Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Random collective drugstore haul

 A few days ago, I was running some errands and naturally the hoarder in me just was walking in the beauty section.  These are a few things I picked up at Target (Canada), Wal mart and shoppers drug mart.

 I picked this up at my local shoppers drug mart.  I have seen this winnie the pooh huggies baby wipe box everywhere so I know for a fact it is not limited edition.  I always either eye them and want to get my manufacture coupons to buy them or just walk out the store and forget to buy them.  I mean dang! They are pretty expensive.  Its about $5-$6 for baby wipes >__<.  I don't know, to me that is expensive.  I paid $3.50 since it was on sale at shoppers drug mart which I thought was more of a fair price.  
 The ones that come in boxes like this comes with 64 wipes but the ones in plastic baggies with the lid was only 50+ wipes.  They were also the same price so I was like, psh....obviously get the one with the cute box and the one with more wipes.  No brainer for sure.
 I also like the fact that Huggies is quite detailed with their products.  I really appreciate the lid because it has a silicone gap where you can pull the towels out to prevent the towels from drying out. :)
 At wal mart, I went to kill my chips craving and I had to buy some eggs because we were running out.  I need my fix of eggs, eggs are so darn goooooood. Anyways, I have always been wanting to try the real techniques brushes for the longest time but can never decide which one to buy since I already have so many brushes.  I finally broken down and got the core collection which consists of face brushes.  A girl can never have too many faces brushes, especially when I get too lazy to clean the ones I have used.

I used them for the first day today and I absolutely love them!  All of the brushes are synthetic but these actually surprised me.  A lot of my synthetic brushes, example coastal scents, the bristles are quite heavy and they don't have much movement to them which can be a good and a bad thing.  I don't know if you guys know what I'm talking about.  The real techniques brushes are 100% synthetic but they function like 70% real bristles and 30% synthetic.  What I mean is that the bristles are not stick straight.  Hopefully that made a little bit of sense LOL. 
 I stopped by target since I had to wake up around 8 am to drop my mother to work.  There was no where to stroll around but target.  Once I stepped into the store, I naturally walked to the beauty section and long and behold, tons of things on clearance.  WHAT!  There was the latest Covergirl foundation that was going for $5.99, Maybelline eye tattoos for $3.50.  MADNESS.  Sadly I didn't get there fast enough.  I wanted to try the Covergirl foundation :( oh well.  But I did manage to get a new tube of my favorite mascara for $5 which is pretty good and also managed to snatched a baby lips for $1.99.  Baby lips is also one of those things I always eye but never get because I think the price is pretty expensive for what it is, so $2 is a good price that I am willing to pay keke.  Can you tell I like a good deal?
 Something random I picked up at target were three cards.  Why? Because they were having a good deal which was buy three Christmas card and get $5 gift card back. Each of these cards were $3 each which makes them $9 for all and I get $5 back.  So I'm pretty much paying$4 for three cards.  But what I did was that I used the $5 towards my mascara, baby lips and a box of tissues so I pretty much got those for free.  I love me a good deal :).
I usually wouldn't buy cards since my family usually just buy big boxes of Christmas cards at costco and use them for the next few years. But I wanted to get something different for my dad's gift card. Buying gifts for men are quite hard!  The only thing that comes to mind is gift cards which I really don't like to give and is my last resort.  I think it is always better to either make or buy something special for the person because it is more personalized then money.  Sorry dad, couldn't find anything cool so hopefully you will find a new toy at your favorite store :).

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