Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Clearly contacts first free pair

I have been itching to get a new pair of glasses since its been three years since I last purchased my dior ones that I have been wearing everyday.  To be honesty I never really liked the style, but my mom insisted on buying them for me so i couldn't exactly refuse. 
Clearly contacts giving a "free" pair of glasses has been going on for a while, so I gave in and gave it a shot.  First off, "free" really never is a thing in this greedy world so it was natural for anyone to second guess that there would be some hidden fees.  I was right.
First free pair...hidden fees?
So the first thing you might be wondering, how can they even afford to give out free? The answer is, these glasses aren't good quality. They are basically like forever 21 glasses but slightly better material but still made in China so it is massed produced.  The promo first free only works if you are a new customer.  If you have already bought things from this company, they will not let you get anything for free which kinda sucks.  So this promo is just to suck new customers in and get them to buy things from their site.
As for "hidden fees". if you need prescription for these, you would have to pay about $30 or more and other adjustments you need and then also pay for shipping.  I didn't want to risk anything so I just did everything at zero and if I really liked the frames, I would just go to my regular go-to glasses shop that I have been going to for years.  I trust them more then i trust myself when it comes prescription for my glasses. 
The shipping from this company was ridiculously fast.  But then again the company is based in the same town that I live it, Vancouver.  It took only two days after I had placed my order for it to arrive in my mail box.  I also really like the fact that they gave out tracking numbers so you would know exactly where the package is.  I am not the only one that has said their shipping speed was super fast, many others from commoners has said the same thing.  My shipping rate was $17 and same change.  I'm not sure if the shipping is a flat rate for everyone but I believe so?
 Mail Packaging
The package was actually quite small, about 19 cm X 11 cm X 8 cm.  I was expecting the box to be biggger but meh.  Haha its just a box.  A lot of things you see online looks a lot bigger then it really is.  I've been tricked! HAHA  Anyways....sorry i get sidetracked.  So the mailing box is a primary blue with their logo slapped right on there and their website.

Inside is the pair of glasses inside their company glasses case, a little package that contains a mini screwdriver, glasses cleaning solution, and a glasses wipey thingy that I never remember what it is called.  Micro.....something LOL. 
 Glasses model
The pair I got from their "first free pair" for new customers is from their exclusive brand Derek Cardigan.  These are #7010 in the color Brown Tortoiseshell and retail price on their site is $99 (just for the frames). I got these ones because I saw Gregory gorgeous rock a pair that was a similar style but I had no way to find out the exact brand and model, so when i saw these, I was quite thrilled. 
I do like the chic design on these with the division sige, multiplication sign and equal sign.  I also like the contrast of haif hardware and half acetate.  It reminds me of what my parents used to wear back in the day but that is the style nowadays and I quite like it :). I like the frames themselves, but it doesn't really suit my face.  I already have quite prominent eyebrows and these just make it look like I have a unibrow. Sadly i won't be rocking these, maybe just for fun but I already have another pair in mind. 
 Side view
 View from the back
View of the math signs :)

Derek himself said he designed the glasses this way because when designing these glasses, he had the "nerdy look" in mind.  Nerdy= math= math signs HAHA. 

Not exactly the best picture of me, and I usually don't show my face on this blog but for the sake of showing you guys what it looks like on, here you go.

As for the company's website, I'm not quite fond of them because they have very limited selection.  Most of their styles are quite repeatative.  They don't have brands like chanel, burberry, dior and all that good stuff.  Plus their price point is around $100 (which is the price of these frames) to $300+ but I would rather just physically go to a optical store, try some on and remember the model number and find them on ebay or online.  I feel like I have been ripped off all this time since I have been paying around $300-$500 for designer franes but they are also sold online for less then half the price, authentic too.  So I am just going to go that route instead.

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