Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ELF cosmetics collection over the years O_O

This actually took a long time to get all my elf stuff out of my vanity and put it nicely to take a picture. The worse part of it was to put everything back LOL. The purpose of this was for people to request reviews. I don't know where to start anymore, theres so much stuff >_<. Second reason was to see how much damage i have done over the years buying make up XD. Anyways, leave comments down below to request reviews and i will be happy to do them for you :D.


  1. OWOWOW! im so incredibly jealous! i am such an ELF Fan myself & i luv to see someone else just as obsessed as I am- i should def pull out all my elf stuff & try to get a picture too, just to see how much i love it all. I am so glad to have found ur blog, its really amazing!! i love it, keep up the good work. Im def a loyal fan from here on out!! Its awesome!

    1. Aww thank you XD. But since i started luuuxing, i'm usualy on that site more often but I'm trying to update more on this site again LOL.



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