Thursday, December 15, 2011

ELF studio single eyeshadow

Raspberry truffle-Dark chocolately raspberry color with a rusty iridescent

Sea Blue- dark primary blue with blue iridescentTotally teal- teal color with sliver and teal iridescentSunset-burnt peachy gold color with gold and peachy sheen

Elf's description

"The beautiful soft texture melts into the skin for a vibrant color that lasts. Convenient and easy to apply, just layer the color to achieve the desired intensity. Apply wet or dry for a fabulous look that never creases or fades. "


I personally don't own any NARS eye shadows because, well their frinkin expensive! And i'd have to really fall in love with one product to buy something that's $25+ for an eyeshadow. It has the same black sleek packaging, but one advantage to elf's take on their Nars knock off packaging is that it has a little peek whole to let you see what color it is in the pan. It also has a really tiny mirror inside which i find super pointless but good to have :). I love that it snaps really secure so if you put it in your make up bag, it would open up and make your bag all dirty :3.
Color pigmentation/ payoffWhen i first opened my three newest single eyeshadow (Totally teal, sea blue and sunset), i was stunned! I was drooling over the gorgeous colors, but when we go to swatch i was quite disappointed. I was hoping the colors would be silky, but it is quite chalky. As you can see in the pictures above, when applied dry its terrible. Applying it with a primer is the best and applying it wet is a little bit of a hassle if your trying to do a big area. Most of them have a slight sheen and iridescent which makes them super pretty :D.


  1. You could always use a cream eyeshadow as a base. I usually use the elf 1 dollar cream shadows and they work very nicely :)

    1. Thats what i usually do :D. I use the Make up forever flash palette. It makes anything look beautiful!

  2. wow- the new colors look so pretty.. I have most of the studio shadows & i have to say that theyre great! not as soft as it could be but still pretty great! I love PEBBLE & OATMEAL. & coffee bean. Thanks for so many great singles.

    1. I still haven't tried the other colors, but i don't think i wll since they are really neutral colors and i have a ton of eyeshadow >_<.



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