Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forgotting haul from zara, winners, forever 21

This is what happens when I take pictures and mean to post them but then I completely forget and then get absorbed into working and studying.  I just found this on my memory stick so i thought it is finally time to post this.  This haul was back around the beginning of February when Zara was having their season end sale where a lot of things were 50% off or if you waited even longer, everything would be reduced to even 70%.
 For the longest time I wanted this really elegant Victoria Beckham-estique dress but it was priced at $120 which I was not willing to pay for.  Yes Zara has some nice designs but the quality isn't the best for sure.  I was thinking about paying that price for it but I kind of forgot about it and I'm actually glad I did because I got it for only $50 :).  I was super happy but I also kind of asked myself if I wanted to wait anymore and see if it would get any cheaper.  I was quite happy with the price and the quality and cut of it was worth $50 for sure.

 This dress, I promise you it doesn't look as boring as it does in the picture, goes 4 inches below the knee.  I actually thought it was quite  low since I'm 5'3 but I actually kind of like it that way.  This dress absoultely fits me like a glove and it covers everything but there is something about this dress that is really elegant and femine.  I can see myself wear this dress when I'm a mommy (which is down the ride and that is if I still fit into a size extra small haha). 
My favorite part of tihs dress is the neck detailing.  This doesn't have the regular t-shirt neck cut but it is a loose cut that covers the neck a little bit.  I can't really explain it properly but I will for sure do a outfit showcase on this dress when I find the perfect shoes to go with it.
I walked around the store, trying to find other things I liked but there wasn't really anything I liked except for the dress.  I wasn't dissapointed that I couldn't find any other pieces to add to my closet but I saw this bag and it honestly wasn't my first choice but the more I looked at it, the more I loved it. Original price for this bag was $60!! Are you kidding me Zara, that is ridiculous for a little clutch with no strap.  Thank god that I didn't pay $60 but $11 (which is for sureeeee wayyyy better). This clutch is made out of a rough leather which has the fur texture with skull printed on them.  The inside has a card holder built into it which I really liked and decent room in it to bring my keys, card, lip balm and what not.
 The same day after I went to Zara, I walked to forever 21 in the same mall and they were having a pretty good sale in the back of the store. I didn't really like anything until I saw this! It is a faux leather jacket.  The front of the jacket has an overlapping flap. The design and the execution of this jacket was mind blowing.  If I wasn't standing inside a forever 21 store and this was placed in Holt renfrew, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  It looks so high end! The clean cut and the contrast between the faux leather and the stretch material, just wow.  Original price was $50+ but I got it for $23.99.  For sure my most favorite dressy jacket in my closet.

I don't know what it was about Feburary but there were so many sales going on.  Well actually I do know why haha, because it is the transition from winter to spring! But winners hardly ever has a clearance blowout.  When they say blowout, they aren't kidding.  I have bought pieces for a single digit and these two pieces are no exception.  I found this cute vero moda "velvet" collared "burgandy satin" top which wasn't really for spring but for sure a cute winter top.  I can't wait to wear this :). Oh I forgot to mention, this top was only $8.  Not bad considering this brand is sold in the bay.
 For two or three years, I had been wearing the only pair of blue jeans (not saying that they are my only pair of pants haha) I owned which i also bought at winners for $35.  They are my Mavi jeans.  I honestly didn't know what mavi jeans were relatively expensive. But now that I try to hunt for another pair of mavi jeans, I have no luck.  So when I found these David button bell bottom jeans for only $10, I was so ecstatic.  These won't be my every day no brainer jeans but I have been wanting a pair of bell bottoms for the longest time.  Because I'm such a short girl, any bell bottoms that I find and have to chop some inches off from the bottom, they aren't bell bottoms anymore but an ugly capri jean haha.  That is why I had to hold off buying any until I find the perfect ones. And I did :D.
I absoultely love the wash of these. It is a baby blue acid wash with a little hint of yellow which is for sure my favorite wash ^_^.  I have been trying to venture out on more crazy pant so many this would be a good start LOL. Not too crazy but I think I might do a DIY with these.
There you are. My semi lost haul from few months ago.  I try to not shop retail since it is so over priced. When you become a winners, ross, marshalls or any kind of discount store shopper, you will never go back to retail prices.  They are absoultely ridiculous and I know better :).  Either winners, sales or online shopping for me~
Which piece was your favorite? What was your best buy that was discounted or on sale? I'd love to know ^_^. 

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