The brand is called Tokyomilk which...well I never heard of or saw them anywhere before.  They were little pots of solid perfume and each of them had a different number.  The one I picked up was #61 Sugar Plum.  I really wanted to get the cupcake one since it smelled so yummy.  This actually surprised me since I don't really like things that smell like food, I'd rather make the food and eat it so if i had a perfume that smelled like food.....I might actually bite myself out of confusion :/.
Each little box came with small card.  They were cute but I didn't really find any  use for them.  The men swimming and the chinese looking ladies were another scent.  The swimming men smelled sooo bad....I don't understand why anyone would want to smell like that.  It smelled like a dirty washroom, UGH! The chinese ladie one smelled like a grandma that didn't shower for ceuntries and smelled in flowers...Not good flower, really strong and stinky flower. LORD!
The side of the box.  I wonder what one note is...
 The lid is pretty cool :D.
The solid perfume itself smells divine! It just striaght up smells like sweet plums! Ughhh So yummy.  The sad thing is that the smell doesn't last and isn't strong enough to be an actual perfume so this kind of sucks :(.  Even when i rub a lot on my wrist, still can't smell it but I am happy I have this because the smell just makes me happy :). So when there is a stinky person in an elevator or someone farted, just whip this out and bam! Oh yea!

Hope you enjoyed my little Winners haul.  I absolutely love my white lace dress and didn't really mind adding another lace dress to my collection since my other lace-ish dress is black and skin tight.  What was your favorite item in my haul?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Studio baked eyeshadow palette in California review and swatches

I still remember when Elf first posted their sneak picture on instagram, i completely freaked out! I absolutely loved their baked eyeshadows they came out with earlier and if i could get it in a palette and a smaller size, i'm up for it.  The price for these was a little high considering all of their other products are less then $6 usually.  So $10 made me a little bit hesitant. :) Please enjoy my review on these.  I have been using these for a while now.

Elf's description of the studio baked eyeshadow palette: "Each Baked Palette features 10 gorgeous baked eyeshadows so you can achieve a flawless look whenever, wherever. The silky and bendable formula of our Baked Eyeshadow provides smooth and even application with each sweep of color. Baked in an oven, these eyeshadows offer rich pigmentation for a beautiful effect. Infused with active key ingredients Jojoba, Rose, Sunflower, Apricot and Grape to nourish and hydrate the skin. The long-lasting and shimmering color can be worn wet for a vibrant effect or dry for sheer pigmentation, offering a variety of gorgeous eye looks!"
Product packaging:
This palette comes in a sleek black little case. I do not really like how thick the palette is though (14cm length X 6cm width X 2 cm thick). Each color comes in a pressed dome shape which is quite typical for baked products. I do understand that the shadows are domed but thickness of the palette is still not justified for its thickness. I did actually take apart the palette and the whole bottom of the palette is empty. Fail! The palette has a nice snap which isn’t too hard to open but it closes perfectly so it would be safe to leave this palette in your purse.

Color pigmentation/ payoff:
These palettes currently come in two versions: California which is all neutral palettes and NYC which is a smoky palette. I choose to only get the California since I thought that I would get the most use out of but I know you guys don’t care about that LOL. Okay I’ll try to get to the point how. The color pigmentation of these is only average but with a primer it is a little better. Most of these colors have a satin finish with a hint of shimmers, few have shimmery finish and only two has more of a matte finish. I wouldn’t bring this palette with me to a trip hoping that this would be the only palette since a lot of these shades are only shimmer/ satin and has no matte color which is one of the downsides to it.
Top row (from left to right)
1) Light beige skin tone highlight color with sliver shimmers; satin finish with slight shimmers
2) Warm toned bronze shade with golden shimmers; satin finish
3) Beige peach color with golden shimmer; satin finish
4) Rose gold color with peach shimmer; satin finish
5) Light coffee color with sliver shimmer; shimmery finish

Bottom row (from left to right)
1) Sliver shade; frosty finish
2) Dark brown shade with small sliver shimmers; matte with slight shimmers
3) Golden bronze color with golden shimmers; frost/ satin finish
4) Burgundy plum shade (very comparable to raspberry truffle from their studio single eye shadows); stain finish
5) Amethyst color with purple sheen; satin finish
Dupe to Sephora moon shadow in The nude:
Once these came out, everyone couldn’t stop comparing these. I had to see these for myself so I went to the store. The palette was basically 95% the same!! The palette case for the Sephora is fancier but the color selections of these are so similar, I’d say go get the elf one. Colors are almost all the same. Texture and packaging. Wow…elf you are awesome and stepping up your game :).

Baked eye shadows usually are somewhat dry to the touch since they are baked and doesn’t have that silky texture like MAC eye shadows. But boy was I surprised. These were actually quite silky and doesn’t have too much fall out. Yes you will have a little bit of powderyness but I mean what eye shadow doesn’t right? Fallout I mean once you dip your brush into the domes and not when you use them on your eyes.

I’m happy to report that this has no smell :). Sometimes with some products from elf, they have a really bad plastic smell to them but these have absolutely no smell!

Lasting power:
These doesn’t have the best lasting power on bare skin so I would suggest you use a good primer before you step out the door. Those would stay about 3-4 hours on bare skin but if you use primer, they would stay on for about 5-7 hours. Using these wet is an option for these too but not my favorite method.

These are $10 which I find it a little bit expensive for ELF since everything else is $3 and $6 and a whole palette is $15 for 144, so $10 to me for a small ten color baked eye shadow palette seems a lot LOL. I did get this for $5 since I used a 50% off studio line. There is going to be a cyber-Monday 50% off everything sale so watch out for that.

Hope you enjoyed my review on this palette. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitant to comment down below, or if you want to see a review on a certain product. Would you get this palette for yourself? Which colors do you usually prefer? Neutral or smokey?


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