Monday, December 16, 2013

First Canadian Voxbox

I have been a bzzagent for the longest time, about three years and I have only gotten one box from them to review which is quite ridiculous considering your rate will only go up if you get into a campaign.  This is a pain because I'm an eager consumer who love to review things but I have given up on that site.

Last week when I wanted to my mail box and opened my little slot, I was surprised there was this box! I never expected to get anything from this site and it was because they didn't cater to Canadians until now.  I didn't know and I haven't been on the site for a really long time so I was super flattered that they sent me one of the VoxBoxes.  

So what is voxbox by influenster?  Voxbox was made so consumers can review products for big companies and influenster is the middle man that organizes the freebies.  YES! It is completely free! I an not a famous blogger like the ones on youtube, so any average joe can get this box.

Voxbox is an invite only site, so if you want to be invited into this program, don't be shy and leave me a comment with your email and I will communicate and send you an invitation. 

So what is in the box!  This is what it looks like when you open it.  Just like other sample boxes, this box comes with a card that introduces you to what products are included.
This best part of this box is there is food! I love food :).  Who doesn't!
I love me some manufacturer coupons :), I can use it in any stores.
 I haven't had these in a long time.  I love these but I never want to spend the money to buy candy since I think it is expensive just for average candy.  In a way it is a good thing, so that I don't eat more unhealthy things.

These are really delicious though.  One side is a sweet, slightly tart flavour and the other half was a very mild mint.  I wouldn't buy these if you want to refresh your breath since the mint isn't very strong, but if you wanted something to just munch on and make your mouth water, this is for you.
 Rolling with the food items, there were also these skinny cow products.  Milk chocolate dreamy clusters and milk chocolate heavenly crispy.  I liked the clusters a lot more then the cripsy.  The clusters is exactly what it sounds like, crispy cluster bits covered with chocolate and caramel in the middle.  The cluster part was good, but my only complaint was the caramel wasn't soft enough and flavor wasn't enough for my taste.

The crisp I thought I would like but it kind of tasted like I was on a diet.  If diet was one food item, this is it.  It was practically tasteless, the wafer wasn't crisp enough, the chocolate tasted like....not chocolate.  It is like using splenda instead of real sugar. The flavor is absolutely different and not satisfying at all.
 Onto the beauty items.  The box came with these imPRESS fake nails. I have never wore fake nails in my life, well expect for this one time where my friend just put on one nail on my finger and I hated the feeling so never again.  These remind me of elementary school.  I can not imagine anyone else other then that age group that would want to willingly buy these.  They look like toys and even worst on the nails.  I would not recommend these and would rather suggest you take your money and buy some Sally Hansen stick on nail.  THESE COST $10-$11 CDN TOO.  WHAT!
 I was happy that there were actual make up products.  There was this NYC Big bold plumping lip gloss and a NYC Big bold curl. I was surprised I kind of like these! I'm not head over heels about these products but I don't hate them at all!  The lip gloss is huge.  It is the biggest lip gloss container I have ever seen and the doe foot applicator is ridiculously big as well. Compared to the mascara tube, it is pretty much the same size HAHA.  The color is in 468 Big City blush which is just your typical light bubble gum pink.  On the lips, its doesn't show up but it does give you a nice shine. One thing I have to pick about is the scent.  There is a slight unpleasant synthetic scent, smells kind of like my barbie when I was a kid that had a strawberry perfume that came with it.

The mascara was quite nice.  I have long lashes but they are not thick.  I always need to use a waterproof mascara or else it will not keep its curl.  This mascara did a nice job at separating and somewhat lengthening but it does not volume whatsoever in my opinion. Its funny because it is suppose to volumize but it doesn't, at least not for me. 
The last product I can not give a review since I have not used it.  I have never seen this brand in store so it is nice to try something new.

Overall, this box was fun to go through and I love that they give you manufacture coupons which give you the freedom to use them in any store you want.  And of course, this box being a freebie is a bonus too :D.

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