Monday, February 25, 2013

Mac and I'occitane en provence haul

Back in the end of January, I saw a post on (a website where they post really good deals and freebies for Canadians) had a freebie for a free l'occitance hand cream and if they reached 60,000 likes on their facebook page, they would upgrade the 10 mL to a full size 30 mL tube.  Thats an awesome deal and this is the second time that I know of that they had this freebie.  You didn't have to buy anything but there was a 15% off coupon.
When I went, I didn't really want anything since I knew everything was quite expensive, although I did buy their night shea butter face cream last year with the 15% off coupon.  I did really like the face cream but spring and summer was just around the corner so I really didn't need something so hydrating and oily.

Everyone had a choice of three scents: Peony hand cream, shea butter hand cream or lavender hand cream.  I choose Peony since it is one of my favorite flowers since the first bouquet of flowers that I ever got was from my boyfriend and they were the stand out in the bouquet hehe. I find that this peony version compared to the original shea butter one is a lot more thin and not as hydrating but still does the job.  I have to wash my hands more then 20 times in the eight hours I am at work so I have stupidly dried up

The second time around when my boyfriend went to et his free hand cream, I saw this little tin of shea buter going for $10 so I was like hmm.  I was realyl going to just buy the $10 version of this but then when I was walking around the store and really close to buying a foot cream, the girl showed me this.  She said that she uses it herself and loves it too and its just a big tin of the she butter but it is the best for, well everything.  My problem is my really dry feet so she told me to just use this before sleeping and it would help hydrate. 

This shea butter is organic, as with all L'occitane products, made in France, free trade and expensive LOL.  I do have to say that this is quite expensive but I feel good buying this because of the reasons above.  You can use this on your hair, face, body and nails so it is an all purpose product.  I saw a video from L'occitane on youtube about how they make shea butter and the traditions the ladies go through to make this miracle product. By the way, this tin of shea butter retail price is $42 but I got it for $35.70 after the discount so I wasn't that bad.

Because shea butter comes from the African shea tree, the women there can be the only ones to handle the berries that fall from the trees because they say that only women has the special connection with the tree.  I personally have no idea what that means but thats so interesting :D.  TThey are not allowed to pick anything off the tree and the way they work is amazing.  I don't think I could ever have htat much muscle and power to grind they ahdnd seperate the berrie into the oil.  Omg LOL. The lady that was talking in the video was 50!!! But because shea butter there is used as a moisturizer, it also acts as a natural SPF and anti aging product since it also comes naturally in the shea butter.  Ohhh trust me honey, I slapped more of the shea butter all over whenI saw that video LOL
When the girl was checking out for me, I saw the other girl giving another customer some samples so I asked for samples for their anti aging line since I've seen everywhere so I have been curious to see now it is. Nothing special but always ask for samples guys! :)
Right across from the L'occitane store is the Mac store and I usually never buy anything from Mac but I couldn't pass up on the cream soda blush! I saw hollyannree do an overview on the Archie collection and the cream soda was the shade I have been looking for!
Even thought I do not like the promo pictures with the real life models at all, I love their packagine and the cartoons on there is perfect :D.  This collection was around the perfect timing for Valentines day too so I kinda felt like I was treating myself.

Growing up as a kid, I was always the one that loved to talk and super hyper (maybe because I was obessed with eating candy to the point where my mom thought I had a real mental issue LOL).  So if you were to give me an archie comic to read, I would be quiet for two hours! Yes this actually worked on me since the first thing I do is just skim through the comic and look at the pictures.  Second time around, i would somewhat read the words but still kinda looking at the pictures.  The third time I get tired of the pictures so now i actually read the conversations LOL.  If anyone else does this, Id love to hear about it in the comments so I don't feel like a loner.
Cream soda is a light peachy pink shade but its more on the light peach color.  On  my NC25 skintone, it does look a little orangey but it also gives me that light tan look.  Great for the summer time :D! This collection came out and everything was already getting sold out, so when I saw the youtube videos on this collection and was feelin the cream soda shade, I ran out the door the next day to buy it! It was more on the pricey side ($26 after tax) but I don't regret it since this is a shade I'd use everyday.
The last product I got was Mac charged water.  This is basically like the fix+ but this one apparently is better for dry skin since it doesn't have any glycerin in it.  I just bought this because I was low onmy Mac fix+ so this would be my back up.  I did return this in the end because for $25, I could just get the urban decay setting sprays for ten bucks more and it would actually do something rather then hydrate my face >_<.  I honestly don't find using fix+ useful but I just like using it LOL. 

My wallet did hurt after that tiny shopping spree but it was worth it :).  I'm obessed with the shea butter and I use it everyday. The blush makes me happy everytime I use it and the fact that it's from the archie collection takes the cake too! Hehe

What was your favorite product in this haul? Comment down below ^_^.

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