Thursday, April 18, 2013

Holika holika aqua petit jelly BB cream first impression

I have been waiting for this bb cream to come in the mail for the longest time! Since my skin79 hot pink bb cream is on its last leg, I decided to venture out to see what other company's bb cream had to offer.  Now I have seen this on Michelle phan's how to be a Korean pop star video and have seen it in other guru's on youtube talk about it so I thought I would just check it out on eBay to see how much it is.   I don't know why but I was convinced that this bb cream would have been at least $30 but it was only $12-$16! I was crazy surprised.  This is one of the reasons why I love bb creams from asian.  They are utterly awesome, does the job while not being heavy and it is inexpensive!
 I was super excited to open the package when i got it in the mail seven hours ago.  There was so much mail in our little mail slot.  Two magazines, five letters and sitting in the back of the slot was a little box. I was thinking how on earth is it going to come out because the dimension was the same as the slot.  I got so scared because it wouldn't come out! Freaked out for a moment but it finally came out.  I couldn't get home fast enough.  This is one thing I like about online shopping, when it comes and you can open a package.  Christmas all year long :D!
I got my bottle on ebay from a seller under the username "cosmeticmarket2012".  If you are interested, link is here.  I bought mine for $12.33 USD which is an amazing price.  If i buy anything from asia, espically bb creams, I would usually try to find a seller who actually lives in that country to aviod counterfit as much as possible. Consider the country of origin and also find a reputable seller.  This one is a top seller so most likely I didn't buy a fake ^_^.

So the bb cream comes in this super cute baby blue box with "Aquae petit jelly" printed in the front with some korean words that I obviously can not read.  The design of the box is super childish but it is quite cute, which really fits japan and korean style.  They are absoultely into the doll look which isn't really me but I do enjoy the funkyness that comes with it.
Oh! English :D. Haha I like how it says *DO NOT EAT*. 
And then there is more korean haha.
 My main skin problems that i consider when buying a product is my annoying dry skin! My skin doesn't look dry without any make up, but then when you put any foundation or concealer on it, patches show up.  Not even fix plus can help me now :(.  So it is really annoying for me to use foundation which I basically have given up on.  I've tried everything.  Primers, tons of moisturizer...nothing really works.  The only foundation/ bb cream that has worked for me is the skin79 hot pink bb cream which melts into my skin and moisturizes it too!
What is so unique about this bb cream is the texture.  If you haven't guessed already, this bb cream is based off of jelly or pudding.  The texture jiggles like jelly and it smells just like pudding! Its amazing.  Inside the box also comes with a slanted sponge that I might never use but I might try out.
 I'm quite impressed with the quality of the bottle. It reminds me of something high end.  The bottle is in the shape of a jelly and the glass finish is frosted.  One con about the bottle is the glass actually. I love how it looks and I love the weight of it but if you were to travel with this, it would be a pain in the bum since it is quite heavy, even with just me holding it.  It has to be at least 2 pounds O_O. Ohh, my back LOL.  I carry around big bags like I have my house in it or something so if I did want to carry this around, I would put it in a little plastic jar for sure!

I'm also shocked that there is so much product in this jar.  There is 40 mL in this bottle.  This would last me almost two years! I don't really use make up everyday so this is going to take me a while to get through.
It is a frosted glass bottle with a light blue screw top with "Aqua petit jelly:" printed on the top.
Unlike the usual pump packaging, this one comes with a spatula.  Something different but I would have preferred a pump since it is a little more hygenic.
As you can see, the bb cream just sits there like pudding.  It's so cool!  It even smells like pudding.  I would say the smell is a hint of floral with the mix of caramel.  Smells yummy :) but I'll try not to eat it.
There's a swatch of the bb cream.  I got mine in the shade #1 which has yellow undertone and #2 which has a pink undertone.  Sadly most asian bb creams only come in one or two shades.
Here's a comparision of my MAC studio fix concealer in NC25 (left) to the bb cream (right).  I know in the picture these look like pastel yellows but I promise this is my actual concealer HAHA.  The mac one is a little more yellow tone while the bb cream is a little more beige yellow.

The bb cream drys and sets onto the skin quite quickly so I can't dab it onto my face and then blend it.  I also wouldn't use my finger because I have already tried it and it looks terrible! It gets cakey and dry skin patches all over my face :(.  So for sure this would be a job for my BEAUTY BLENDERRR~~.  Sadly for me, this also dries down matte.  I thought it would be dewy since its "hydrating" but nope. LOL I got trolled since there isn't much information out there and not a lot of people has reviewed this.

I hope this kind of helped you guys out there. For sure this isn't a full review but I will try to remember to do an updated review.  Someone remind me LOL. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a nice day, wherever you are in the world.  Just like what ellen says, "be kind to one another."


  1. Waaaa i love it. First sorry if i write something wrong... im spanish and, i dont know whay always i mistake in the easiest things hahahha, whatever I was crazy looking for the differences of two tones of this bbcreeam (last one I dont know if write like this... hahha)

    Sooo.. what's the difference between #1 and #2?

    1. I don't have #2 but it is stated that the #2 tone is more of a pinky finish.

      Haha no worries! Quite understandable. Don't apoligize ^_^.

    2. So do you think #2 is pinky finish and #1 lighty finish? More white i mean

    3. I don't have the #2. I don't really understand what you mean when you say white. They are both really pale, even more pale then my MAC NC25 skintone. It really depends on which undertone you have. Pinky undertone is more suited for caucasian skintones while yellow undertone is more for asian skintones.

  2. Hey,
    So I was just wondering if you have any updates on this BB cream (I know its been a while) ?
    I have dry skin and have been considering buying this but the other reviews I have found have mostly been by those with oily skin so I'm not sure if it will be suitable for me!?
    Thanks :)

  3. Hello, As you said you get dry skin when you put on makeup ..Did the skin79 pink bb cream work well for you ? Cause I have seen a chart of it being for oily skin and gold one for dry skin

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