Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another collective beauty haul...yet again

Somebody help me.  This is seriously getting out of control.  My name is Christina and I have a shopping addiction.  I think I like it too much and the satisfaction of getting a deal is going through my head.  I mean my TJX membership card can prove it since my membership is valid until frinkin 2016!! HAHA omg Yes I do have a problem.

My first stop was at sephora.  I actually got the Naked basics palette in mid Janurary when it
first came out.  I don't have the first and second naked palette because I don't find that I need it at all.  I have so much eyeshadows and nudes isn't the first thing I want to rush out and buy.  I'm always more intrigued into buying the fun colors but in the recent year, I learned that shouldn't be the case for me since I don't even get the chance to wear make up out since i work in a restaurant.  So it is kind of pointless for me to look all glammed up in the kitchen...cooking.  So when i saw reviews for the naked basics, I thought wow that is perfect for me! The Naked palettes were too big and shimmer but this one is all (but one) matte! Perfect.  I mean who doesn't like matte colors, especially these ones are really buttery soft.  A few people has said that the colors are chalky but I don't find that so.  It applies on the skin beautifully, and it gives me the most natural look.  Even my boyfriend likes it and he usually doesn't like me wearing make up so that says a lot.
The other two things were actually freebies.  This years sephora birthday freebie is sample sizes of the Benefit their real mascara and what's up highlighter.  I actually quite like little sample sizes because i can NEVER finish anything for the life of me.  The only thing that i have actually hit pan on is the MAC studio fix powder that i used for three years constantly on and off haha so sample sizes is perfect for me. I haven't tried the mascara for myself but I think I'll wait until i finish my maybelline one by one mascara which I love or just give it away.

I also got myself the 500 point perk since there was really good one's at my local sephora.  There was a Josie Maran argan oil set which was really nice but I have bought the same set last year full size but I still returned it in the end because my skin didn't really get hydrated from the oil.  Shea butter for me :).  So i passed on that and there was also this sephora sample bag favorites but i was like Hell nno! I am not using my hard earned 500 poinrts for sample sizes ==".  So I was debating on the stila or the josie maran but stila won by a land slide haha. The set came with smudge stick waterproof eyeliner (full size), deluxe lip glaze in apricot (almost full size), deluxe stay all day waterproof volumizing mascara (sample size) and a deluze all over shimmer liquid luminizer in kitten (sample size).  I have tried out the eyeliner but i'm not sure about the "waterproof" element since it is so creamy but we well see. Overall, one of the better 500 point perks for sure.
Just recently my boyfriend joined Amway which is a multi level marketing company which has their own...well everything Haha.  The only thing that really interested me was their make up line called "Artistry".  If you are interested to check out their products, here is the link:
I can tell you honestly that I was very skeptical of this brand because you really don't hear about this much about it anywhere.  I search high and low for reviews but i almost can never find any reviews, its pretty sad because I like to know about everything and anything before I buy anything so i can have a background idea of what I'm buying. Artistry is, like Avon, is a direct sales type of thing but you can just buy it off the link I have above so you can do it within the comfort of your own home so no more snobby sales people trying to push you to buy something.  Ridiculous ==.

The return policy is too good to be true too.  If you don't like their product after six month, you can return it.  Thats unheard of for sure.  Even if you have used up half of the product, if you don't like the product then you have a choice.  Forms come with every order you get too.  I haven't returned anything because this is my first purchase but for sure I will buy more stuff.

I found out that Artistry is actually the top five in sales in the "prestige" category in the beauty world alongside Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome and Shiseido. That is quite impressive.  Also their products are made in USA so no made in china products :D which means quality. They have awesome skincare line and even a luxury face cream for $369 which is insane but i kind of want to try it HAHA.  Its definitely on my bucket list. There is also a line for enhancing the skin's radiance or some mumbo jumbo like that which i know the market that they were aiming for was Asia for sure.  When I went back to Hong Kong five years ago, all i saw at the Watson's drugstore were whitening products.  It was insane.  I even got myself the garnier's eye roller under eye caffine ball but whitenting version which you can only buy in Asia.

The only items I was really intrigued by was the make up remover because I was running low on my Mac one and the eyeliner because I wanted to try another black liquid eyeliner since the only one I have used is the ELF essentials one for a buck. I really wanted to try some of their skincare line but I didn't need anything since I just got my Korres face cream and I have a full set of skincare I'm using right now so I just settled for some samples.  Samples are only sold to sellers so I'm sorry but the general public can not buy these on the website.

The thing I was most excited to recieve was the tinted moisturizer for sure.  This was the only thing that i could find reviews on and I didn't hear anything bad about the product.  An interesting thing I found was that Amway also owns the company that makes Laura Mercier products called Gurwitch.  A blogger said that the Artistry's tinted moisturizer was just like the Laura Mercier ones so I thought this was worth a try.

 I will do a review later on when I do test these out more :) but for sure I will do reviews on these because there are no useful reviews out there! Ridiculous....
 The post right below, if you read it, I returned MAC charged water because I thought about after I bought it and I really didn't have any need for another spray.  So i went back and returned it but I was running low on my studio fix powder.  My friend used this after I introduced her to the mineralized skin finish and it looked really natural and somewhat glowy so I thought I would get some for myself.  I tried it but I think I like the studio fix powder still for my skin type but I will have to play around with it more to see if i do like it.  Overall, I'm still undecided.
The last item I got was the L'oreal elnett satin that I got two days ago.  I couldn't stand not having any hair spray.  I do have a really old garnier fruitis hair spray but it sucks so bad.  It makes my hair super crunchy and right when you spray it on your hair, you can feel it being sticky.  Its disguisting and I never liked hairspray since I thought that all hairspray was that but I have heard too many good things about the elnett satin by l'oreal and that you can even run your finger through your hair and it wouldn't be crunchy and gives you hold.  Sounds too good to be true but itsjudytime (whom I love love love to watch) uses it a lot so I just had to!  The price for this is quite high for something in the drugstore.  Price ranges from $9-$12 which is high high high considering I could go to winners and get a salon level hair spray for the same price but if it is this good, then it's worth it.

A little history about this hairspray. This hairspray was first introduced in 1960's and it became a legend.  This was a professional favorite but it was only available in Europe so those that lived anywhere else started to buy them in bulk.  Demand was very high obviously LOL. I don't know when, but it finally came to America and it was a smash too.  Some people say that the ones in Paris is a little bit different but mostly the same.  I just can't wait to try this hair spray out :D.  1960's hairstyle here i come!

What was your favorite item out of the haul?
What was the best 500 point sephora perk you have come across?
Have you tried the elnett hairspray? What is your opinon on it?

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