Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unboxing of Lush Christmas Washes

Sorry for posting this so late. I know its way way way past Lush Christmas, but I thought I'd still upload this so you guys can use it as a reference for the next Lush christmas ^^. Christmas Washes is one of Lush's christmas gift and it was about $29.95 CAD when I got it. Normally it is double that price. What is inside. Hehe PACKING PEANUTES!!
Comes with a coupon of 25% off if you buy three skincare products. Yesss, I have two of these now >=). So it comes with a NEW! solid shampoo (which smells like ass, I'm sorry. But it really really does), a Sugar sugar scrub, Buffy body butter, mandarin's tea party soap, sexy peel soap,Gloog Shower gel and The olive branch shower gel.
Reviews will come later on when I actually use it. =) Stay tuned~

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