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Etude house March 2015 Pink bird (feat.Color in liquid lips collection + lip care goodies)

 Long time no blog.  I know I have been away for literally a month.  I've just been tired from work, and wanted some offline time to myself and just rest and relax.  But I am back with another pink bird un-boxing for you guys featuring the color in liquid lips collection.  This box also came with corresponding lip care products that goes perfectly with the lip colors.  I saw these lip colors all over instagram, youtube and blogs with amazing swatches which definitely sparked my interest.
 If this is your first time at my blog, welcome!  Check out my other pink bird box un-boxings and product reviews I have done.  I especially love the play 101 pencils and will be doing a review on them soon. The dark brown shade have been my go to color and it seriously stays on my waterline all day! Its amazing and costs only $6. :)  Here is the link to all the other awesomeness from Etude house:

Let's get started with this month's box shall we?
 Like always, the pink bird box comes in a pastel pink box with the Etude house logo on the front.  Inside is a little pink folder which I call "the secret agent folder" that contents pretty pictures and information on the products that are sent to us for review purposes.
This month's box features "color in liquid lips" which is suppose to be the hotness trend in Asia right now.  I usually state that Asia is about two to three years ahead when it comes to innovative anything, beauty, technology, everything!  But this is the first time that roles have reversed and America had liquid lipsticks first.  We have liquid lip products such as OCC lip tars (created 4-5 years ago), Rimmel Apocalips (came out 1.5-2 years ago), Rimmel Provocolips (came out less then half a year ago), you get my point.  Only recently did Asia's biggest brands, such as Etude house and Innisfree, bring liquid lipsticks to the Asian market and it was a big hit!  Koreans loved their lip tints for a long long time, so it is a bit refreshing for them to have these hybrid lip gloss/ lip sticks to play with.

 Firstly the packaging for Korean cosmetics always surpasses any American packaging hands down. The design for these liquid lipsticks remind me of the Dior addict fluid stick.  We got to pick one out of the two designated colors (PK006 a warm toned pink or OR205 a bright mandarin orange shade) and any other color in the line which I ended up choosing BE101.

 I'm really surprised that there is so many colors to choose from, even crazy colors like PP502 which is a bright orchid purple. 20 shades to be exact! Wow.  I had to be boring and chose one lighter shade that I would use everyday to see how a lighter shade would perform.  Many times I go and buy a really pretty light pink shade hoping it would lighten my lips and give me that cute and youthful look.  NOPE, my damn super pigmented red lips makes it impossible to see that lightness of the color.  And no I'm too lazy to put concealer over my lips before hand because I think that just defeats the purpose of the lip color that is suppose to work damn it!
So many pretty colors :D.  Which one is your favorite one!  Ohhh looking at the pictures, I actually really like the last shade, PK009.  So pretty!
 Here is what the box looks like when you first get it.  It is so fulfilling when you buy something for yourself and the packaging inside out is super cute.  I mean look at the barcode.  IT'S IN THE SHAPE OF A LIP.  Yes I'm easily amused LOL.
 Here's the side with English and the list of ingredients.  If you want a better look at the full list of ingredients, here's a link to the Etude house website so you don't have to squint super hard and hurt your eyes.

 This product comes with a doe foot application but with a twist.  There is a hole in the middle to catch product and distribute product " evenly".  I personally haven't found it to be that much more different then the regular doe foot applicator, but I do like that it is a point at the tip to keep the application precise. 

The plastic case is on the bulky side, measuring at 2 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height and comes with 0.12 oz/ 3.5 g.  Smell-o-scale= 7/10 and it smells like Japanese berry fruit candies, I love love love the smell :D.  It doesn't smell artificial (but i mean it is) or chemical which is something I detest when companies can't get it right.  No we don't want to smear toxin scented products, yes to the yummy gummy fruit candy scent :). 
Here are the two colors I choose, OR205 (bright mandarin orange shade; left) and BE101 (muted rose shade; right).
These swatch very nicely, very true to "liquid lipstick claim".  You do not need a lot to get this product to show up, in fact I'm slightly afraid to wear this out since it takes a lot of confidence and a on fleek outfit to go with the brightness of the lipstick.  I would try and wear it boldly, all over my lips but I might end up just mixing it with a gloss to mute it and give me that more natural look so I don't feel self conscious.  I'm just not used to wearing a bold lip since I'm more of a lip balm and sometimes gloss kind of girl.

The formula is not super thick like OCC lip tar, but it is not as watery as a gloss.  It is right in the middle, which a cream finish.  There is absolutely no glitter, shimmer or anything shiny for those that are wondering.  If you love yourself something shiny, you can always mix in your favorite shimmer eye shadow. 
 Sometime to look out for when wearing this product, you need to make sure that your lips are nice and exfoliated as the formula will cling onto any dry patches and will turn into a hot mess in about three seconds.
Ohhh I am loving this shade and I'm glad I choose this color.  Perfect~

Fun thought:  When I swatched these lip colors on the back of my hand, I was slightly too lazy to get a tissue to wipe it off so I just started rubbing it away hoping it would just fade away.  But I found that the product didn't fully rub off.  Instead, it gave me a really pretty and natural flush to my skin.  I think I will be trying this as a blush if it doesn't work out on the lips.  The color is so natural looking that it doesn't even look like I used blush.  You could fake that "I woke up like this all youthful and flushing" look easily KEKE.  I woke up like dis, I woke up like dis... WE FLAWLESS *as Beyonce says.
 Etude house also sent us these cherry lip gel patches which essentially is a lip mask for your lips.  I have tried a gel lip patch before but because I have severely swollen nostrils from some unknown agents (I still haven't gotten a allergy test because my doctor says is not necessary), I had a hard time breathing since I normally breath through my mouth.  Am I the only mouth breather?  I might give this a shot in the future since I am on nose spray medication, but I would have to lay down while doing this mask or else it would just slip off my face and onto the ground catching dust and dirt.  Gross!

"Formulated with vitalizing cherry extract, this lip-shaped hydro gel patch hydrates, repairs, and soothes for soft, supple and smooth lips"
They also sent me a Kissful lip care lip scrub which is suppose to soften your lips while exfoliating dead skin away to prep for lip color step.  This lip scrub smells like gummy mango candy.  Etude house... do you want me to eat all your products?  I'm not sure if that is healthy HAHA, eating lipstick for breakfast, and lip scrub for dinner.  I found this lip scrub to not have enough scrub for me since I have quite a bit of dead skin on my lips, but they do easily scrub off with just water when I brush my teeth or shower. Not really a bit deal, but I will keep trying this in the future and give a more accurate review.

"This lip scrub makes lips soft and moist with its fine grains of sugar soothing away dead skin"

I wish I could read Korean to see what is in the lip scrub making it smell so good :(.

Scrub scrub scrub scrub~
 To go with the obvious lip theme, it would make sense for them to send us a lip plumper (aka. Woo baby lip plumper) :D.  I have pretty full lips already, but I don't mind trying lip plumpers to get rid of wrinkles.  I haven't tried many lip plumpers in my life except for when I eat spicy food and I can feel my lips swelling up HAHA.  Does that count?

"This is a high volume, non-sticky lip plumper that provides plump, juicy lips with tingly and cooling menthol formula."
 This lip plumper, instead of a traditional doe foot applicator, it comes with a gel flappy thing.  What am I suppose to call that LOL.  It also smells like toothpaste, which isn't my most favorite scent but I don't mind it at all.  The plumping aspect of this product isn't super strong, not burning lips off, no duck face happening.  Just a slight tingle to the lips and on a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 6 for plumping.  It barely gave me any noticeable boost to the volume of my lips and I'd use this as a lip gloss quite frankly.
See... flappy gel thing.

Yey flappy thing in motion HAHA.  Okay I'm done with flappy... FLAPPY BIRD HAHAHA. Yes it is 3:30 in the morning, I have officially lose my mind.

Everything in this month's box is fabulous as always, and no I was not paid to say anything.  Etude house is nice enough to send me these products to give you guys the latest scoop of their newest products.  I love the liquid lipsticks, but I would personally add a touch of gloss to make it extra moisturizing.  I can't read Korean sadly, but I'm thinking I'm suppose to use the lip plumper on top of the liquid lipsticks?  If anyone knows, please comment down below and tell this clueless girl.

If you are interested in any of the products, here are the links for them :D.

Check out my past pink bird box here!
March 2015 Pink bird box (feat. color in liquid lips)

Tell me what you think of the lip colors?  Which one is your favorite!  Comment down below, I want to hear from you.


  1. These look really interesting! I'm on a bit of a liquid lipstick kick at the moment and have added these on my wishlist for my next order, mainly due to some of those gorgeous colours (I especially like the look of BE102 and PP502)! x

  2. They are adorable. I'm confuse which one I will choose.



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