Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Imats Vancouver 2013! Here I come~

Okay, I really can not contain my excitement because i decided I'm going to go to the IMATS show this year again.  I went the first year they were here back in 2010.  It was a really big dissapointment back then because I would be watching youtube gurus going to the one in LA and it is amazing! I was expecting they would at least have Mac there but nope.  I didn't read the exhibitor list.  There was only about 28 vendors which really stinked. The convention was super small too, in the Marriot downtown ballroom.  Nonetheless, I bought a lot of crown brushes back then, more then $100 worth for 22 brushes but the guy gave me a discount for $80 for all.  What a nice guy :').

I believe just last year, they changed the event to the Vancouver convention center so there would be a lot more space.  This year there is more interesting vendors such as Ben Nye, crown brushes (for sure, getting me some more super cheap brushes), eve pearl, Hakuhodo brushes (omg I am going to attack that booth, Kryolan make up, Make up forever (40% off everything), NYX make up, saucebox (a newbie to me), and Velour lashes. 

The few vendors that sold me to go would be NYX for sure, Hakuhodo japanese handcrafted luxury brushes, make up forever and velour lashes.  I've already been doing all my research and here is my wishlish so far.  This is very helpful for those of you that are going to an IMATS event since you would have an idea of how much money your going to have to bring/ spend and you wouldn't have to waste your time looking when everyone is going to be shoving you out of the way to get some stuff for themselves.

From make up forever, I'm eyeing only a few things.
MUFE Aqua brow in blonde or ash $20.  I don't know which shade I should get, but i think i would settle for blonde since I'm buying it for my mom and she doesn't have dark brows like me.  Or I might just get the two. 

MUFE Aqua lip waterproof lip liner in 1c- nude beige and 15c- vibrant pink.  Each for $20.  I myself don't have any lip liners so I think these two would be a good ones for my 

I know for a fact that Make up forever has really good foundations but the HD one that everyone loves doesn't work with my dry-ish skintone, so I hope that the MUFE Face and body foundation in Ivory 20 would be a good match for me.$44 retail

I haven't really heard a lot about the hakuhodo brushes but really from gossmakeupartist.  This is because these are really high end brushes, even higher end then MAC.  Yes I know, it can't be!  But this is true.  They are almost double the price but the craftmanship of these are amazing.  They don't actually cut the bristles. What they do is they comble out all the hairs that are not the highest quality and they keep the natural tips and form the shape of the brushes.  Not cutting the ends result in softer bristles and gives it a better form then laser cutted brushes.

 This crazy thin pointed brushes is called "Tentsuke brush" which is one of their cheapest price price going for $12.There was a video where a traditional japanese artist painting a japanese style crane on pottery.  The fine time is amazing.  They say that you can use this brush for eye lining and lip lining. This is for sure something I'm going to get a kick out of. 

From watching gossmakeupartist's video on how to apply foundation in different methods, there was one where he used his Rae morris radiance brush which looked exactly the same as this hakudo "Gidayu bake" ($144).  I've always wanted one of these brushes since they are nothing like anything else in the market.  I love the raw traditional apperance to these. But this one does look like another one of their brushes which would be the one below from this picture.

This one is called "Itabake large".  This one looks exactly like the Gidayu bake but for $96 instead of $144.  I can not really tell what the difference is from the two but I would have to decide when I get there in July.
Nars placed a spotlight in their line with basically the exact same brush as this one called "Yachiyo".  They have the same name too but this one is actually cheaper.  I don't know if they have raised their priced on this price since I read somewhere else that this was around the $30+ range but on their website now is priced at $48.  This would be an amazing brush to add to my brush collection since I absoultely love any brush that would be great for contouring, blushing, highlighting and light powdering. 

Velour lashes has only been on the market for around three years but they have hit youtube and the world by storm.  I have seen a lot of people and popular gurus on youtube absoultely loving these lashes and I can see why.  They are on the more pricey side of lashes for sure but the results and how they last would speak for themselves (at least so I have heard.)

I'm really not big on lashes, espically really long and visible fake looking lashes.  So when I go to buy false lashes, I try to pick the ones that are more on the natural side or I would just use demi lashes or just chop them in half. These look really nice and the fact that these are made from mink hair, they look super fluttery and beautiful.
You complete me.  Retail price $30, IMATS price $20

Are those real? Retail price $30, IMATS $20

Since NYX will be at the IMATS and I saw some video footage of their stand (which is amazing looking and nothing like any stand in save on foods), I'm going to take advantage of their line and the discount.  I can not find out what the discount would be but I'm for sure going to get some products.

NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk X2 (one me and one for my boyfriend's sister :).  I might pick up other colors for my boyfriend's sister but I don't know which ones.  $4.50 retail price.

Hopefully they have the one color i actually want called Opal, but I highly doubt it since it isn't on their official site anymore :/. $4.50
NYX slide on pencil in purple blaze $8

NYX Xtreme lip cream in Nude peach, buttery nude $6.  I know that people are going to aim for these first so I better get a move on when I get there!
Extra creamy round lipsticks in Tea rose (light natural pink), Power (light bubblegum pink) 

NYX rouge cream blush in Natural $6
Blush in Angel $5

That is all for now what I'm eyeing.  The trend what I'm interested the second time around is just things I would actually wear everyday.  Back then, I was super obessed with crazy colors but this time around, I have calmed down and grew up.  There's a lot of natural pinks and pale pinks but I don't mind since I know I would be using everything I buy here.

I really am hoping that I'm not going to buy everything on this list because this would cost me a fortune (roughly around $400) but I might in the end from the excitement LOL.

I can't wait to get myself those hakuhodo brushes!!!


  1. Hey, have fun at IMATS!I wish I could go, but there isn't one even remotely near me T__T
    Your wishlisht makes my mouth all watery, none of those brands are being sold in my country :(
    Btw, there are actually a lot more brush brands that, are higher-end than MAC, even higher than Hakuhodo. I've come across a blog with tons of information on those, the girl's a real brush-fanatic ;) I SWEAR, this is not my blog and I am not affiliated with this girl at all, just thought it might be interesting for you, as she owns and reviews brushes (and brands) I have never even remotely heard of in my life, and same might go for you.
    You can either click on her label 'brushes' (first image on the right) or scroll don a bit and choose a brand label from her list (such as hakuhodo), also on the right.
    Hope thta helps, maybe you'll find even more brushes that you like.
    The blog's name is delicatehummimngbird.blogspot.de (yes she writes in english)
    All the best, and again, have fun!

    1. I was wondering, where do you live?

      I checked out the blog you told me to but I couldn't really see a lot of brush brands. Maybe because I was on my phone when i was checking it out LOL. But thanks for the recommendation :).



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