Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Latest elf haul featuring New HD blush and baked eyeshadow palette

When I’m bored, i just go on random site to check out their products.  I remembered that elf had these sneak peek pictures just to tease us.  I couldn't wait until they came out, but I was thinking I should just wait until Black Friday to make a big haul.  But in the end, i couldn't wait! I just broke down and bought them! But main reason why i didn't want to get small hauls was because of Canadian shipping.  They make us pay them $18 shipping! Its ridiculous but i didn't know that if the order was less than $20, it would just be the flat $6.95, whooo thank god. I got myself all five of the studio HD blushes, studio baked eye shadow palette, studio full coverage concealer and a repurchase of studio cream eyeliner in black.
Like always, I always go on YouTube and check out if there are videos on the products and read tons of reviews. This just makes me more impatient but I already know from a few peoples impressions on these, the bottle is small and sometimes when you squirt the first few pumps, it comes out with tons of oil. 3 out of 5 of them didn't do that but that’s not a big problem. The colors are (from left to right) Diva, Headliner, superstar, encore and showstopper. These colors right now are out of stock but just wait if you really want to buy these. Reviews and swatches will come up soon :). Each of these are surprisingly only $3! People are comparing these to the Make up forever HD blushes for $25! What a difference in price eh?
I got their baked eye shadows from the studio line not too long ago but when i saw that they had a whole palette just for these, i almost died! These come in two colors: California and NYC.  California is the one i got above which is neutral colors and NYC has more dark colors and perfect for Smokey eyes. I wasn't really interested in the NYC one since i don't really do dark looks so i settled for just California. Almost everyone that has seen this palette compares these to the Sephora collection moonshine palettes which runs for $30! These are only $10 ($5 after my 50% coupon :).  I do have to say they are right since they are both dome shape and the shades are quite similar.

The last newest product is the maxium coverage concealer from the studio line.  These have the same packaging but these are much shorter.  My concern with these were that the product night not have been filled up to the rim of the tube like the studio tinted moisturizer but i'm happy to say that these are :).  I also was kind of effy since i didn't really like their essentials line concealer or their cream concealers but i absoultely love their under eye concealer and highlight so i hope this is a nice one.

What are you most excited to see reviews on? Have you tried these products?


  1. hi! i was thinking of getting this palette, did you like it?
    the hd blushes and this concealer are my favorite beauty products ever! amazing results and amazing price...


    1. I can't say that I completely love the palette. The colors are nice and all but for sure not something I grab on a daily basis. Its alright overall but it is a little bit on the expensive side for ELF since it is $10.

    2. I actually have a full blog review on the palette if you are interested.



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