Friday, September 28, 2012

Bluenotes t shirt and sweater haul

I absolutely love the store Bluenotes. I believe this is a Canada only store but its way better than forever 21 I think since the prices are student friendly and they accept SPC card (Student price card which gives you exclusive discounts).  I recently was in Metrotown mall and the Bluenotes was moved next to Winners temporally since they are having a new location elsewhere, so they were having a $3 t-shirt sale which was AWEEESOME.  I found a few t-shirts I really liked and thought were cute, and its $3!! Hello?!? My boyfriend picked out the rubrics cube t-shirt for me, which I wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t for him since the material kind of sucks but for $3, why not.  I also got a few for him but it’s at his place so I can’t exactly show you and I’m pretty sure it’s lost somewhere in his crazy messy room. My most favorite t shirt out of the three is the pluto one.  Its too cute :).  The really werid thing Is that their sizes are really messed up.  I’m a small girl, 5’3, 90 pounds so I was quite surprised when I could fit the large. All the t-shirts came to $2.70 each after my SPC 10% off discount. 
I was looking around in the guy section too since I really like to shop for my boyfriend. I found these super comfy pull over sweaters, super plain and super duper FLUFFY! Omg I was sooo fluffy and I was so pleased with the price since it was only $15! It’s from a brand called Toyko laundry, which reminds me a lot of Superdry clothing. I researched this brand a little but there isn’t much information. I did come across the actual site that sells the mensware line and its actually somewhat of an upscale brand so I’m really surprised that bluenotes Is carrying these products for a really affordable price. Good job Bluenotes :). My boyfriend didn’t want the sweaters since he’s always wearing suits to go to work and basically never have any downtime, so I bought it for myself HAHA. I’ve been going back to school for the past three monthes now and in the morning at 6:30 pm, I really don’t feel like dressing up. I need something easy and warm since Vancouver weather is bipolar. One second it’s super cool, next second it’s bloody hot. Make up your mind weather!!! This is perfect for Vancouver weather since its warm enough for me, but thin enough so that I wouldn’t be dance like a crazy chicken in the afternoon.

Have you went to a Bluenotes? They are really known for their graphic tees, which I really like but I only buy the licenced t shirts since they tend to be better quality.

Which one was your favorite t shirt?

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