Monday, November 1, 2010

ELF Limited Edition Dramatic False Eye Lashes

You know your fearless when you can wear these on the streets. Yes this are totally intense, but no I'm not going to wear these on the streets. I bought these for fun only, and a few pictures of course! I have always admire those cool and funky lashes but I never wanted to shell out $20 for a pair. So when elf announce these awesome lashes for $3, I knew I had to jump on the chance. So here we have some close up pictures.

Just to tell you guys, these are limited edition so if you want to get them you should hurry before them are gone!

The view of the back...lots of words and I don't really wanna read it. Yes i'm lazy.... Pretty picture of the eye though! The werid thing that suprises me is that the box says its from the sugarkiss line that was disconintued last year, but i never saw these before. I know they're new, but why sugarkiss line?Dramatic length false eyelashes- Purple If you look at them in person, when the light hits the lashes. the reflect kind of a metalic sheen which is quite interesting.
Dramatic length false eyelashes Neon Pink
Dramatic Full False Eyelashes black/ brown
Dramatic Full False Eyelashes Teal Blue
So overall these are quite fun to play with, but they aren't the best quality.

-price: B ($3 each)
-packaging: B
-product quality: B-
-Overall quality: B
-Buy again? No because I rarely will wear these on the street anyways..

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