Thursday, June 13, 2013

Michael Todd Skincare Haul

 I couldn't resist! The power of social media has got me once again.  Its not necessarily a bad thing but it is kind of when I'm trying to save money LOL. Meh.  Only live once.  Don't want to be pulling out the YOLO but sadly I just did.  Hearing so much about Michael tood, I finally broke down to buy some for myself to try.  Mainly because gossmakeuparitst said the eye-o-sonic was amazing.  I pretty much take his word for 100% :).
I might have bought the wrong skincare regimen but thats okay.  Actually its not okay because I'm breaking out now T_T.  I have normal to dry combination skin and I was stupid enough not being able to see the normal combination skin discovery kit which is a five piece 1 oz. sample size skincare kit for $36 as of right now.  I don't know the original price but thats the "sale" price.  I have heard others have been able to get it for only $19 :(.  Maybe I will wait for the sale to happen before I try it again.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Temptu Consumer Airbrush system update

As you might know, I found the temptu airbrush system at Metrotown in Burnaby last week from two posts ago but I was still uncertain if I wanted to keep it or not since I didn't even have any pods to work with.  So I told myself, when I went to another Winners close to my house, I find pods, then I would keep it.  Well guess what? It turned out even better then what I expected.
My luck was with me that day.  I went with my mom on a Thursday I believe? I brought the other one I bought in Metro with the mind site of "if I don't find any pods, then I'm just going to return the whole system." I rushed into the beauty section straight away, looking all around the make up section but I couldn't find any! I was quite sad because I really wanted to use airbrushing and see what the difference is and what all the rave is about.

I don't know why, but is always when I finally give up that I find what I wanted in the first place.  I gave up after looking three times in the same section, but then the clearance section was a completely different story.  I don't know why I didn't think of looking there, but a white box caught my eyes.  it was in the back of everything with the security spider locking up the box.  It was....THE TEMPTU AIRBRUSH SYSTEM! This one is the regular one, black compresser and I wanted this on instead because I was scared that the other one had something missing in it and I like it all black anyways.  So I returned the other one, picked this one up and kept looking in the clearance section. Both were stil the same price. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vero Moda top from winners

My closet is lacking in dressy tops.  I've been kind of on a hunt for more dressy clothes since I have a billion and one t shirts.  I need help! There are so many t shirts that my drawers doesn't even want to close!  So when i was just strolling around Winners like any other day that i'm there, a super cute floral top caught my eye.
The cool thing about winners is that they limited edition things, things from past seasons but they also carry current products.  I just checked Vero Moda website and this is from their current summer line.  I absoultely love the print.  The cool colors mixed with the warm pink is perfect.  This print also comes in a maxi dress, blouse, romper and many others. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Haul at Daiso

Many many times I would go into stores like Winners and Daiso not expecting to buy anything and just going there for a stroll, and then end up buying a bag full of stuff.  Don't pretend you don't do that haha.  I like many people step into target for groceries and end up buying tons of stuff they don't need.
I believe that we have the biggest daiso outside of Asia which is located in Richmond, British Columbia in Canada.  Vancouver if  you will.  Two stores high, ridiculously big too.  Tons and tons of stuff, even stuff you don't need but wilil still put into your basket because, heck.... its only $2 anyways!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Temptu airbrush system for only $74.99? Whaaat

Back when sephora still carried Temptu products, that was one of the many things people lusted over.  I never really thought of buying it since it was a super expensive gadget.  So I was in quite a shock when I saw that Winners were selling Temptu pods.  I was quite confused at first because I saw a set for their self tanning and little individual pods for $9.99.

In the back of my head I was wondering why would they sell the pods but not the actual system itself. So to my surprise today when I was in winners, just when I was about to leave the store something caught my eye.  It was this.
I was quite shocked at first.  When I looked closer, it had Temptu's logo on it.  I was certain of what was inside but there was a security belt all around it.  Another thing that shocked me was that there was a red tag!


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