Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ELF 50% off everything haul

Exactly two weeks ago, elf had their 50% off everything sale. They usually would have a 60% off sale but I guess that they didn't want to do this this year. They are still haven't their 8th birthday which they are holding deals almost every three days to every week so just check them out to see if the deal is good enough for you and make a purchase! I was like an eagle on the inter-web, checking their website everyday to see when they were holding the best sale and when they finally had a 50% off EVERYTHING sale, I knew that this would be the second best to the 60% off. Overall I got 29 items for $35 (included shipping) which I think is an absolutely great deal! Shipping to Canada is not the flat rate of $6.95 if you use paypal and is $18, so that stops me from buying often.

Things I got this time around:
-shimmering facial whip in spotlight
-all over color stick in spotlight (the actual product isn't the color stick but a cover stick even though its packaged in the color stick packaging; confused? me too LOL)
-FREEBIE hypershine lipgloss in flirt
-super glossy lip shine spf 15 in pink kiss
-lip stain in berry blush
-eyelid primer in champange
-zit zapping concealer in corrective green
-liquid eyeliner in black and plum
-waterproof eyeliner pen in coffee and black
-studio small stippling brush
-studio angled blush brush
-studio mineral powder brush
-studio mascara & shadow shield
-studio flawless concealer brush
-essential eyelash & brow wand
-mineral eyeshadow primer in sheer and blush
-mineral foundation in light
-mineral eyeshadow in enchanting
-studio baked eyeshadow in bark, enchanted, burnt plum
-studio kohl eyeliner
-studio under eye concealer & highlight
-studio HD powder in corrective yellow
-studio tone correcting powder in warm

I don't know if you can see but the essential liquid eyeliner that I got in black a plum, the black ones have that fine brush but the plum one has the hard sponge tip. That doesn't make any sense to me since I don't even like the sponge tip and I know that others would choose the brush tip over the sponge any day since the brush is so much more easier to use and much more precise! The sponge tip just hurts to use and end up using my own brush anyways.

Overall, I really excited to use all of these and I espically excited to try out the studio kohl eyeliner. I haven't heard any reviews about it so that will be coming up soon. I really wanna use the HD powder in corrective yellow since it would be great for me! I am really into highlighting my skin nowadays so this would be nice :). I finally got almost all of the studio baked eyeshadows (excpeted for the grey color) and that will be coming out with a review on my page too :D. The most amazing thing about this haul is that i got the essentail products for 50 cents! That is crazy to me! But i didn't get as much as a should since I don't use as much make up as before since I'm too tired in the morning and Im a chef, so me looking like a zombie in the kitchen won't affect anyone's eyesight LOL.

Hope you enjoy my big haul :). I absoultely love elf and their products and I just get so excited to see the little white box in my mail box. Reviews will be coming up shortly, but there might be a delay since I'm back to school already.  

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