Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ELF studio HD concealer release

Back on the first of Feburary, Elf cosmetics released a sneak peak on a few upcoming products they would be carrying.  If you haven't already, you might want to check out their instagram because that is the place where they post sneak peeks.
I swear that this picture was released wayy earlier but thats what it says haha.  Maybe it was just me that felt like it was released back during the Christmas time.  In the picture is their upcoming HD Mattifying Cream Foundation (oil-free) and the already released HD Lifting Concealer.
This photo was released back in December 17,2012 and is said to be in the studio line called "mineral perals."  This product reminisces the Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face which comes with a hefty price of $67 while the elf one is around $6 :D.  But sadly they are still taking their sweet time to release this product.

Clearly contacts first free pair

I have been itching to get a new pair of glasses since its been three years since I last purchased my dior ones that I have been wearing everyday.  To be honesty I never really liked the style, but my mom insisted on buying them for me so i couldn't exactly refuse. 
Clearly contacts giving a "free" pair of glasses has been going on for a while, so I gave in and gave it a shot.  First off, "free" really never is a thing in this greedy world so it was natural for anyone to second guess that there would be some hidden fees.  I was right.
First free pair...hidden fees?
So the first thing you might be wondering, how can they even afford to give out free? The answer is, these glasses aren't good quality. They are basically like forever 21 glasses but slightly better material but still made in China so it is massed produced.  The promo first free only works if you are a new customer.  If you have already bought things from this company, they will not let you get anything for free which kinda sucks.  So this promo is just to suck new customers in and get them to buy things from their site.
As for "hidden fees". if you need prescription for these, you would have to pay about $30 or more and other adjustments you need and then also pay for shipping.  I didn't want to risk anything so I just did everything at zero and if I really liked the frames, I would just go to my regular go-to glasses shop that I have been going to for years.  I trust them more then i trust myself when it comes prescription for my glasses. 
The shipping from this company was ridiculously fast.  But then again the company is based in the same town that I live it, Vancouver.  It took only two days after I had placed my order for it to arrive in my mail box.  I also really like the fact that they gave out tracking numbers so you would know exactly where the package is.  I am not the only one that has said their shipping speed was super fast, many others from commoners has said the same thing.  My shipping rate was $17 and same change.  I'm not sure if the shipping is a flat rate for everyone but I believe so?
 Mail Packaging
The package was actually quite small, about 19 cm X 11 cm X 8 cm.  I was expecting the box to be biggger but meh.  Haha its just a box.  A lot of things you see online looks a lot bigger then it really is.  I've been tricked! HAHA  Anyways....sorry i get sidetracked.  So the mailing box is a primary blue with their logo slapped right on there and their website.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sephora 15% off haul

It has been far too long since I have posted my last blog post.  I have been just working non stop and fighting with my boss over law essentially.  Its ridiculous when I don't even get enough sleep and even the law states it.  But no more of my problems, back to the haul.
Most of the items here are actually for my mother, only the urban decay setting spray is for me.  I didn't buy much since I'm saving my money to go to the Vancouver Imats this year.  I swore the first time I went when imats was in town the first ever time to never go back to the vancouver once since it wasn't that great, not compared to the LA one for sure.  If I'm lucky, this year there would hopefully be actually 40 vendors.  I just wish it was as big as any other imats ni the world :( but that is the sad truth.
My mom isn't much of a make up women but she wanted an eyeliner that would actually wor since her make up forever aqua liner doesn't statisfy her needs. I showed her the bobbi brown once since I have many good things about it but they didn't have a nice brown and I noticed all their gel liners had simmer in it so it was a no good.  This one was have the price of the bobbi brown one $16 CAD and it is super creamy too.  I couldn't exactly review this since it is my mothers but i could give it a try and do a good impression :D.

The only few things my mom does on a daily basis is her lips and eyebrow.  So I thought she could take advantage of my discount and use it on something really good, a brand that is focused only on brows.  This kit was quite expensive actually, well everything in sephora is I think haha.  I'm used to E.L.F prices which is dirt cheap.  I don't know if it just me but everytime I go into sephora and want to look around, i never end up buying anything since there is so many products in there. Hopefully its not just me Hehe.


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