Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unboxing of Snow fairy gift set

Comes all wrapped up on pink gift wrap, a nice pink ribbon and a cute bell.
It contains 100 mL Snow fairy shower gel, a star pf angel's delight soap and a shimmy shimmy shimmy glitter bar. YEA RECYCLE GUYS!Getting stripped and being a naked cardboard box.Packaging peanuts! lots of them too~~Every gift set you buy from Lush, you'd always get a coupon of either 25% off or 15% off. One use only~ online and in storesMini version of a newspaper to explain all lush products.

Snow Fairy shower gel: If you know what Lush regular line's Godmother soap, then this is basically the same thing but in liquid form. It smells somewhat like rock star soap, but less sickeningly sweet bubblegum scent and more of a bearable candy scent.

Angel's Delight Soap (the star): This one smells somewhat sickeningly sweet too, but it also smells somewhat like artificial fruity candies. I store all my Lush products in my drawer and this mixed with So white (apple scent) is heavenly!

Shimmy shimmy shimmy glitter bar: Shaped just like their body tints, shimmy shimmy shimmy is just a glitter bar which has lots of blue, yellow, green, etc. shimmer which is somewhat chunky but bearable. *note mine came really weird, it was all choppy and stuff. I hope not all of them are like that!*

Winners Canada Steals =D (no not litterally, but you know what I mean)

The one and only Winners Canada is my favorite store by far! I almost never go to the mall to shop anymore. If i need something, first store I think is WINNERS! They sell everything from designer perfumes (price ranging from $30-$50 at most), jewelery, make up, nail polishes, skincare stuff, hair stuff, hair gadgets, lingerie, suitcases, handbags, clothes, dresses, you name it XD. Its basically one giant department store with major major deals so everyone can look "fabulous for less."

So what have I found this time that is super duper awesome? SHOES OF COURSE XD. Not just any type of shoes, girl's second best friend HEELS!!
Rihana and many other stars have been seen with a pair of Velvet Angels, which totally makes me even more curious about this brand. I can see why Rihana would like these types of shoes though.
These shoes are from Velvet Angels and are called "La Balajo" which retails for $295. Smacking $295?!?! How much did i get them for?

Link to these pair shoes:
Your eyes aren't lying. $36!! It was on clearance and I grabbed the last pair of size 7 >=0. How lucky am i! That's a $259 difference and they are super comfortable even though they are 5 inches. If you close enough, you can see on the heel area, there is a sewn in bullet! I didn't notice that until I went home haha. Wow built in padding in the front and back? This shoe is so thought out! The design is trippy too.

And the platform isn't your standard chunk, its a architectural chunk! that is super comfortable too haha.

Winners you are just feeding my shoe addtiction. Now that I am less of a make up freak, I'm getting myself into trouble with awesome prices to buy clothes and shoes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Third Lush Haul

Yey another lush haul, I can't get enough of their discounted Christmas stuff. Its good for me because I'm just starting to get into lush and I wanna try as much things for as low price as possible XD. I got some great deals, who doesn't like deals right?Unboxing with me eh? =D This time I got bigger and badder gift sets >=). Aww I don't get to try out Christmas Eve bubble bar, this sucks! But lush really do have good customer service. They refunded my money, gave me another free bubble bar instead and I get free express shipping the next time I buy something online (only if i do it by phone though). What good considerate people Lush staff are. =)
My free gift: Amandopondo bubble bar ($6.95)
It consists of rose absolute and lemon oil. I usually don't like the smell of just straight rose absolute, but this one smells the most normal to me. I don't know if you have noticed, but most Lush scents take a bit of time to used to or you'd just think it smells disgusting. I haven't used this one so I will review later on.My haul unboxed. I would consider this quite a big haul. All of this stuff costed around $76 with shipping, so like $96. That's not bad considering how many products I got =D.
So white Bath bomb
Everyone on youtube said this smelled like fresh apples so I went and got three. I have to somewhat agree that it smells like apples, but not really totally just sliced fresh apples. It smells a little more artificial then fresh, but I still like how it smells.
Cinders bath bomb
This is one of the few products people stock up on. When I say stock up, I mean they buy 10-20 at a time. THATS NUTS!! I wouldn't really do that since I'm not a huge fan of taking a bath (sitting in a tube of water just doesn't appeal to me, especially when i have a small tub where I can't fit in it fully). It smells just like Christmas. Its very spicy, like cinnamon, kind of pine tree ish. I actually quite like this smell surprisingly.Better look at the pop rocks on top. They are suppose to be somewhat crackling in the bath tub to act like the fireplace, but I didn't hear anything. Either I'm deaf or it just doesn't work.
Lil'L Lush Pud
This one was inspired by English pudding or something but iunno about this scent. I don't hate it but I don't like it. Sorry but this smell is really hard to describe. I can just tell you it doesn't smell anything like pudidng to me.Half of the bath bomb is white and half is brown as you can see.Candy Cane bubble bar
People say this is the same thing as the regular creamy candy bubble bar but I would have no clue because I never used that one before. Everyone says this smells like rock star or something, but I really really really don't like rock star so I was quite nervous to get this one in the mail. It smells nothing like that sweet, washroom smell that you'd find in the public washrooms (as i stated before when i first smelled rock star). It smells 100% just like Snow fairy which smells the same as Godmother (which i like =). I haven't used this one yet, but just touching it with my bare hands it already feels super creamy. Excited for this one.
Winter Bath
I can tell you right away I don't like this bath bomb. The smell just is disgusting to me. Its suppose to be ginger and some other soothing smells, but to me it smells like raw grass and a mild case of dirty gym socks combined into one plastic container and then you take a whiff of it. Ugh....

Snowcakes Soap
I did have a piece of this soap before, but I didn't know and got another piece. The first one i got was in the Secret Santa gift set. I REALLY did not like the scent of the one that came with the gift set, but maybe because it was old or something. I don't know, but this piece smells way more pleasant and just like marzipan (basically its almond oil).

Iced Wine
Yes I know, curiosity kills. Well i guess I got killed here haha. I got an Iced wine shower jelly because i was curious to see how a shower jelly works. Lil did I know it was long long expired and the color is obviously darker then the regular ones. I was expecting it to smell like wine, but it just smells like a grapefruit fruit cocktail. It lathers really well in the hair and body though =D.

Once a Year massage bar
Lush describes this as a alcohol drinks scent, and I have to agree on that. Its just a mild scent of alcohol which is actually nice! (I don't drink btw) I haven't used it yet, but it is so cute to look at. I mean com eon, who doesn't like a good moustache.

Close up, you can see there are glitters! Pretty~~

Gingerbread House Bubble bar
Yes I got sucked in with the cuteness of the design OK? I was really expecting a traditional cinnamon and ginger gingerbread house smell, but this was totally different then my expectations. It smells really bad guys, I can't really explain it. It just doesn't agree with my nose, trust me on that.

Well that was it for the overview of my haul. Expect reviews of these new products I got =). Gift sets will be their own separate posts because I want to guide you through the full experience. Stay toned~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coastal Scents Combined Haul

It has been about three years since I started to play/ wear make up and I have hear about coastal scents through YouTube (obviously ==) where pursebuzz, who was one of the first guru i followed, introduced this website where they sell fabulous, good quality make up for a decent price. I already have 88 pallettes (color and warm; bought on ebay--> cheaper =P) but i wanted to try their brushes too. I have a bunch of Crown brushes, but it is hard for non-make up artists to get them. They do have a website, but it doesn't work. Anyways, let's get with the haul shall we? Came in the mail in this brown paper bag with bubble wrap built in it. Hehe I'm not showing you where i live =P. The brushes I ordered were wrapped in pink tissue paper and came with these instructions!
Unwrapped, it comes in a mesh bag and two business cards.
This is the Tapered Duo fiber blush brush priced at $6.95 USD. I wanted to get this brush because I thought it looked like the MAC's limited edition 181 brush, but boy was I wrong! The picture on the site makes this brush look like its so lush with the white bristles. The real deal with this one is basically just like the regular blush brush and they stuck a few white bristles and call it a "duo fibre". Omg, this brush is destined to fail. Mine came with a giant spilt in the middle that won't go away even if i deep clean it. This brush is somewhat decent for things like my ELF studio cream blushes, which are kinda hard to blend if you just use your fingers. But seriously, i will never get this brush. DO NOT GET THIS BRUSH!! Chisel Shader brush- this one was one i was looking for in the Sigma brush sets but I don't wanna shell out $100+ just for a few brushes right? So i was quite happy to see Coastal Scents has one for $3.95 USD, good price good price. I really do like this brush for shading and smoking out eyeliner and bottom lashes.It has black hairs, which are very stubby and dense. The bristles are soft enough that it won't poke your eyeballs one. I like this brush so thumbs up!
Precision Detail brush $3.95- This one is essentially the same thing as a MAC 219 (aka. the pencil brush). Just like its name, you can use it in your crease to make a very detailed and sharp V in the corner of your eye or to smoke out some eyeshadow on the bottom/ lash line. I want to say I like this brush, but I'm on the fence about it. I did own the MAC 219 but later returned it because the bristles are super scratchy. Same goes for this brush, the goat hair bristles are super scratchy and you can see its already fraying. Neutral thumb for this brush.
My second haul came at the same time as my instyle issue magazine! Yey =D

Main reason for the second haul was my brush guards were kind of breaking and i needed to replace them. On the coastal scents websites, this retails for $4.95 a pack. Same thing as the one before, my order came in a mesh bag.
I got one of their newer addition to their brush collection: Pro blending fluff brush $4.95 USD
I absolutely loveeeee this brush. No joke, this brush is an all over eyeshadow brush, a defining brush and a blending brush all in one. Side view: as you can see it is a tapered brush and its skinny if you use it on its side. You can get into your crease and define.Front view: Use the belly of the brush for an all over sweep of color.
Bird's eye view
I have been eyeing this brush for a long time, but it wasn't worth it if your going to just buy one thing from coastal scents and have to pay the shipping for it right? This is the Bionic wide buffer brush for $14.95 USD. Not a bad price for a brush that is AWESOME! My foundation sometimes make my dry patches appear, but with this brush it makes my powder foundation look flawless. (Btw, i only wear powder foundation unless its a special occasion. In that case I think wear a bit of liquid.)
It is super duper dense, synthetic bristles and the handle is a shiny black mental.
It looks like its fraying in the picture, but rest assure that its just because I took it out of the plastic wrap, and i think its just static.Synthetic domed mini kabuki for $5.95
What can i say? I like synthetic brushes most the time for my face because its less likely to scratch my face. This one is no exception, super dense and super soft. This brush is basically like a finger brush that is tapered all around. Measurements are 2 in. length and 3/4 in diameter.

Comparing with my palm. Average girl hand size haha, just if your wondering xD

So overall Coastal scents haul was good. Shipping was quite cheap to my surprise, only about $2.95 I believe which is the cheapest shipping around! Some of the products sometimes are a hit and miss. Just be careful with what you pick guys! Have fun shopping =)


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