Sunday, October 3, 2010

ELF master set haul

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, just really busy with life. Culinary school and regular school and air cadets are all stressing me out. I haven't even touched my make up since September, so that's maybe why you haven't seen me posting anything lately.

Yey after long long nights and days, my package came! Well to my friends house cuz my parents don't want me to buy more make up. But NEVER I SAY!! XD Anyways back to business. Here's the whole haul that I...well haha JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD XD. I don't wanna explain myself. Oh look, pretty pink tissue paper. I never had that with my other elf purchases.

Inside the treasure chest is the box full of MAKE UP =DIt might not look like theres a lot in this picture, but trust me, theres a lot.Tada!! All of the make up all layed out. If you want the full list, you can visit

Click on the link above and click "CLICK FOR DETAILS" on the website and it will show you the list of all the products that come in this kit.Comes with all the ELF elements individual pots, and i'm LOVING all of them. Review later on everything i got! Just give me a change to actually use it first k? Whoo!! liquid eyeliners that I got really excited for. Only ash was all messed up and all clumpy, but other then that I love them! Just not the brush it comes with, I use my Quo angled eyeliner brush to apply. Dayum thats a lot of lip products eh?

Now that was a lot of make up, i know but i really do like elf cosmetics. This set goes for $150 for more then 180 pieces of product, but if you catch it on sale it is well worth your money. Reviews will all come later, but for now you guys can stare at all that eye candy.

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