Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little haul

I have been eyeing this collection for so long and it was finally OUT!!! LILYLAND =D

IMG_9942 by you.

Mini haul from MAC and Victoria Secret (Mac lilyland Face Powder, MAC 219 brush, Beauty Rush cream eyeshadow).

IMG_9943 by you.

Around $32 bucks, this baby is well worth it. Brown is for bronzer, pink is for blush, yellow part is for highlighter and the orange is something random?

IMG_9944 by you.

A close look, I sorta used it before I took this picture so thats why it kinda looks a little dusty with loose powder.
IMG_9946 by you.
Here are some swatches (from left to right: orange, yellow, pink, brown)

IMG_9954 by you.

MAC 219 brush (aka. pencil brush)

IMG_9955 by you.

Up Close.
IMG_9959 by you.
Bird's Eye View of 219 brush.

IMG_9961 by you.
Beauty Rush Cream Eyeshadow...the name is sorta unknown =/
IMG_9965 by you.
The tip
IMG_9964 by you.
A swatch of it.
And thats the end of it =D. Anyways Yeah i'll be also posting up my swatches for leishi pigments.

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