Friday, January 28, 2011

Second Lush Haul

OK, I have to admit I am getting a bit head over heels with Lush cosmetics and their company as a whole. Their products are very simple but quite natural, which I do like. Their company is very Eco-conscious. When I get started to buy something, it comes natural to me that I want it ALL! I know it isn't possible since Lush is quite expensive, but when there are sales I grab that chance! *NOTE ALL PRICES ARE IN CAD $! Ohhhh big box! Well...bigger then last time at least =P. I couldn't open the box fast enough!! Gosh
YEY Finally opened! stuffed with tons of paper, which I recylced. No point in putting more in the waste bin right? Goodieesss~~ The main reason I wanted to buy some stuff was for the christmas presents that were going on sale and some skincare items too. So I got two tins (massage bar and body butter ones), 2 wrapped gifts, sex in the shower emotibomb, sugar plum fairy sugar scrub, silk stocking body tint, tea tree tonner, soaps (sexy peel, godmother, rock star, sea vegetable and sandstone).Heres the christmas cracher gift set. Lets see what's inside shall we?Oh I just gave it away didnt i? XD Christmas Cracker- $14.95 regular price (50% off --> $7.48) Oh look its peeking out =D, this is what is left after you take the wrapping paper out. its filled with those plastic noodle thingys.All Lush's wrapped gift This is the infamous cinders bath bomb that everyone loves. I'm in the middle because I am still not used to the whole all natural Lush smells since, well I have been smell too much of the genetic chemical smells. Cinders is a very spicy kind of smell, basically this is what traditional Christmas smells like. On top are red pop rocks that are suppose to make the fireplace wood crackling sound. I haven't used it since I don't take baths basically, but because I have such products I will soon! =) Hi, my name is Boog and I am from Switzerland! I lose my nose because, well cinders doesn't like me too much and since we were trapped inside the same box and he was unhappy, he decided to saw off my nose into chalk. I'm sad. Well I smell like...sorry im so unique I can't even define it properly. I's suppose to smell like Armoise oil, but i don't even know what that is or how it smells like so i can't tell you if it does smell like that or not.
I believe all wrapped gifts come with a 15% off coupon that you can use online or in-stores. This one can only be used in Canada or Lush USA. It is a one time use, so choose your one time haul wisely! It also comes with a small look book type of thing which is just like Lush times. Secret Santa- $10.95 regular price (50% off--> $5.48)Comes with a Satsumo Santa bath bomb and a snowcakes soap shaped into a star. Tea tree water toner 100 g--> $8.95
I use this daily and I can't say I love it because I don't see any difference with my skin. I was trying all the skincare stuff by a Lush diet (so dark angels, this toner and baby face). I am not very fond of the smell but it does feel very refreshing. Neutral thumb rating~
Satsumo Sant bath bomb is a pretty big one. Its suppose to smell like mandarines, but I smell something a bit different. I can't pick up the madarine smell because there's this powdery scent that overpowers everything. Neutral thumb rating for this one~ Here's snowcakes soap. It usually comes in a giant block which they cut in the shops, but in this gift set it comes with a special star shape. I really really don't like the scent of this soap which is suppose to smell like almond icing, but to me it smells like poop. Sorry, bit it does to me. Thumbs down for this product.Yes I admit, I blindly picked this item because it was on sale and it looked pretty cool. I didn't even read the description and i just clicked buy. What it is, it's a value pack containing two soaps cut at at angle and packed with a rubber band. This one is called Beach Bar and it comes with Sea vegetable and sandstone.
$14.95 regular price (50% off--> $7.48) Sea vegetable has a very fresh lime scent with sea salt and seaweed for exfoliating. There is suppose to be lavender in it, but i don't smell it. I do like this soap so thumbs up~
Sandstone was inspired by the brazillan babes on the beach of Rio de Janeiro. They said that the mother's of the girls would mix together olive oil and sand and scrub their backside for the smooth behind. I do really like this soap, it has a nice citrus/ lemon scent would I tend to lean towards. Thumbs up! Haven't used this so I can't review it for you just yet.
Silk stocking 30 g---> $9.95
This is a body tint which is suppose to give u a nice sheen. It doesn't have a smell to it, it is quite creamy and it has a cool blue irreidescent. Thumbs up~
Sex in the shower emotibomb $4.50/ 70g - Beacuse i don't take baths (mostly take showers), I wanted to try something cool like the emotibombs. What your suppose to do is just to put it on the bottom of your tub and the water would hit it creating the aroma to awake your senses in the morning. I haven't used this yet, but i can tell you already that I don't like the scent. Its too, grandma-ish with a floral scent. Sugar plum fairy sugar scrub $4.95 (50%-->$2.48)
This is a sugar scrub compressed into a half circle with a pink angel on top. As you can see, mine got killed. I don't like the scent at all and i also didn't use it so i can't review it just yet.

I also got three soaps: Sexy peel, rock star and godmother. People rave about rock star and godmother, but i hear nothing about sexy peel.Sexy peel $5.95/ 100g- This caught my attention when I was on YouTube and on LUSHVIDZ channel which is from the staff of Lush Canada. Oddly enough in the video was my hometown, VANCOUVER!! WHOO I saw Granville Island in the video and how they go there to buy lots of lemons, limes and oranges to make this soap and already I was attracted to this soap. It smells just like freshly squeezed lemons, I LOVE IT!! It contains citrus zest for exfoliating too. THUMBS UP X2! Rock star $7.95/ 100 g
This is one was one of the most raved!! Litterally, all i hear about Lush on YouTube is HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS and ROCK STAR! Well I liked honey i washed the kids and since so many people liked this one, I guess I can give it a try. BOY was i wrong. This scent is so disgusting to me, it smells exactly like the stuff people use to mask public washroom scent. I don't even know what to do with it now since I don't want to waste it. Ugh, its stinking up my drawer. Thumbs down~
Godmother $5.95/ 100 g
This scent I do like. Yes it does smell somewhat like Rock star, but it doesn't have that overbearing element in it that makes me want to gag. Its suppose to smell somewhat like snow fairy (which I just bought recently and is waiting for it to come in the mail). I do like this soap. Thumbs up~ In depth reviews up later on...
Overall everything went well with a few nasty smelling products but that won't stop me from trying lush out. =3

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