Thursday, November 28, 2013

The body shop black Friday amazing deal!

I don't usually shop at the body shop but when I do, I only shop there when they have their 3 for $30 or even once it was 4 for $30 for just body butters and shower gels.  This time around for Black Friday, Body shop is having this offer where you can get a bundle of 9 full size (except for the moisturizer) products for $25 after you buy $30 worth of products.  And yes, you can use this deal with the 3 for $30!
 I have been eyeing their vineyard peach collection ever since it came out and I didn't know it was limited edition, so by the time I was ready to buy it....of course it was gone.  I'm happy that it is in the permanent collection now! I guess it is finally time to get it.  I also now and eyeing the honeymania collection, the body butter of course.  I smelled it in the store and I like it, it was a quite refreshing light honey scent which in the long run will not make me gag.
The $25 tote bag comes with:
-Chamomile make up eye remover 250 mL $16.00 CAD
-Cranberry shower gel 250 mL $8.00 CAD
-satsuma body polish 200 mL $20.00 CAD
-satsuma body butter 200 mL $20.00 CAD
-Vitamin E moisture cream 15 mL (sample size) $18.50 CAD 50 mL; full size $5.55 sample
-absinthe hand butter 100 mL $20.00 CAD
-coconut body oil 100 mL $14.00 CAD
-coconut soap $4.00 CAD
-bath lily  ??
-I love body shop tote ??
Total retail price: $107.55
       You pay: $25
           You save: $82.55

You really can't beat the tote.  I mean it is all full size products :).  I don't mind having bath products sitting in my drawers since it will be used up.  You can also give the tote bag products away as gifts.  Its the best of both worlds!  I believe this deal will end December 2.

The 3 for $30 will end December 1, 2013 so if you have been eyeing a lot of things like me, you better get it now!

And if you thought the deals ended there, you are wrong.  If you use, which is a website online which you sign up for free and they give you a percentage back to you if you use their links and buy things.  This is not a scam, and yes I know it sounds too good to be true but trust me, free money speaks loud to me LOL. During black Friday, they always offer double cash back so for those of you that live in USA, you get 10% back into your account and for those of you in Canada like me, you get 6% cash back.

So if you stack up all the deals:

Body shop love your body membership $10 fee 10% off anything
Ebates cash back 6% for Canadians
16% (for Canadians) or 20% (for Americans) off on top of the deals 

Who wants to pay full price eh? ;)

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