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Unboxing: Memebox special #18 smile care

#18 Smile Care

 Here is the second box for today.  I'm glad I got this bod too, the smile care box :D.  I really wanted teeth whitening strips and i got it! :D  I also got a little extra, especially I used a coupon and pretty much got this box for free!

Sadly this box is not available anymore but I will still link it juuuuuust in case ;).
$19.00 + shipping

 The usual information card :).

 Ohhh this looks like a pretty good box! I think the lip care set just made the whole box!
 My artsy fartsy arrangement :).
 Ze line up of the pretty awesome products for such a affordable box.
The first product (which I didn't open yet, sorry.  I just don't want the products to go bad) is Perioe 46 cm spray retailing for $4 and contains 6.5 mL.  This is a full sized product.  The plastic tube is 1.5 cm x 9 cm.

I have never used mouth spray before but I might try it.  It always reminds me a guys who before they kiss that hot girl, they would spray to get the perfect kiss.  LOL I might pass this onto my boyfriend ;).

Product description:
"This is the perfect carry-around mouth spray for those of you always having to brush your teeth after a good meal.  One quick sprintz of the 46 cm spray will rid away any bad breath and freshen up into your spirits as well!"

How to use:
Open up the lid and spray 1-2 times into your mouth.
 The second product is actually a set and in my opinion, it pretty makes the box a good box.  This is MDaida butter cream lip mask retailing for $15 and lip scrub retailing for $15.  These are full sized products.  They come in little tins measuring 2 cm x 4 cm.  The fragrance for the lip mask rates 8/10, smelling strongly of vanilla and chocolate just like the name states.  The vita sugar lip scrub rates a good 8.5/10, and if you know the grapefruit scent from the body shop, it smells exactly like it.  It is a get tart, very strong grapefruit scent.  I love it!

Product description:
Butter cream lip mask
"It only takes a quick 3 minutes to deliver an intense nourishment to your lips with this Butter cream lip mask.  Enriched with vanilla, cacao and shea butter, it'll deeply treat your dry, chapped lips and make it soft and moist within 3 minutes!"

How to use:
Spread out the lip mask evenly and thickly over dried lips.  After 2-3 minutes, remove the product with a tissue and finish off by applying a lip balm over top."
Product description:
MDaida vita sugar lip scrub
"Enriched with vitamin-rich grapefruit extracts, this Sugar lip scrub is extremely gentle and rejuvenating as well as effective in removing all the dead skin off your chapped lips.  Use 2-3 times a week for best results.  It is highly recommended to apply the Butter cream lip mask after having scrubbed your lips."

How to use:
Apply the sugar lip scrub over wet lips before or after cleansing.  Gently exfoliate by massaging onto the lips with your finger, rinse off, and finish off with a nourishing lip balm.
I absolutely love the packaging! It is so bright and cute :).

Close up of the lip mask.

Close up of the lip scrub.
The third product is Yufit luminee-S 7 days teeth whitening program retailing for $24 and contains 7 strips.  This is a full sized product.

Product description:
"With this teeth whitening clinic which utilizes hydrogen peroxide- an ingredient used by real dentists- you'll be able to experience a brighter, more confident smile within 1-2 weeks of continuous use.  The refreshing mint scent gives an extra cooling effect as well."

How to use:
Brush your teeth clean.  Strip off the teeth patch from its film and stick it onto your upper and lower teeth.  Note that there are separate patches for upper and lower teeth.  After over an hour, remove the patch and  rinse off with water if necessary.
These are pretty standard, just like the Crest whitening strips.  I have tried the crest whitening strips but I forgot about them and they expired and I used it in the wrong order LOL.  Hopefully these work :D.  I could use some teeth whitening.  When I use red lipstick, my teeth aren't as white as they can be and looks slightly yellow which I do not like!
The last product is L'ocean shea butter lip balm retailing for $9 and contains 3 g.  This is a full sized product and is randomly selected from grapes, peaches, citrus, cherries, or grapefruit.  The plastic packaging measures 0.5 mm x 5 cm.  My smell-o-scales says 2/10 smelling very faintly of citrus.

Not really much to say about this lip balm, I might give it away.  I have tons of lip balms now LOL.  When I saw another youtuber's unboxing of this box, I thought we got an eye shadow.  I was like WHATS AN EYESHADOW DOING IN A SMILE CARE BOX LOL.  Its a lip balm....... ohhhhhhh.  Je suis une dum dum.  Bonjour!

Product description:
"Enriched with shea butter and mango butter, L'ocean's popular lip balm moisturizes and treats dry, chapped lips by preventing dehydration and delivering deep nourishment.  This lip balm will make your lips look more plump and healthy.  Plus, each of the five options is infused with the following fruity colors and scents- grapes, peaches, citrus, cherries, and grapefruit."

How to use:
Apply the lip balm generously over your lips whenever needed.

Overall I am happy I got this box.  I was actually going to pass on it since I saw the price tag of $19 + shipping so I thought to myself,  it can't be a good box.  But I was quite plesantly surprised that there were some awesome products in here.  I'm really excited to try the set and the teeth whitening strips.  I would give this box a 5/5 stars for the price and the content for the price :).  Thumbs up!

1) Perioe 46 cm spray: $4
2) MDaida set $30 ($15 x 2)
3) Yufit luminee-s 7 days teeth whitening program $24
4) L'ocean shea butter lip balm $9
Total: $67 on the info card

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