Friday, September 28, 2012

Bluenotes t shirt and sweater haul

I absolutely love the store Bluenotes. I believe this is a Canada only store but its way better than forever 21 I think since the prices are student friendly and they accept SPC card (Student price card which gives you exclusive discounts).  I recently was in Metrotown mall and the Bluenotes was moved next to Winners temporally since they are having a new location elsewhere, so they were having a $3 t-shirt sale which was AWEEESOME.  I found a few t-shirts I really liked and thought were cute, and its $3!! Hello?!? My boyfriend picked out the rubrics cube t-shirt for me, which I wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t for him since the material kind of sucks but for $3, why not.  I also got a few for him but it’s at his place so I can’t exactly show you and I’m pretty sure it’s lost somewhere in his crazy messy room. My most favorite t shirt out of the three is the pluto one.  Its too cute :).  The really werid thing Is that their sizes are really messed up.  I’m a small girl, 5’3, 90 pounds so I was quite surprised when I could fit the large. All the t-shirts came to $2.70 each after my SPC 10% off discount. 
I was looking around in the guy section too since I really like to shop for my boyfriend. I found these super comfy pull over sweaters, super plain and super duper FLUFFY! Omg I was sooo fluffy and I was so pleased with the price since it was only $15! It’s from a brand called Toyko laundry, which reminds me a lot of Superdry clothing. I researched this brand a little but there isn’t much information. I did come across the actual site that sells the mensware line and its actually somewhat of an upscale brand so I’m really surprised that bluenotes Is carrying these products for a really affordable price. Good job Bluenotes :). My boyfriend didn’t want the sweaters since he’s always wearing suits to go to work and basically never have any downtime, so I bought it for myself HAHA. I’ve been going back to school for the past three monthes now and in the morning at 6:30 pm, I really don’t feel like dressing up. I need something easy and warm since Vancouver weather is bipolar. One second it’s super cool, next second it’s bloody hot. Make up your mind weather!!! This is perfect for Vancouver weather since its warm enough for me, but thin enough so that I wouldn’t be dance like a crazy chicken in the afternoon.

Have you went to a Bluenotes? They are really known for their graphic tees, which I really like but I only buy the licenced t shirts since they tend to be better quality.

Which one was your favorite t shirt?

ELF studio baked eyeshadow swatches and review

 ELF's description of the product :
"The silky and blendable formula of our Baked Eyeshadow provides smooth and even application with each sweep of color. Baked in an oven, these eyeshadows offer rich pigmentation for a beautiful effect. Infused with active key ingredients Jojoba, Rose, Sunflower, Apricot and Grape to nourish and hydrate the skin. The long-lasting and shimmering color can be worn wet for a vibrant effect or dry for sheer pigmentation, offering a variety of gorgeous eye looks!"
 Product packaging :
Compared to the other two baked product recently came out with their studio line, the baked eye shadow packing didn’t impress me at all. These come with a clear bubble top that snaps shut when close. The bottom is a really cheap black plastic that holds the dome shaped eye shadow. I mean you honestly can’t really complain, but I mean compared to a lot of their other product packaging, this one might be the worst in their studio line. And the fact that they still have the really tiny ass round sliver stickers on the back with ant like lettering, they need to fix it. Please elf, I love you but you gonna improve this packaging.\

Color Pigmentation/ Payoff :
Currently the baked eye shadow comes in 6 shades. I have only 5 out of the six since the gray shade doesn’t excite me and I rarely use slivers for my daily looks anyways. The five shades I have is:
*Note: swatches have three swatches; first from the left one dry, second one on primer, third one foiled/ applied wet*
 Enchanted (golden tangerine color with golden sheen); I know it looks like orgasm from Nars but it’s just the camera fooling you guys
 Pixie (baby pink color with a light pink sheen)
 Toasted (warm coffee brown with golden sheen)
 Burnt plum (jewel tone plum purple with sliver sheen); this color is very much like the regular single eyeshadow from the studio line “Raspberry truffle”
Bark (chocolate brown with golden sheen)

All of these do have a natural sheen to them, which I would describe them as a satin finish. Its actually really nice, and all of their baked product has this type of sheen. It gives the face a really nice natural glow. All of these are quite pigmented by themselves, but they do work better with a primer. I don’t really like to use them wet, but you could. Just some advice if you do want to use it wet, pat and don’t drag.

Texture :
Think…a smooth rock in an eye shadow form LOL. Fail description. But it’s the exact same texture as a MAC mineralized product. I do like that it does have somewhat of a silky texture to it but it isn’t hard to pick up product. I’d give this product a pass :).

Smell :
This is an unscented product :D. Yey!

Lasting power:
This has a pretty good staying power for about 4-5 hours before it faints if used by itself, but if you use a primer with this then it will last longer. I’d say for in day at school, so about 6-8 hours before it faints.

Price :
These go for $3 each but you can always get these for $1.50 when they have their studio line 50% coupons which you can find if you go to Google and type in “elf coupon code” or use the website that I always use, retailmenot :D. Also, don’t forget to sign up for ebates since you get 4% off every time you shop there and the site to join is completely free…so why not?

So which ones are your favorite colors?
Are you going to try these out?
Have you seen these around?

Giorgio Armani Fall 2012 makeup recreation

When I saw this on the style website, the website that I go to to see what is the upcoming runway collections and I completely fell in love with this look.  Its subtle and neutral but the pop of surprise is so interesting to me.  I love how it reminds me of a cheetah print, but a deconstructed way. The nude peach color on the inner crease, slightly smoked out cut crease and the pop of white on the whole crease.  :)
I was really hitting myself for not writing the designer runway look so I was trying to find it for half an hour just now :/.  I kept thinking that it was from a recent collection from D&G but I was looking through just the fall 2012. This look was actually pretty easy; you just have to take your time to have a clean look, especially when working with black. I know I haven’t done a look for a while but I usually don’t unless I’m inspired to do so.  This look is easily my top five look.

Primer: ELF eyelid primer $1
Color base: Mixture of Coral 002 + Yellow 013 + White 010= light peach nude color from Make up forever flash palette $99
Inner nude color: 2nd row on left side, 4th color from the bottom of ELF 144 ultimate eye shadow palette  $15
Thin cut crease: 1st row on left side, last color from bottom left; ELF 144 ultimate eye shadow palette $15
 “C crease” & bottom lash line: Carbon Black MAC $18
White V  & waterline: Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Pearl $18 (I really don’t recommend this product :/, review soon hopefully)
Mascara: One by one Maybelline $7 ish (depending on where you get it)
 Lash curler: Daiso sliver lash curler $2

Hope you guys like my recreation, I had a lot of fun doing this look and I would actually wear this out. :)


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