Friday, February 27, 2015

Etude House play 101 review and swatches

The one thing that gets me in trouble is Youtube.  Youtube always makes me want to buy things, but usually the beauty products famous youtubers show are always products from Sephora which also means tons of $$$.  Dollar bills flying hurts my soul, so when I saw these featured in Pony's Beauty Diary videos, I knew I had to have it.  These are from Etude House and they launched these a couple months back (about five months or more) and they were a definite hit.  Sadly we don't have an Etude house in North America but no worries because there is Testerkorea :D.  No I am not sponsored by them (I wouldn't mind to be though...hint hint nudge nudge).  These were also featured in a past pink bird box but sadly I was not picked to be a pink bird box back then so I just jumped the bullet and got me a ton.

I know I know, no one needs so many beauty products, especially this many liners.  But  these are different!  I SWEAR! *These are words that come from a beauty hoarder*.  You can use this all over your face, not limited to just your eyes.  You can use these as a lip color, cheek color or eye liner/ eye shadow.
I'll elaborate more!  Just click read more~
 Full name of product: 
Etude house Play 101 pencils

6,000 Won ($6 USD retail price)

Amount of product:
0.02 oz/ 0.5 g

Product description:
"This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play."

Where can you buy it:
Any Etude House (in Asia)

I personally would recommend getting these on testerkorea.  They have 30% off on the "brand sale" section, and a lot of big brands are included.  Testerkorea has the cheapest price on the internet ($4.70 USD each) and that seriously can't be beat.  I bought all these pencils and the shipping was only $4 and some change. Thumbs up for those awesome deals ;).

Shades available:
All that awesomeness!  

They have different finishes too.  Oh la la~
"- Creamy: Soft drawing texture with rich colors.
- Matte: Soft drawing but powdery finishing. Recommend to use as eyebrow, eye shadow, concealer, and base.
- Glossy: Moist texture that can simply fill up crease. Recommend to use as blusher and lips.
- Shimmering: Delicate glittering color for urbane look.
- Glitter: Glittering texture for dramatic and fancy makeup."

Creamy: 1, 11, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 24, 30, 37, 49, 50
Matte: 7, 8, 9, 10, 18, 32, 33, 34, 35, 42
Glossy: 12, 15, 21, 22, 23, 25
Glitter: 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 26, 27, 28, 31, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 46, 48
Shimmery: 6, 29, 45, 47

Eyeliner: 1~5, 27~50
Eyeshadow: All options
Makeup Base: 6~10
Highlighter: 6
Concealer: 8
Lip / Blusher: 11~26
Eyebrow: 41, 42

Packaging/ Application:
All of the pencils come in a cardboard box corresponding to the color that it is suppose to be.  Of course I wouldn't rely on the color of the cardboard to determine the color of the pencil, that is where the internet comes in :D.  Etude house never fails to impress me with their cute and pretty theme, I honestly haven't found anything I don't like from that brand. On the side of the box is the description and the ingredients in English.  There is also tons of Korean on it but I haven't learned Korean yet so it is not helpful for me haha.

This pencil has a hidden sharpener on the bottom which you just pop out and sharpen the tip to make it nice and sharp.  I personally will not be using this since it is a waste of product in my opinion, but it is a helpful thing to have :). 
I'm not sure if this is all Korean liners but all the liners I have came across that are Korean brands are all amazingly creamy, great staying power and they do not budge!  Beats any high end liner any day!  And with such a affordable price tag, why wouldn't you!

Texture of these pencils are all creamy, budge proof (except for a few, I'll get to that in a minute), and crazy pigmented.  In less then a minute, the pencils set and they do not budge.  I actually was playing with them right when I got them and decided to leave them on the back of my hand to see if they would smudge off when I went to sleep.  Yes, I slept with the colors on the back of my hand.  And to my surprise, they all stayed vibrant and did not smudge!  About 80% was still on the back of my hand, I was super impressed!!!  The only colors that completely rubbed off was the designated lip colors (number 12 and 15) since they are glossy finish.

There are no scent detected from these pencils.
Color/ Pigmentation:
From the swatches below, you can see for yourself how vibrant these really are.  I have tried many liners in my life, but Korean ones still beat high end ones for some reason.  I love all the colors I got but the ones that are the most unique and stands out the most is number 18, 33 and 37.  I haven't came across any shades like that in the market just yet.  So pretty!
#4: A pinky glittery shade with a mix of very fine golden, green, pink and purple shimmers;  Highly reflective, pure glittery shade 
(I'd use it as a hint of glitter on my tear duct, center of my lids or even over a lipstick on the center of my lips)

#6: A champagne frosty shade (I'd use it on corner of tear duct, center of lips, cheek highlighter)

#7: Completely matte yellow shade (Use: concealer, blur out color of lips, matte eye shadow)

#15: Peachy coral shade with glossy finish (Use: lip color, blush)

#12: Warm toned cherry red shade with glossy finish (Use: lip color, blush)
#16: Barbie hot pink shade with matte finish (Use: blush, lip color, maybe eye shadow base)

#20: Warm true pink shade with matte finish (Use: blush, lip color, eye shadow/ liner) 

#28: Rose pink shimmery shade, super shimmery finish (Use: Eye shadow, center of lips)

#33: Dusty rose shade with matte finish (Use: Eye shadow, lip color, blush)

#18: Pastel lavender shade with matte finish (cheek brightener, blush, maybe lip color, eye shadow)
#17: Cool toned purpley pink shade with a matte finish but also slightly glossy (Use: blush, lip color, eye shadow)

#19: True orchid shade with matte finish but also slightly glossy (Use: blush, lip color, eye shadow) 

#30: Wine burgundy shade with full matte finish (Use: lip color, liner, eye shadow shade, blush if you are a chocolate sista)

 #50: Semi sweet chocolate brown shade with matte finish (Use: eye liner! I used it on my water line and it stayed the whole 8 hours!)

 #37: Turquoise teal shade with matte finish (Use: eye shadow, eye liner, lip color if you are adventurous enough hehe)

Here are some of Pony's videos she did with InsiteTV on Youtube if you want some inspiration on how to use these pencils.  She is seriously so pretty and I love how she demonstrated how versatile these pencils can be!

-Affordable price starting at $6 USD ($4.70 USD if you sign up for an account with testerkorea)
-Plenty of shades to choose from (50 shades in permanent line, limited edition shades also comes out on holidays)
-crazy pigmented
-doesn't budge once set

-Can't test these out in a physical store since there is no Etude house in North America
-glossy finish completely rub off (since they are met to be more moisturizing on the lips)

I think you would have thought this is another sponsored post, but I did buy these with my own hard earned money.  Even though I am a pink bird, I still am a consumer that spends her money on beauty products and I will tell you if a product is poo.  But this product is far from poo, it truly is quite amazing.  There are plenty of shades to choose from, tons of different finishes, and so cheap too.  I would get all of the shades but I do have a lot of other liners that resemble the same shades so I didn't get them all.  These would be super convenient for those that do keep make up in their bags, this would reduce weight and space in your bag with how multi purpose these are.  I give these 5/5 stars and three thumbs up :). Yes I know I don't have three thumbs, but I really do love these so I'll find a third thumb just to show you how in love I am with these.

Hope you find this review helpful.  Leave me a comment on what you guys think about this new product!  Are you going to buy it or are you going to pass?


  1. I really like these pencils, too! I buy them from testerkorea as well. The only problem for me is to pick a shade because there are just so many!!! >< But there are definitely unique ones that are worth to take a lot at.
    I really like your post! Greetings from Germany^^

    1. Haha that was a problem for me too, but i narrowed it down with the shades that can't really be found anywhere else. :D And thank you for the complement. Greetings from Canada :)

  2. I want these badly. I am so obsessed with eyeliner, you would think I had a dozen eyes! The swatches are great. I was going for #19, but it's not purple-y enough for me!

    1. You might even want to check out Tosowoong Makeon's eyeliner set. I will do a blog post on it soon but you can find the set directly on tosowoong's ebay page for $13-$15 with free shipping if you do the auction style.

      Enjoy! I will be doing a blog post on this with swatches if you want to wait for a bit :)

  3. Replies
    1. Been offline for a bit. I'm coming back soon :). Just need a break.

  4. I have recently got 30 and it's so cool! Perfect for the vampy look I want. What should I buy next? Number 18 is really pretty. o:



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