Friday, November 25, 2011

Coastal scents online nightmare

Wow, i just finally got out of the coastal scents site. I've been getting ahead with the black friday sales. Coastal scents right now is having a 50% off everything on everything on their site. I have never, ever been this frustrated with buying something online. Can you imagine going on a site and everytime you click, its like "site is not working"! F*** SOO ANNOYING! It took me 1 and a half hour to buy 12 hot pots. ARGH! Anyways, if you guys are interested, go check it out but be warned! P.S. If you have been wondering where I have been lately, not uploading on this site, i've actually been working hard earning points at Luuux to get free stuff. Duh XD. I've been trying to get the mulberry alexa bag but it seems its going to take 2 years at this rate :(. Otherwise I will be back soon here after i get super frustrated from that site LOL.


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one having this issue. I have not been able to purchase anything because the site is SO frustrating. I have been trying for over an hour. They need to fix this!

  2. Same here,i got in this morning made my order and at checkout after putting all my credit card info it froze,now what? been trying since 8:00am this morning with no luck...this needs to be fixed.A.S.A.P.



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