Sunday, October 31, 2010

ELF 18th haul...for the love of pete

Haha yes yes another elf haul...I know i know, this is getting out of hand. But I have a a good reason! (yeah actually there's always an excuse) The new dramatic, theatric lashes!! Can't resist. Sorry...And then one thing, leads to one hundred other things. Please don't judge.
More detailed/ closer look on the items later. So stayed tuned!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Upcoming ELF studio liquid foundation

Elf is finally releasing their very first liquid foundation. I'm so excited!! This means I should just wait till all of the new stuff come out before I order any studio things then.

The packaging reminds me a lot of Smashbox primers and other stuff right?

Monday, October 25, 2010


Wow elf is on a frinkin roll...more new stuff I have found on the website just now. Lets see what they have released.

$1 Regular ELF line

Fan brush

Crease Brush (aka. Pencil brush)

Limited Edition 10 piece brush set (Black version of the regular brush) $10

ELF mineral line $3+

Eye brighter $3

Mineral 4 piece Bamboo brush set $10 (complexion brush, concealer brush, blending eye brush, mini kabuki brush, brush bag)...reminds me of eco-tools doesn't it?

Mineral 5 piece brush set $15 (complexion brush, eyeliner brush, all-over eyeshadow brush, lash and brow comb, brush bag)

So that is basically it for now, but i know that ELF is going to come out with their Studio cream blushes and concealer palettes so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New ELF cosmetics stuff!! YEY

So I don't know if you guys know, but I just checked the elf website and on facebook and theres more new products! AHHH~~ SO EXCITING...bad news is i just ordered something yesterday. Gosh Elf never lets me catch up to them eh?
So first things first, if you become a fan on facebook of ELF cosmetics, you always get the inside scoop on whats happening and what are the "coming soon". Just now I logged into my facebook account and saw this...

I kinda started to freak out! I mean i'm a big sucker for cream eyeshadows. They are my biggest weakness next to bronzer and blush. So then I started to think, if they release these intot he market, has the tinted moisterizers come out yet? YES THEY HAVE!! OMG!!. Im a big fan of their ELF studio pressed powders so i kind of want the liquid foundation too. BTW if you haven't seen my other posts of elf's coming soon stuff, they are also coming out with new concealer palettes and cream blushses all in the studio line. I also hear about some mist thing coming soon but i haven't actually seen the pictures for it. If i do, i'll definitely let you guys know.The cream eyeshadows to me look exactly the same thing as their studio cream eyeliner. All elf studio stuff are $3 unless stated otherwise. They come in Candlelight (looks exactly like Ivory cream eyeliner--> a simmery white color), Dawn (Light bronzey brown; reminds me of the color Sin from urban decay), Bronze (a typical bronze color) and Eggplant (dark lilac color). Another new item is the ELF studo matte eyeshadow which reminds me of NYX chrome eyeshadows just by the image and the packaging. Comes in Pearl (white), Muted Mauve (light pink), Mint (light green), Burnt Brown (looks like a lilac color?), Smoke (light grey), Nude, Chesnut (coconut brown color), Brick, Baked Berry ( light lilac color again?), and Charcoal (black).
I know this isn't complety new but ELF also released the Endless Eye pro Eyeshadow palette that has 100 colors ($10) and a 32 ($5) colors ones. I did buy the 100 color one so I'll be doing a review on those very soon. They are getting into their limited edition fest mood eh? Here is the Classic 15 piece mini collection but with sparkles. Its kinda pretty i must admit but I'm not paying $15 for this since i have almost everything in the collection. ELF studio line's new Body glow, its some powder thing to add highlight to your body or something. Iunno watever, this one doesn't really interest me. Its $6 and i don't really think this is something to write home about.

Hmm...this seems to one one of the top three new products that people can't stop talking about. Its their new ELF studio make up mist and set which is some what like a MAC Fix+. It claims to help keep your make up stay in place and contains Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E. $3 bucks, i'll check it out =)
Now this is the product that I have been waiting for a long long time. As I wrote up above, i'm a fan of their face powders and I really need liquid foundation type of stuff because my Skin Food BB cream just isn't going to cut it anymore. This comes in Porecelain, Beige, Nude, Sand, Almond, Mocha and Espresso. These are $3 each. It also contains spf 20 so that is a nice plus.When I saw this picture on the ELF facebook fan page, I started to freak out too!! I mean dudeee nail polishes for one dollar, AND they dry faster then my Opi ones? Dayum. And they have very nice colors too. These new ones for the holidays aren't matte colors like the regular colors, they have lots of glitter.
Picture above from left to right: Twinkle, Giltter Glam, Golden Goddess, Party Purple, Metal Madness
Next new product is the Elf studio 11 piece glitter Brush collection. These are the regular studio line brushes but with glitter handles. Elf is getting all glammed up for this season huh?

Another addition to the Elf studio line brush family, they introduced us to the angled contour brush for eyeshadow.

OMG ELF studio stippling brush for only $3?? FINALLY!! If they all works out when I get my hands on it and use it, it can be my h.g for LIFEE.

They also had the studio 2-in-one sponge applicators and lip gloss doe foot, but those are kinda boring so i won't show you those. If you wanna check out more of ELF's stuff, go to

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hauls and randomness

So I went to the states last week on Sunday and obviously I was excited because going to the states means I GET TO SHOP =D. Here are some of the things I picked up at the Seattle Premium Outlet. From Nine west, I got a pair of Oxford 3 inch heels. Oxfords I have been eyeing for a long time, but I never actually end up buying em. So i'm quite happy that i bought these FINALLY! I wore em today to school and I'm quite stupid to walk to my friends house and back. After that my toes were skinned alive and it hurt for the rest of the day. Ouch! yeah, wear socks kids. They kind of remind me of the shoes Louis IX back in history of France shoes.
It comes with a brown heel if you didn't know =D. These I got for only $45! What a deal.
I really didn't expect to buy anything from Oakley since its kinda like a sport equipement and clothes line, but after i went to go find my sister in that store something caught my eyes!

It doesn't look as nice on picture, but trust it its as sexy as my adidas white shoes <3 .="" alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5529585969709966626" src="" style="cursor: hand; display: block; height: 320px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 240px;">This shirt I couldn't resist since the kitty cat was soo cute and it reminded me of alice and wonderland (the movie was soo good).
This shirt I also couldn't resist since its totally my style, kinda laid back but with a more refined taste. Giant animals I am totally digging this season for some reason.
The states also means going to their 24 hrs Wal mart! Their wal mart is much better and much better then the Canadian ones and has a lot more variety. My dad loves their insane variety of ice cream *Haggen Daz and Dreyers cough cough* while i just like to shop. So When I saw these lil halloween goodies, I felt like the need to relive my lost Trick or treating childhood and bought some of these for my friends in culinary school to be festive.
I stuffed some of them with these vampire teeth....and
These awesome eye poping glasses.
Shove some candy in these lil thingys...forgot what they are called. Wow, brain fart much?
I'm having too much fun with these glasses... xDD my dog looks so werid with em on.
So anways, that was my short update on life and hauling and everything awesome! Thanks for reading, till next post I will see ya'll later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

ELF master set haul

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, just really busy with life. Culinary school and regular school and air cadets are all stressing me out. I haven't even touched my make up since September, so that's maybe why you haven't seen me posting anything lately.

Yey after long long nights and days, my package came! Well to my friends house cuz my parents don't want me to buy more make up. But NEVER I SAY!! XD Anyways back to business. Here's the whole haul that I...well haha JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD XD. I don't wanna explain myself. Oh look, pretty pink tissue paper. I never had that with my other elf purchases.

Inside the treasure chest is the box full of MAKE UP =DIt might not look like theres a lot in this picture, but trust me, theres a lot.Tada!! All of the make up all layed out. If you want the full list, you can visit

Click on the link above and click "CLICK FOR DETAILS" on the website and it will show you the list of all the products that come in this kit.Comes with all the ELF elements individual pots, and i'm LOVING all of them. Review later on everything i got! Just give me a change to actually use it first k? Whoo!! liquid eyeliners that I got really excited for. Only ash was all messed up and all clumpy, but other then that I love them! Just not the brush it comes with, I use my Quo angled eyeliner brush to apply. Dayum thats a lot of lip products eh?

Now that was a lot of make up, i know but i really do like elf cosmetics. This set goes for $150 for more then 180 pieces of product, but if you catch it on sale it is well worth your money. Reviews will all come later, but for now you guys can stare at all that eye candy.


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