Friday, July 30, 2010

ELF beauty encyclopedia Face Edition Swatch and Review

Everytime i go on ELF cosmetics and found something thats new, I litterally start freaking out. Then when i'm calm I look at it again. If it still freaks me out, then i buy it. So this is basically what happened with this beauty encyclopedia.
Again, if you don't feel like reading, video--> enough said. All of the beauty encyclopedias are $5 each from ELF's regular line. If your

Inside on the left hand side is printed how-to instructions on application of blush, bronzer, highlights and concealer.

Comes with plastic cover thingy to protect products! Good thinking Elf.

(if you want close up pic, check out my youtube video; link up top)
Top row: Shimmer creams

In flash

In daylight

-very creamy; good texture
-has different color but shows up with only slight difference on skin

2nd row: concealer
In flash

In daylight -very creamy and pigmented
-easy to blend
-two of them from the right stain after wiping off hand; use with caution

Bottom: blush and bronzer

-very pigmented
-not packed enough; a little bit powdery

Compared to the studio blush and bronzer, the blush from studio is more of a coral color while the blush from the encyclopedia is a warmer pink. The bronzer from the encyclopedia is sightly darker and more pigmented then studio (a little to the sheer side).

The face brush that comes with it, well its really...crappy. Its all messed up, scratchy, and just plain wrong ToT. I just use it now to get rid of dust off my netbook and my table HAHA.

Looks more like a broom...geez. Its can't even be considered as a makeup brush.

For 5 bucks, you really can't go wrong. This product is decent, but the brush and powders needs a little bit of work.

-Price: A+
-packaging: B
-Product: B-
-Overall rating: B-
-Buy again?: No

ELF Studo Minty Lip Gloss Swatches and Review

When everyone said they tasted minty, they weren't kidding. If you use Colgate classic toothpaste, you will know what i'm talking about when i said they taste like toothpaste. Thinking that they would be minty like ELF plumping lip glaze (i like that minty & the texture), I decided to buy all of them. Here's close up pictures and swatches of all 9 of the glosses.

If you don't feel like reading, check out my video instead:

ELF company claims "The sheer glossy color conditions lips with a minty fresh taste. Can be worn alone or layered with other lip products. Give your lips a beautiful sheen and freshen your breath for instant gratification."

-yes it is minty fresh tasting
-yes it can be worn alone/ layered
-freshen breath...ehhh. iunno about that. Maybe eat some gum or, iunno BRUSH YOUR TEETH XD.

Minty lip gloss goes for $3 from the studio line but you can find 50% off from

Here's the close up of each gloss.

Seattle-clear with chunky sliver shimmer

Nashville- Brown nude color with fine gold shimmer

Miami- peachy pink with fine gold shimmer

Los Angeles- Dark baby pink with gold shimmer

Boston- Cranberry purple color with chunky gold and blue shimmer

New York City- Dark hot pink with chunky purple and gold shimmer

Chicago- Brownish Bronze color with chunky blue and gold shimmer

Houston- Grape purple with chunky blue and purple shimmer

San Diego- Vibrant orange color with chunky gold shimmer; most pigmented

Pros about these glosses:
-not sticky
-good variety of colors
-some of the really shimmery ones remind me of MAC dazzleglass
Cons:-lighter colors such as Nashville and Miami are just clear when applied onto lips
-when closed tightly, some of the lids dont' match up with the tube
-few of lids actually come this

-Price: A+ ($3 or $1.50 with coupon)
-Packageing: C+
-Product quality: B
-Overal rating: B
-Buy again? :No

ELF Nail polish remover pads review

I have heard a lot about these pads on youtube and decided to try them out. When I first got it, like everyone else, I thought it was all dried out. But when I actually used it, it took off my nail polish like a dreammmm~~ One pack comes with 18 pads (one pad is enough for both your'll see) *sorry about the lightening, the sticker says "New Improved forumla*
Thinking that this would be just another stinky nail polish that would taste/smell like death (like Sally Hansen ones..those Liquid ones omg >_<), this totally took me by surprise. IT SMELLS AWESOME!! "Fresh citrus scent" to be exact. O-M-G I couldn't stop smelling these darn things. It doesn't even have the smallest hint of alcholic nastyness. Thumbs up for that =D

As you can see, there are only 4 ingredients, compared to Sally Hansen nail polish remover that has 30+ ingredients. And it smells REALLY REALLY joke. The product/packaging was a lot less smaller then I expected when I first got it. Compared to a Mac blush, it is a little bit smaller (around 0.5 cm in radius smaller). Pads itself are litterally paper thin. When you first feel the pads, they feel like they're dry but they're really not. Start rubbing it againsted your nails and surprisingly, oils take away the polish like melting butter. I'm not quite sure what the pads are; they are kinda something like really thin felt.

How they work... Here is a nasty 5 days old manicure that is starting to chip...please ignore the uglyness. *Btw...if you're wondering about the color, its 1 coat of OPI 3 Plums I win from Vegas collection with 1 coat of ELF nail polish in Mod Mauve*.

Before... Definition of swipe: a "wipe" from bottom to top and not rubbing it back and forth

One swipe...

Two swipes...
Three swipes...
Five swipes... (keep in mind i'm not rubbing my nails and i'm using only light pressure)

One bad thing about these pads is it makes your polish turn to liquid kinda thing, and the liquid stuff goes under your nails and stays there.
-Price: A+++ (just like every other thing from ELF; only $1)
-Packaging: A (nice hard plastic)
-Overall rating: A (bad thing is I LOVE this product but i'm going to have to buy a lot more if i use nail polish on a daily basis)
-Buy again?: YESS!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ELF beauty encyclopedia Lip Edition

Check out my video from youtube if your too lazy to read XD.
Finally recieved my ELF package from the 60% off sale, but the stupid mail man LEFT IT ON THE FRONT DOOR. Geez, just ring the damn doorbell and give it to me. What if someone jacked my stuff yo? Argh...or like leave it in the mail box where there is a box slot thing. Whatever...lazy butt.
Anyways, to more happy news! Here it goooooesss ^^.

So the product itself has a smell to it, but it is bearable. It reminds me of the same smell from Veet waxing strips...werid.

The Front of the little book. For those of you who have the 88 pallette, this pallette is about a inch smaller both length and width. So don't expect this to be uber big like me XD.

When you open the flap, there are instructions on how to apply lip products. The packaging itself is made mostly of hard cardboard with black foam so it is lightweight and good for traveling or just leaving it in your purse.

Comes with a plastic sheet to shield the product.

The pallette itself contains 12 lip color shades, 2 lip glosses, 1 lip liner and 1 lip defining brush.
When I first saw this pallete online, I thought the lip colors would be just waxy and not pigmented but BOY WAS I PLEASNTLY SURPRISED! It is soooooo creamy and pigmented. The colors would suit everyone with colors such as a nude to a royal red.
Heres some swatches:

First row from the top

Middle Row. The color on the left is the best nude color ever!! it doesn't blank out your lips to make you look like a porn star, but it nudes out your lip with a hint oh your natural color peeking through. Its the same color as the popular mineral lipstick natural nymph but with the texture of a lip gloss .The second color from the left is a really nice deep royal red for that Hollywood glamour look.

Bottom Row
Glosses swatches: the top one has a light pink frosty finish and bottom one is just a sheer pink color

The mini lip liner that comes with it is the same ones from the regular line (Feather Proof- Moisturizing Lip Liner in Mauve Luxe)
Liner swatch: Nice dark pink color with hints of shimmer but it is somewhat not soft enough; you need to press a little bit harder then normal Mini lip brush that comes with the pallette is almost the same size as the liner, just a little bit smaller. It is really soft and fluffy but i never actually used it on my lips so i can't really review this. If you don't use it on your lips, it would be also a nice eye brush.
Conclusion:-Price: $5 normally; got it for $2 A++ (good bang for your bucks)
-Packaging quality: B+
-Product Quality: A (very creamy and pigmented; liner can be better though)
-Overall rating: A
-Buy again? : yess


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