Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sephora holiday discounts!

For those of you that missed the 20% off because you weren't a VIB, don't worry! From December 4- 16, you can use the gift cards that they sent out for those that have their memberships before Nov. 2013.  

So technically, this isn't really a gift card with money value, more like a big discount.  But I mean, its $20 off $50! That never happens in places like Sephora! Only once a year :).  This is a better deal then the 20% off sale since it is 40% off one item.  Sadly it is a one time use only in stores.  I wanted to confirm it in person and i did get denied since the girl says it shows on the computer.  

BUT! I did find a loophole :P.  For those of you that got the $20 off $50 (only VIB), you get a promotion code that you can use online and I have used the code twice already and it still works.  So if you are naughty enough ;), it is more worth it to buy online. 
If you want to save more money, make sure you check out ebates! It is absolutely free to join and you get money back. Who doesn't love free money~ Well technically it isn't free, but getting back money you are already spending isn't half bad.  

How this website works is, you firstly, sign up obviously.  Then login, search to see if they have the website or store that you are shopping at and it will show up on their website like the picture above. Click on "shop now" and it will link you back to the store you are shopping at.  You have to click their link to get money back because the store you are shopping at will recognize that you were referred on ebates and then ebates can then give you the money.

On special holidays such as black Friday, cyber Monday and maybe boxing day, they have an event called double cash back.  Just a few hours ago, they had Cyber Monday 2 and their cash back percentage was 10%! I had to jump on that and stack coupons :D. I jumped ship and bought YSL products on top of the Naked 3 palette I bought a few days ago.  I'm so naughty this Christmas :/.

Happy shopping, hope the tip of helps ;).

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