Saturday, November 27, 2010

ELF Studio foundation review

When ELF came out with their new foundation, I was just like I got to have it. Oh my gosh a foundation for $6? BRING IT! I have wore it for prom and I have to say it is VERY good. For the price, color and texture, it is worth my money.

So my first impression of this product was, "wow elf really out did themselves! The packaging is heavy duty, tinted glass bottle and with a pump!" When I say heavy duty, I really do mean heavy duty. It feels like I'm holding a $70 foundation bottle from Armani or something.

Side packaging clearly states that it as a pump. Its so nice =3

That's the back...hmm yeah haha yey ingredients list?

More boring information...

The lids are absolutely beautiful and high quality, printed on is a frosted elf logo. Its so beautiful and sleek. =)

Without the lid. It looks kinda small in this picture, but its a reasonable size. Its about the size of your palm (just the bottle without the lid). Compare this to their new tinted moisturize, I'd put this one hands down.

The bottle is frosted and everything is just super sleek. As you can see, it has SPF 15 and it "says" oil free but the ingredients contains a lot of mineral oil. Watttt??

Left to right: Porcelain, sand

The texture is the best part is that its not as thick as MAC's foundation, actually I mean its FARRRRR from as thick as MAC's foundations but its thick enough to give you a medium coverage. It is definitely buildable, but I don't really need thick coverage. Plus when I put on my powder, its just right.

-price: B- ($6 each)
-packaging: B
-product quality: B
-Overall quality: B
-Buy again? Yes, I don't use liquid foundation but this one is a keeper.

Work at School theater

I was hoping to do something really bright and bold, but I didn't really have the chance to because no one's play had a over the top character. Obviously, these pictures aren't me. XD So I don't have pictures of all the make up looks I did, but essentially these are samples of my work. I think this picture came out better then I thought! The lighting is beautiful. This eye look was inspired by the space because I started out with this beautiful, dark navy pigment and then I just go with the flow.This is my friend, Steffi, who has me do her make up for a lot of things. This was one of my "jobs". Her character was a drunk girl who was calling her friend from a club. The picture doesn't do her justice, but I wanted a full face shot for once.
A really simple, gold and brown look for my girl here who's character was an agent. I didn't have enough time to take a better picture but her black liner was smoked out so that it would give a more sexy look.
Sigh...the more I look at it, the more pretty it gets. So jealous of my friend Esther here, look at those naturally thick lashes!

So that was a small snip-it of what I had to do for three days straight. It was quite a pain to have to wash all my brushes and sanitize my whole makeup kit, but hard work is the fun of it. To see your work after, and see them on stage knowing that you did that, that's its own reward. People think I'm stupid for doing it for free, but I think its just fun. My friend wants me to do it professionally, but i know what I want in life and this is just a hobby. So till next time, peace out =)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Midnight Ocean Look Tutorial

So I want to show you guys that you don't have to use expensive products to achieve the look you want. I was inspired with the "Teal Dream" palette of the ELF brightening eye quads which are only a buck. Here's what it looks like... This quad reminded me a lot of the sea, so thats my inspiration. Basically this is how I work, I look at some colors and BAM, instant inspiration. XD
First step is to use a eyeshadow primer or base. Here i'm using ELF mineral eyeshadow primer which is very comparable to Urban Decay primer potion or Too face shadow insurance. And no the primer on my eyes right now isn't blended. To enhance the colors of the eye shadows, I'm using the light blue in my Make up forever flash palette ($100 retail price) and the white in the inner corners of my eyes.
Take a dense eyeshadow brush (like ELF eyeshadow brush $1) and dip it into the light golden color in Teal dream. Place the light golden color where the light naturally hits on your eyelids, so basically right in the middle and just pat the color on. If you want, you can spray a little bit of water onto your brush to maximize the color depth.
Take the blue color and place it right on your natural eye crease. To do so, look at your mirror at a 45 degree angle so your eye socket will show better. Then just do your thing!
Use a blending brush (I used Elf's blending brush $1) and take the second darkest purple from the quad "Sliver Lining" ($1). Tilt your head yet again and make the sideways V in the corner with the dark purple.
It should look something like this.Take the brown color from "Hazy Hazel" and blend out the purple so its not too harsh.
Now go back to that green from "Teal dream" and use the same blending brush.
Place the green in the corner and brush it a little bit so that it peeks out from the corner, but doesn't cover the golden color. Take back that Studio concealer brush and use the leftover cream eyeshadow and place it on your bottom lash.
For your bottom lash, take that green from Teal dream and dark purple from Silver lining and smudge it on your bottom lash.
Line your eyes and put on some false lashes if you want! And voila~~ the finished look =). Hope you guys like it.
Here's a picture of everything I used. BTW the lashes are from Daiso (Japanese $2 store; very high quality for the price though).

Monday, November 1, 2010

ELF Limited Edition Dramatic False Eye Lashes

You know your fearless when you can wear these on the streets. Yes this are totally intense, but no I'm not going to wear these on the streets. I bought these for fun only, and a few pictures of course! I have always admire those cool and funky lashes but I never wanted to shell out $20 for a pair. So when elf announce these awesome lashes for $3, I knew I had to jump on the chance. So here we have some close up pictures.

Just to tell you guys, these are limited edition so if you want to get them you should hurry before them are gone!

The view of the back...lots of words and I don't really wanna read it. Yes i'm lazy.... Pretty picture of the eye though! The werid thing that suprises me is that the box says its from the sugarkiss line that was disconintued last year, but i never saw these before. I know they're new, but why sugarkiss line?Dramatic length false eyelashes- Purple If you look at them in person, when the light hits the lashes. the reflect kind of a metalic sheen which is quite interesting.
Dramatic length false eyelashes Neon Pink
Dramatic Full False Eyelashes black/ brown
Dramatic Full False Eyelashes Teal Blue
So overall these are quite fun to play with, but they aren't the best quality.

-price: B ($3 each)
-packaging: B
-product quality: B-
-Overall quality: B
-Buy again? No because I rarely will wear these on the street anyways..


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