Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random haul & guilty pleasures & more randomness....

WHOO Walking into Winners (its just like Marshalls in the USA; 60% off designer stuff and retail stuff), I never expect what there is to find. What i like about that store is, there is always surprises. I usually go straight to the make up section, then look at the perfumes, bags and sometimes clothes. When there is nothing else to look at, I go to the cooking section and to my surprise, I found something super useful and cute! Yeah my doggie wanted to be in the shot XD
Basically this mug makes it look like your having Take out starbucks coffee but its reusable and its eco friendly =D. Cool Beans cool beans....Its made out of plastic but the green part is a rubbery holder thing which comes in many other colors, but green is my favorite color =).
It comes with a twisty top which totally made me look like a fool at the store. I was trying to just take it off and i was like "WHY IS IT NOT COMING OFF!!" Then my friend was like "Its a twisty cap dumb fart". Haha my bad =P. The originally price for these are about $10 retail price, but I got it for $7.99 + 12% tax so it comes around $8 something. Not bad not bad.
Also I think it was on Wednesday that I went to fast with putting mascara on my bottom lash with my mascara brush and accidental shoved it in my eye. Not a good idea. Yesterday it started to swell in the tear duct area.
Today I woke up to this :'(. It kinda hurts to blink. The doctor said that its a pimple in my eyelid. Thats soo gross, and now i have to put some cream medicine in my eye lid. gross

I also got this simple dark navy stripped shirt from Bluenotes for $10!! its pretty good quality too. I think my taste has turned into European style. Actually I've always had the European taste, but I never actually bought anything like that to spark my imagination. The locket is from forever 21 in the states. I'm digging simplicity.

My favorite lollipop..CHUPA CHIPS!! These ones are better cuz they are mini~ I can't finish one big one. Yeah this is total randomness...but I want a break from reviewing makeup products haha. So Peace~ till next time

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