Saturday, November 6, 2010

Midnight Ocean Look Tutorial

So I want to show you guys that you don't have to use expensive products to achieve the look you want. I was inspired with the "Teal Dream" palette of the ELF brightening eye quads which are only a buck. Here's what it looks like... This quad reminded me a lot of the sea, so thats my inspiration. Basically this is how I work, I look at some colors and BAM, instant inspiration. XD
First step is to use a eyeshadow primer or base. Here i'm using ELF mineral eyeshadow primer which is very comparable to Urban Decay primer potion or Too face shadow insurance. And no the primer on my eyes right now isn't blended. To enhance the colors of the eye shadows, I'm using the light blue in my Make up forever flash palette ($100 retail price) and the white in the inner corners of my eyes.
Take a dense eyeshadow brush (like ELF eyeshadow brush $1) and dip it into the light golden color in Teal dream. Place the light golden color where the light naturally hits on your eyelids, so basically right in the middle and just pat the color on. If you want, you can spray a little bit of water onto your brush to maximize the color depth.
Take the blue color and place it right on your natural eye crease. To do so, look at your mirror at a 45 degree angle so your eye socket will show better. Then just do your thing!
Use a blending brush (I used Elf's blending brush $1) and take the second darkest purple from the quad "Sliver Lining" ($1). Tilt your head yet again and make the sideways V in the corner with the dark purple.
It should look something like this.Take the brown color from "Hazy Hazel" and blend out the purple so its not too harsh.
Now go back to that green from "Teal dream" and use the same blending brush.
Place the green in the corner and brush it a little bit so that it peeks out from the corner, but doesn't cover the golden color. Take back that Studio concealer brush and use the leftover cream eyeshadow and place it on your bottom lash.
For your bottom lash, take that green from Teal dream and dark purple from Silver lining and smudge it on your bottom lash.
Line your eyes and put on some false lashes if you want! And voila~~ the finished look =). Hope you guys like it.
Here's a picture of everything I used. BTW the lashes are from Daiso (Japanese $2 store; very high quality for the price though).

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