Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Lush Haul

Okay I have been seeing a lot of videos from gurus on Youtube such as whatstyleisnickel or makeupbytiffanyd and such, and they always rave about products from Lush. I must say that I remember when I was a kid and I passed Lush store, I had to cover my nose because it smelled really bad to me. But when you get pass the really weird smelling store, their products are really nice!I really wanted to go to a Lush store, but I really didn't have time to go all the way to downtown so I just bought some online and have em sent to my house. Yes I know, judge me and say I'm sooooo lazy. The dumb thing was the night I went on Lush was the last night where they were having the buy one get one sale and I missed it the day after because i was "thinking" about it. Ugh so mad. Anyways I bought stuff from Lush this time because my skin was acting up and I needed something super moisturized and Lush Baby face came to mind.

When I was going through Youtube videos about Lush, i came across Lush's channel which I was quite surprised they even had one and when i watched one of the videos showing us how to make their Sexy Peel soap, they actually go to the market and buy fresh ingredients for their products. Little did I know that they are based exactly where I live here in Vancouver and the market they buy stuff from is in Granville Island. So i am pleased to say I will support Lush more now because I respect their company philosophy and their way to contribute to the world and local town by using local fresh ingredients.

Comes super packed with their lush times newspapers and it comes with the newspaper itself right on top of everything for more coverage.
Lush times is so fun to read. They show basically all their products that they sell and it only comes out 4 times a year for every season.Look it all that Lush!! Ohhh la la, eye candy :). My products!! It came to a total of $56 CAD + $6 CAD shipping= $70
I bought Honey I washed the kid soap ($7.95 CAD/ 100 g), Comforter Bubble bar ($8.95 CAD/ 200 g), Each Peach (and two's a pair) ($9.95 CAD/ 65 g), Dark angel cleanser ($10.95/ 100 g) and Bon Bon Lip scrub Christmas Limited Edition ($8.95 CAD/ 25 g).Lush smells so good my dog here, Bobo, couldn't resist! She kept smelling and smelling and smelling.........Still smelling! The comforter bubble bar, people RAVE about this and its the top selling bubble bar from Lush. So I took a shot and bought this to try out but when I took a sniff, I didn't really like the smell. It had this really kind of washroom cleaning product stink with other stuff mixed into it but I haven't really used this so i can't review it. I'm sure it might smell differently when I actually use it in the bath.But hey, its HUGE!! It's almost as big as my whole face! I also bought Dark Angel facial cleanser because people on YouTube was seriously in love with this product. I'm going to have to try it out for a longer period of time for me to actually review this. It has a really kind of minty smell which is quite strong, so if you don't like herbally smells then you won't like this. Others get the Dark Angel in those nice black jugs but I don't know why I got it in a plastic container =(. Kinda bummed about that but its not that big of a deal. The baby face cleanser is used just straight on you face even if you have make up on. So what you do is you melt this on your face, spread it and then take a cotton whatever to wipe off the make up. No whatever is required. People that review this product don't like it, but I'm pretty sure that they aren't using it right. Its best if people use this at night because its so oily. It makes my skin really soft and moisturized when I wake up in the morning and it totally saved my skin from the harsh winter weather we're getting here.
OK so I have quite full lips but the problem with them is that it is always chapped with dry bits and I don't like the look when I put on lipstick, so this product is perfect for that job! It smells just like lemon sorbet just like how they describe with a hint of cranberry. When I used this, I'm so tempted to eat it because it just smells so good and its nice and sweet. I hope this is safe to eat because I have ate a little bit by mistake.I do really like the fact that the staff that makes these products have their own stickers which is very "Lush" and makes me feel very personalized. Yey for Lush!This is what it looks like up close. As you can see it has a creamy, yellow color to it and it smells very strongly of light lemons. Lush used icing sugar and sugar as the natural exfoliator and that makes it soo yummy and sweet, I can't help myself! The lip scrub itself is decent, but it is a tad but too dry and it just falls off my lips before I can even use it. It does the job quite well but I wish it was a little but more moist.
And DRUMMM ROOOLL PLZ....DAN DAN!! Honey I washed the kids! I mean come on, its Lush most famous soap, how can I not try it and see what the hype is all about right? So people say that this smells just like toffee and honey, but to me and my nose I smell orange, milk, hint of honey and maybe just a little bit of toffee. At first when I smelled it straight from the bar, I was like UGH what is this smell? It smells so....yucky. Lush products to me really needs time to sink me for me to love it but when I took a shower with this baby, it smelled better!! I think the hot seam helped XD and the fact that I was really creamy to rub on my body and it was kind of bubbly. It made my skin squeaky clean, and i do mean squeaky clean like you can DJ with your body squeaky. It was aweeeesome.
Last but not least, "each peach & two is a pair" massage bar. This is meant for being like rubbing Shea butter on your body and making all moisturized. I think of it as body cream xD times two because it is sooooo moisturizing. The scent of this bar is verrryyy orangey and everything citrus! I could not stop smelling myself when I want to bed because I smelled soo nice and my skin feels soo nice. Definitely 4 star product.
So this is my first full experience with Lush. Their shipping was good, good and affordable shipping price of a flat $6 for 2-14 days or $8 for 2-8 days. Its best to put the six bucks one because its no difference, my package came within approximately 4-5 days. Overall the quality of Lush is very good and it feels so luxurious to me to pamper myself with nice bath products. Its pure happiness.

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