Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another collective beauty haul...yet again

Somebody help me.  This is seriously getting out of control.  My name is Christina and I have a shopping addiction.  I think I like it too much and the satisfaction of getting a deal is going through my head.  I mean my TJX membership card can prove it since my membership is valid until frinkin 2016!! HAHA omg Yes I do have a problem.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mac and I'occitane en provence haul

Back in the end of January, I saw a post on smartcanucks.com (a website where they post really good deals and freebies for Canadians) had a freebie for a free l'occitance hand cream and if they reached 60,000 likes on their facebook page, they would upgrade the 10 mL to a full size 30 mL tube.  Thats an awesome deal and this is the second time that I know of that they had this freebie.  You didn't have to buy anything but there was a 15% off coupon.
When I went, I didn't really want anything since I knew everything was quite expensive, although I did buy their night shea butter face cream last year with the 15% off coupon.  I did really like the face cream but spring and summer was just around the corner so I really didn't need something so hydrating and oily.

Everyone had a choice of three scents: Peony hand cream, shea butter hand cream or lavender hand cream.  I choose Peony since it is one of my favorite flowers since the first bouquet of flowers that I ever got was from my boyfriend and they were the stand out in the bouquet hehe. I find that this peony version compared to the original shea butter one is a lot more thin and not as hydrating but still does the job.  I have to wash my hands more then 20 times in the eight hours I am at work so I have stupidly dried up


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