Friday, January 17, 2014

L'occitane haul

Since I have been cutting down on buying any cosmetics, I started getting obsessed with body care stuff.  I was never one to remember to moisturize my body or ever really cared enough to do something, but now I have to shift my focus on something.  I don't normally shop at L'occitane since it is really expensive.  Getting three times are already $100!  That's dropping a lot of cash for a few products.

I do like the fact that they are all organic and made actually from France.  I don't like companies claiming to be made somewhere, but in realty it is made in China or Asia.  And you are paying premium price too! *Coach cough cough*.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Body shop deals guide

Ever since I bought a few body butters from the body shop, I have been obsessed! Their scents are really nice, their prices are fair and they give back to the communities where they get their resources from which makes my heart feel warm and fluttery. 

I would never get anything full price if I don't have to and the best thing about the body shop is? There is always always always a deal and a coupon to use.  If you get their membership card, which i do recommend, you can get it for $10 which you get back on your birthday ($10 towards any purchase on your birthday month), and you collect points for every $25 you spend. 

Membership benefits:
-$10 for the card itself
-$10 reward on your birthday month
-10% off all purchases online and in stores
-exclusive discounts and sneak peeks
-points for every $25 spent (remember max 2 points per transaction...even if you spent $100, you still only get 2 points)
-every 4 points = $15 reward towards your next purchase
-8 points, card renews itself for the next year
There is an awesome deal right now where you get double points.  This means you can spend half the amount to get those rewards and even renew your card! Whooo hoo~

*BTW the picture isn't for this event, the event is only in physical stores and only until Jan. 18, 2014*

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Collective Body shop haul

All of a sudden, it hit me.  I fell in love again. And I fell in love with the one I didn't like at first.  Who is it you ask? The body shop.  Ever since I was a kid, I always thought the body shop had very unnatural scents which intoxicated the store.  I mean if you can smell it meters away from the store, it can't be natural right?  Sadly I have been blinded by love because I love the body shop now!
 The body shop is like drugs!  I used to really like Lush but I always found their prices were very expensive.  I was brainwashed to thing that I was paying for the quality and the fact it is all handmade.  The downside to that is there is a fast expiration date which I didn't like that much.  I still love Honey I washed the kids, but I don't think I would be paying $15 for a block of soap no more.  Hopefully in the future, they will come out with a perfume of that scent.  I would be all over that :).

I never really paid any attention to my body but since I am slowly shifting away from cosmetic products for my face, I am beginning to find that I love body products.  And where can I shop that is decently afforable and fun? THE BODY SHOP :D.  I have been eyeing the peach body butter for the longest time.  I'd say about a year and a half? It was limited edition but they came back as a permanent product which I am so happy they did.

Things I am throwing out Vol. 1

I will be starting to take pictures of things I am throwing out into the garbage.  This is sort of a reminder to myself not to keep buying cosmetics and products in general. I think this would be also a good thing for those of you out there as a warning not to get these products and make the same mistake as me ;).  Saving the world, one citizen at a time.

1)  ELF waterproof eyeliners
-ridiculously dry
-takes actual force to be able to show up on the back of my hand, let alone on my eyes! My eyes are delicate yo~
-tried the lighter technique, nothing works
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, it is absolutely terrible. 
$3 each, I am throwing away four so I'm throwing away $12 and shipping fee.

2) ELF essential brightening eye liner
-not too bad of a product but smudges
-no lasting power
-color pay off is so so

$1 each, throwing away two so I'm throwing away $2

3) ELF essential simmer eyeliner
-quite creamy
-color pay off is nice but smudges easily
-no lasting power
-could be a good eyeshadow base

$1 each, throwing out one so I'm throwing away $1

4) Prestige waterproof eyeliner in Star (white shade)
-too hard to work on the waterline
-has a nice staying power on the lids but wanted it for my waterline

$7 each X 1= $7

In total, I wasted $22.  
Sadly I actually threw a lot more products before I thought to myself "Hey, maybe I should take a picture of the products I am throwing away." But that was already way too late.   This is a reminder to all, do not get these products because they will most likely go straight into your garbage can too.

Hope this is helpful, enjoy~

December Ipsy bag 2013

Wow the year is alreayd over and I have been absolutely being lazy with blog post.  It is January 4th alreayd and I got my ipsy bag on December 12.  Please don't hurt me :(.  I promise I will at least post the ipsy bags on time T_T.
 This is my fourth bag I have recieved from them and I can say very confidently that this bag is the nicest one out of all of the ones they have came out with.  Normally their bags are very cheaply made but this one is thick, nice, high quality. :)  This month's bag is celebration.  Honestly at first, I wasn't impressed with the bag and the products.  I was thinking the products would be more festive, a fun colored bag and maybe some glitter for make up.  Sadly it was very boring, gloomy shades.

Sephora $20 off $50 haul

Last month in December, Sephora had their second sale which was $20 off $50 and I couldn't skip it! I was already in an coma from the first sale which was 20% off everything for VIB only and I spent some pretty pennies in that sale. 
 There was still a few products I wanted to try so I just bit the bullet and went ahead and purchased the Naked 3.  Luckly during the time I was ordering the Naked 3 palette which came out Dec. 15, they also had the Urban decay limited edition Black Market eyeliner set which went on sale for $28 (original price $45) which was an absolute steal!


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