Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unboxing of Snow fairy gift set

Comes all wrapped up on pink gift wrap, a nice pink ribbon and a cute bell.
It contains 100 mL Snow fairy shower gel, a star pf angel's delight soap and a shimmy shimmy shimmy glitter bar. YEA RECYCLE GUYS!Getting stripped and being a naked cardboard box.Packaging peanuts! lots of them too~~Every gift set you buy from Lush, you'd always get a coupon of either 25% off or 15% off. One use only~ online and in storesMini version of a newspaper to explain all lush products.

Snow Fairy shower gel: If you know what Lush regular line's Godmother soap, then this is basically the same thing but in liquid form. It smells somewhat like rock star soap, but less sickeningly sweet bubblegum scent and more of a bearable candy scent.

Angel's Delight Soap (the star): This one smells somewhat sickeningly sweet too, but it also smells somewhat like artificial fruity candies. I store all my Lush products in my drawer and this mixed with So white (apple scent) is heavenly!

Shimmy shimmy shimmy glitter bar: Shaped just like their body tints, shimmy shimmy shimmy is just a glitter bar which has lots of blue, yellow, green, etc. shimmer which is somewhat chunky but bearable. *note mine came really weird, it was all choppy and stuff. I hope not all of them are like that!*

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