Friday, May 30, 2014

New memebox's and a few updates

Just today, memebox released two new memeboxes!  The aloe vera superbox and a skin care memebox.  By the way, the coupon codes also are valid if you guys would like to use it.

 The two newest released superboxes are the aloe one as I mentioned and burst of color 2.  I'm super interested in the burst of color box but I know for a fact I really don't need more make up but more skin care products keke. 
More info on their new superbox #30.  Link can be found here.  

Link provide automatically gives you $3 off from your shopping cart. Expires June 29, 2014.

I really want this box, but i know I really don't need more makeup but I need more skincare variety haha.

Link can be found here.  This also gives you $3 off :), until June 29, 2014.
The latest news from the regular memebox section:

Memebox global #11 has been restocked and will ship 2-3 business days after ordering.  Link can be found here.

The new skin care box is $29.  I actually thought it would be in the superbox category haha.  Surprising that it isn't. Link can also be found here.

The milk + whole grain boxes are now offered in a bundle with free express shipping upgrade.
Link can be found here.

Last but not least, they are also offering the free express shipping upgrade for hair and body 2 + office essentials.  These two boxes sound great, but the milk one and oriental medicine caught my eye first ;).  
Link can be found here.


Don't forget to save yourself some money too! Here are some coupon codes;

FREESHIPPING: code for free shipping on orders $70+ in memeshop

Exclusively for my readers, if you send and tell theMMnoob sent you, you will be credited 5 memepoints ($5)!

"Hi there, I was sent by MMnoob on regards of being credited 5 memepoints.  My memebox username is______(insert email that you signed up with)________." (You can copy and paste that :D, made it easy for you guys.  

Make sure you have signed up already on and provided your email that you signed up with in the blank or else they can't credit you your $5. 

Also there is another $3 off exclusively for my readers and subscribers too, use the code KEW87B.  This can be used on the memeboxes or their memeshop!  One time use only, expires at the end of June 201.

memebundle3: $5 off when you buy three of any kind of memebox

Hope this helps! ;) good luck not getting addicted like me hehe

P.S. If you need better memebox clarification, click here.

Drugstore (mostly) lippie & other randoms haul

I don't know what has gotten into me, but I am in currently obsessed with lip products, well other then memebox that's for sure haha!  I bought one of the l'oreal lip caresse and was obsessed!  It is true that they aren't the best with staying on your lips, but I love how it makes my lips look juicy and plump without looking like I drooled all over my lips.

Unboxing: Memebox Makeup edition reveal

 This is my second memebox now and I was just excited as the first one.  I am still currently waiting for six more and am considering if I should get the snail second edition superbox or the honey superbox or just wait until memebox comes out with new boxes.  But they are so tempting!  I just can't help my hoarder self!

Right when i got the e-mail saying my make up edition box was shipped, I stalked the tracking number until it said "Incheon" which to me means it has already left Korea and count another 7 days or so.  My package was shipped May 24 and arrived at my house today at 11:00 pm, May 29.  That is only 5 days! That's crazy~ I love you memebox.

If you want to check out my first memebox, click here. (lucky box #4).

I know you want to see what is in this make up edition box, go ahead, click read more. I dare you kekeke.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memebox spoilers

If you haven't noticed, I'm currently super obsessed with memebox!  I offically gave up on ipsy and am only buying one more bag before I'm cancelling for good.  I'm not saying that ipsy isn't good, they are a good service if you want mainly make up, but the pass few bags really didn't impress me.  On top of that, Canadians has to pay an extra $5 shipping so the total is $15 plus currency exchange.  So I'd rather buy a little bit more, with the flexibility of me choosing which one I want and get a lot more for my pretty pennies :).

As I mentioned up above, memebox isn't really a subscription service.  You just have to sign up with your email to get notifications but you getting any of the boxes are up to you.  You have to be warned though, they are highly addictive as all the memeboxes I have seen have all impressed me to the point where I am like....
LOL yea... exactly how I feel every time I see a new memebox.

I go on the site literally every day just to check out what they have and I recently followed them on instagram and facebook.  They show spoilers on their facebook! keke

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Korean cosmetic haul 2014

 Have you ever had that sudden urge to buy make up? Or is it just me? Okay it maybe just me haha.  I have been super bored with western cosmetics.  It seems as though all the products from different companies are all the same but with different packaging. The reason why I like Korean cosmetics better is that it is cheaper, more effective, and the packaging is just so darn cute!  Here is my 2014 Korean cosmetics haul that will last me forever!

Memebox the breakdown + coupons~

 I have only recently found out about memebox but I am already obsessed like how I was obsessed with elf cosmetics for quite a few years.  I remember when I was still in high school, I watched my first Korean drama called "My girl" with lee jun ki as the supporting character.  I think I actually fell in love with him LOL as childish as that sounded and wanted to learn Korean, the culture, the language, everything you could think of about Korea.  At that time I started to play around with make up but only in my bedroom and never left the house with any until I was in grade 10.

Just recently I have started watching running man when I watched all my regular youtubers newest videos and dove head first with "get it beauty" beauty show that teaches women great beauty, skincare and hair care tips.  There are many unique tips that I enjoy and many interesting Korean products that they have shown.  I bought the Tony moly aqua aura sleeping pack because they showed it on one of the episodes and i was sold haha.  No will power as you can tell :D. 

Interesting fact that I didn't know until I got the box, the memebox is actually created by the production team of the actual show from get it beauty! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox Lucky box #4 reveal

 I can't express how excited I am to get my first memebox.  It caught my attention when I was looking at Korean cosmetic and skincare products to buy and I came across a few videos on Youtube.  Every video I watched, they all loved it and the price was reasonable.  

What is memebox:
-South Korean based
-boxes range of $15, $23, $30-$50
-no subscription pre-paid based, just email subscription to keep up to date to new boxes
-all korea's most popular products
-4-8 full to deluxe sample sized product, sometimes even more then that
-never a dull moment! :D so cheesy 

The one main thing that I like about memebox is, it isn't really a subscription service, more like a shopping site where you can pick and choose what you want and won't be charged monthly. They come with 4-8 (sometimes even more products) full size or deluxe sized items.  They also have boxes called the superboxes which come with 4-8 full size products. You can choose from memebox's different boxes such as global box $23 , mini box $15 (shipping included), lucky box $23, superbox $39.99-$49.99 and some other specialty boxes.  You still need to pay shipping since it does ship from South Korea, but if you buy multiple boxes at once, you only have to pay for shipping once.

 So you wouldn't have to spend $15 every single month like Ipsy (price is for Canadians). YEY :D

Shipping wise, they have awesome and fast shipping. Shipping fee is $7.99 and it comes from South Korea. My package was shipped on April 30, they sent me a tracking number the next day by email and my package arrived today at 10:30 am, May 7.  That was only 7-8 day shipping. That is crazy fast! 


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