Thursday, March 31, 2011


So as everyone knows, this is Lady Gaga's second time around to be the spokesperson for MAC AIDS VIVA GLAM. This year's lipstick and lip gloss is a very nudey tanned brown color. As soon as I saw the promotional pictures for this collection, it instantly triggered the thought it looked kinda like ELF's mineral lipstick in natural nymph and ligloss bare brown. The packaging is the same as last years, with lady gaga's autograph on the box and also on the tube. Close up of Lady Gaga LipstickLady Gaga close up Lipgloss Comparison of Mac VIVA GLAM lady gaga's lipgloss (top) and ELF mineral lipgloss in Bare brown (bottom)
MAC lipgloss (left) and ELF mineral lipglass in Bare (right)
As you can see, the lady gaga lipgloss is much more opaque and has a creamy look to it while ELf mineral lipgloss is more sheer and a cooler brown color with subtle golden shimmers.

ELF mineral lipstick in Natural Nymph (left) and MAC Lady Gaga Lipstick (right) MAC (left) and Elf (right)

Lady gaga's lipstick is a much more darker compared to the elf lipstick which as a more pinky undertone.

The MAC lipstick is super creamy and super pigmented, much worth the money. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat =). The lipgloss is the same quality, very pigmented and creamy but i wouldn't wear them together because i'd look like a dying zombie XD.

Lost in purple space Look

Main color palette

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Prabal Gurung Spring 2011 Collection Highlights

Designer Background Information:
Prabal Gurung is a relatively new designer who established his own collection back in 2009 at the New York Fashion week. Gurung was born in Singapore 31st March 1974 and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. While studying in New Delhi's National Institute of Fashion Technology, he apprenticed in local fashion houses and designed with Manish Arora.
Spring 2011 Collection Insight:
-bright, solid, bold colors ; modern
-neutral colors
-chic, simple, clean cuts
-focus of detail and silhouette; romantic

Unboxing of Lush Christmas Washes

Sorry for posting this so late. I know its way way way past Lush Christmas, but I thought I'd still upload this so you guys can use it as a reference for the next Lush christmas ^^. Christmas Washes is one of Lush's christmas gift and it was about $29.95 CAD when I got it. Normally it is double that price. What is inside. Hehe PACKING PEANUTES!!
Comes with a coupon of 25% off if you buy three skincare products. Yesss, I have two of these now >=). So it comes with a NEW! solid shampoo (which smells like ass, I'm sorry. But it really really does), a Sugar sugar scrub, Buffy body butter, mandarin's tea party soap, sexy peel soap,Gloog Shower gel and The olive branch shower gel.
Reviews will come later on when I actually use it. =) Stay tuned~


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