Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Joe fresh steal of a deal!

 Two weeks ago, I was killing time. I'm actually kinda greatful for the times I have to kill because I almost have no time to myself since i went back to school and have to work on the weekends. No time to sleep, no down town. So i really cherish when I can just lay back and relax. Anyways I just stopped by my local superstore since i needed to get some toothpaste and body spray from dove that I like since it smells exactly like the dove body wash. I absolutely love the smell of clean clothes, the soap smell. Ughh Am I the only one?

 Anyways, i was just strolling around and I went to the big Joe fresh clothing section in the middle of the supermarket. I do like their clothes and they have a good price point but I usually just go to the clearance rack. The werid thing is that their clearance stuff was spread out, so i had to look carefully. I'm a petit girl, so finding things in my size is usually a miracle. I wear a size XS or S so when i found the boa snake print blouse that has been in the joe fresh advertisements, the exact one I like for only $6.94, I just couldn't pass it! It's original price is $29! I mean the price for $29 was decent, espically compared to something you could and would find in Zara for four times the price. But it was $7! And my size? Damn! So getting it :D. They actually have two new colors for this fall season which is a jewel tone blue and a gray but i think i'll stick to the yellow one since it reminds me of a boa and its a fun color to pair with other pieces.

 Another top I got was a blood orange colored nautical sweater with cute little button detailing on the shoulder area. I know i know, this looks super boring but once you try it on, its super cute! Its not slim fitting, but the slight boxyness of the sweater works! This is definitely not something I would wear in the summer time, this would be great for the fall time. I mean you could wear it at the beach or something, but i hate the heat so me wearing this would be so painful for me. I live in Vancouver and its usually somewhat warm, raining and the occasional hail storm LOL but its all good because I love that kind of weather! This sweater I got for less then $5!! Well $4.94 to be exact. Omggggawww~

The last two pieces I actually went down the the downtown store for Joe fresh which i believe is the only store in Canada right now that is an actual store store for Joe fresh clothing. I was hoping that I would get great deals like the ones I found in superstore, but everything there was all expensive....It was almost a little more then forever 21 which is somewhat ridiculous. The clearance rack wasn't that great either, but I did find two turtlenecks that are the athletic stretchy materal with an invisible zipper in the back of the neck. I like this materal because it hugs the body really nicely and i grow up thinking that black turtlenecks with a pearl necklace is super sexy! Whoo :D. These would be great for the winter time when I wanna work out or just wear them as fashion staples. Each of these were only $6.94! Steal of a deal! :D

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