Sunday, January 16, 2011

ELF studio pigments

As you might have known, ELF came out with mass new products on their website and one of them was their studio pigments. I thought, ehh its just another eyeshadow in loose form no point in buying the. But you know me, when i buy something I'd like to have the whole set (or almost the whole set) which is bad because that just makes me spend more money. So they come in the same package as their Studio cream eyeliner and the same jars too. They do come with a small brush but it is completely useless for eyeshadow since it is so small. The colors I got from top left and clockwise was Mystic Moss, Naughty Noire, Magical Maroon and Passionate purple.
Mystic moss- dark mossy green with gold shimmers Naughty Noire- Black with sliver shimmer
Passionate Purple- Dark royal purple; kinda reminds me of my fav. color from ELF quad in sliver lining. This color is seriously gorgeousMagical Marron- Dark plumly purple with sliver shimmer. The color kind of reminds me of ELF studio pressed eyeshadow in raspberry truffle, but this one has more of a cooler undertone to it.
Swatches used dry.
Swatches used on Elf Mineral primer
As you can see, these pigments are lame without a primer. There would be almost no color if you don't use a primer. So I recommend you either use them wet or with a primer.

Conclusion-price: C ($3 each)
-packaging: B
-product quality: C+
-Overall quality: C+
-Buy again? No, I could do without them

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