Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Newest product from ELF

As you all know, I love elf cosmetics over anything.  Not all their products are pigmented but I'd say 80% of there stuff is fantastic for the price you pay which is dirt cheap!  I'm always on the website and recently, they have been added more and more new products :D.
I always just go on their website and click on the "new" section. Always get super excited when there is something brand spanking new!  As you can see, there are a lot of geometric palettes and new baked products~~.  I NEED IT (No I don't but i just want it haha.)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New additions to Skin79 BB cream family

I literally just saw this and I'm freaking out!  I don't believe I have admitted my love for Skin79's hot pink bb cream.  That bb cream is my fail safe, holy grail "foundation".  I don't really have many skin problems, just mild redness around the nose and cheeks and I absolutely hate wearing foundation because whenever I try, the liquid foundation shows my dry patches which you can't see normally.  It's a pain to find a foundation.

The two new additions is the Skin79 Green bb cream and Skin79 Purple bb cream.  Straight forward enough haha.  What are the differences you ask?  I can't read Korean but this is what I read.
-SPF 30 PA+++
-comparable to the Orange one
-Suitable for oily skin

 -SPF 40 PA+++
-more moisturizing compared to hot pink and vip gold (seriously? I'm going to have to get my hands on this!)
-suitable for dry skin (THAT'S ME :D)

If you are considering on which one is better suited for your skin type, here's a little brief overview for their BB creams from this line.

Hot pink
-super moisturizing, even for my dry patchy skin
-can use fingers to blend in; blends in like butter
-coverage is light-medium; buildable
-dewy finish

VIP Gold
Pretty much the same thing as hot pink

-higher coverage then Hot pink
-suitable for oily skin, not dry skin
-higher SPF

They have also added CC cream into their family of cosmetics and skincare.  I really want to try this but I am looking at all the other korean CC cream and see which one I should buy. CC cream is different from BB cream for a quick fix for present problems while as BB cream is more for preventing.

Thee step process to reduce your pore size and to remove blackheads.  I found that the only way for me to get rid of blackheads is to use that little metal stick tool and squeeze them out.  My skin is so stubborn T_______T.

Anyways are you excited for the BB creams?  I know I am!  Ebay still doesn't have the purple one.  HURRY UP KOREANS!  I NEED IT.  I have no Korean friends and am not going to South Korea anytime soon so ebay is my only option.


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