Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ELF Feather-proof Lip Liner Review

Okay I have to tell you from the get go that I'm not a big lip person. But when I got these when I got the Elf master 180+ piece set, I was quite excited to try these out. I'm pretty sure many of you guys out there are curious if these work or not, so here we go!These lip liner come in a very traditional wooden pencils with a pearl white finishing and says e.l.f feather-proof lip liner and the name of the color. All of them came with a pencil sharpener and obviously a clear lid. Yes I like to state the obvious.
Each pencil end shows which lip liner is which color.
These are very simple and straight forward pencils. They aren't the softest, but the color payoff is quite decent. My favorite is spice, which is the same color of my natural lip color and a great color for the fall.
-price: A ($1 each)
-packaging: C+
-product quality: C
-Overall quality: C
-Buy again? No

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